Praxis Financial Solutions, Inc.

Address P.O. Box 1431
City Skokie
State  Illinois
Zip Code 60076
Address 7330 N. Cicero Ave., #219
City Lincolnwood
State Illinois
Zip Code 60712-1600
Phone 1 877-651-7328
Phone 2 847-675-5038


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  1. Lily says:

    Now we know who the sesinble one is here. Great post!

  2. Willard Conley says:

    I spoke with a Mr. Santos this afternoon, it was a very disturbing phone conversation, he was very unprofessional, would not give the location of your company, or who it was calling. When I tried to call the number back he hung the phone up on me. I had to find out on the internet with the phone numbers that came with the caller ID. I do not owe any debts with your company nor any one in my household. I don’t know why you call people at random to try to find people that owe you debts. I want these harrassing calls to stop immediately……… And you should really find someone with people skills to handle your accounts.

    Thank You Willard Conley

  3. Bru Kal says:

    Praxis Financial called my home phone with a recording that told me to hold for them. This was during dinner hour and the recording asked for a Judah Hill who does not live at my home. I have no idea who Judah Hill is. Their call was annoying. Daniel came on and I asked who was calling. I told him (among other things) that there is no Judah Hill here. He said that my phone number was deleted from their list. He would not answer 1) How they got my phone number?, and 2) He would not confirm with a letter that my phone number would not be sold to another company. We have received many similar annoying calls over the last two years 🙁 . As far as I am concerned, these are all harassing calls and I will try to get these companies to answer these types of questions.
    They should check the no-call list before they call because we are on it.
    Does anyone have a suggestion for the next level of recourse I should take?

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