Plaza Associates

Address 370 Seventh Ave., #1500
City New York
State  New York
Zip Code 10001
Phone 1 212-695-8750 (Admin & Collections Ops)
Phone 2 212-947-723
Phone 3 800-535-1303
Fax 212-947-5186
Paul Brennan – Sr. Vice President


Cases Against Plaza Associates

DeMars v. Plaza Assocs.
2005 WL 1847226 (W.D. Wis.Aug. 3, 2005). Defendant attempted to collect debt that was included in bankruptcy. Once debt collector was notified of bankruptcy, they stopped collection.

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  1. ROBERT W Swanson says:

    Their computer keeps calling my phone number wanting to talk to REBECCA Swanson. Every so often I take the time to respond, and when I convice them I am not Rebecca they prmoise to cease the harassment. This has been four times now in the last several months. THe last person to make this promise was “Arthur” on 11/16/09. Yesterday (12/07/09) I got yet another call that caused me to hang up on an important business deal I was working on. I am going to go down to the courthouse as soon as I get time and file a harassment complaint and/or whatever else he can suggest with the local DA.

  2. John Hillman says:

    Called for someone who has never lived here or had this phone number for over 35 years.

  3. Nicole says:

    bottom feeders! I loved having my Macy’s visa CC…. Macy’s is a great company and really worked with me when i was going through a hardship. paid my account in full and parted our ways. Then i get a letter just like the 3 before saying i still owe on my macy’s card. I then had to send them my paid in full letter from macy’s…and had to send it certified $$ please if your trying hard to be responsible and pay your debt dont let ppl like this get a few hundred more bux out of you!! other companies to watch out for: ARS National Services Inc., UCB United collections bureau.

    They all sound SO official, but they are not! You have the right to your privacy and these companies are interfering with your rights. DO NOT pay these people!

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