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Address 60 Manchester Place
City Buffalo
State New York
Zip Code 14213
Phone 1  866-778-0624
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Phone 3 716-210-1333
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Fax 1 716-210-1348
Phone 2 716-881-2906
Frank S. Falzone – Bar #1820869
 Quadrant Group
Luis Daniel Mendez, President

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  1. Brenden Gardner says:

    This company seems to be a fraud. They want you to send payment to them by money-grams,debit cards. NBC news had a story about companies like these. beware of this company. They will call you and harass the hell out of you by phone. get a lawyer when dealing with this company!!!!

  2. emma york says:

    they called my neighbor saying that they have called me. I spoke to a ken willard and a lauried towell. They are very rude people. If you receive any harrasment from this people contact a lawyer.

  3. Haden says:

    I believe they are a scam. I just tried to make a payment but they would not give me their address once I asked. She wanted to know why I needed all of that. Dah! Because I was about to make an online payment. When I asked for that, a lady name “Laurie” got all upset, rude and then HANGED the phone up on me. Question: Do we really have to pay a third party? I didn’t do business with them. It was with Providian. If you are a lawyer out there, please shoot me an email on that question, and better yet, investigate this scam company. THANKS

  4. Dessa Patterson says:

    My husband and I are receiving harrassing phone calls from this company. When I explained that we do not owe the debt they started cussing and hung up on me. I called back to ask them to remove me from there list and just carry through with there threats, again, they hung up on me. These are the most unprofessional, rude, and disrespectful people that I have ever had to deal with. Someone needs to seriously look into the method of harrassment that this company is using. I agree that you should be represented by an attorney when dealing with companies like this one to avoid the hostility and irate contacts. Kind regards.

  5. Randy Westfield says:

    I paid my bill , got a 50% discount and paid it off over 3 months. I have been haggling with HSBC for 12 months to do the same, they would not budge on the terms and wanted me to pay my interest also.. maybe I just got lucky

  6. Edith Wynn says:

    I was shocked to read everyones notes about this company. I am dealing with Chase Bank and they must rep. them and they called me and was so rude to me. I tried to make some kind of payment arrangment each month and they did not want to work with me. They said I got info from there company in the mail and I said I have got nothing. I asked for there address, phone numbers of there boss, etc. They did not want to give me the info and hung up on me many times. I also spoke with a lady that said why did I need this information, these people are very stupid. I blocked there number and if they call again I will be seeing a lawyer on this!!! I told them the amount I wanted to pay they said they can not work with me and I said I don’t know what else you want me to do, if you need to take me to court then do so they said thank you thats what I needed you to say, so I said okay, and the guy hung up on me. I called back and said I am trying to make payment and he just hung up on me again!!! This company really needs to be closed or something worse!!!

  7. rick says:

    QAR employee by the name of Davies has been harrassing me and my wife. He refused to say what it was in reference to and then he demanded my socia. The guy got got mad when I didn’t give it out over the phone. Fat chance! He called three times in one day in clear violation of the Free Debt Collection laws. I will be monitoring my credit and reporting any shady circumstances to the authorities, namely my fellow fraud investigators where I work. I also shot my State Attorney’s office an email with this guys phone number attached. As Law Enforcement Officer my opinion is tell these con men nothing and use a lawyer.

  8. Shari says:

    Your agency keeps calling my number for a “Samuel Gonzalez” case #3777196. I have no idea who this person is or why they are calling my number. I have ask repeatedly for them to stop.

  9. Dodi says:

    Repeatedly, calls show up from QAR as “Unknown” from 678.436.3830 and 678.392.3397. I answered once out of curiosity, told them to place whatever b.s. “debt” they claim I owe in writing, and I would respond back in writing. The guy started to go on about blah, blah, blah, and I simply hung up and have never answered again since I know that I don’t have any outstanding debt.

  10. me says:

    Got a call from these guys with caller ID saying 910-816-4779 (NC number), I called this number and got same guy, and he said he was from QAR in NY.

  11. QAR says:

    this company fired all the harassing people from back in 2007-2010 and everything previously. They\’re now under new management and actually have some friendly people working there now. i settled two debts with them actually and spoke to several different people

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