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RJM is one of many debt collection agencies in the industry. Just like all the others, this collection agency must follow the rules and laws that are under the Fair Debt Collection Agency Act. Unfortunately, many of these agencies violate these standards and can be sued by the consumers in which they are seeking to collect debt from.

Are you being harassed? Did a debt collection agency call you multiple times in an attempt to annoy or badger you? Did they call before 8am or after 9pm? Did they use obscene language? It is important that you contact Francis and Mailman right away so that we can start documenting all of these instances.

Is RJM Acquisitions a Scam?

RJM Acq is a legit collection agency, but from searching the web, we did find mixed experiences and reviews from consumers. It is important to know your consumer rights when dealing with debt collection agencies and to know that you can fight back if you feel as if your rights are being violated. Fight back against scams and debtor harassment with Francis and Mailman!

Harassment From RJM Acquisitions

Harassment is no laughing matter, especially when it has to do with your finances directly. You may already be in a hard or tough place in life, and feeling harassed only adds to your burdens. You need to understand that the law is on your side. Debt collectors and debt collection agencies must abide by a set of rules when trying to recover debts. And if they violate these laws you, as the consumer, may be owed money. Find out if you are able to sue a debt collection company that has been repeatedly harassing you.

Francis & Mailman Is Here To Help You

Contact our team at Francis and Mailman today to discuss your situation and case. We understand the laws and rules that these agencies must follow and can help you navigate them. You do not have to deal with harassment any longer when Francis and Mailman is on your side.

RJM Acquisitions Contact Information

Address  245 Eigth Ave., #272
City New York
State New York
Zip Code 10011

Cases Against RJM Acquisitions, LLC

Farren v. RJM Acquisition Funding, L.L.C.
2005 WL1799413 (E.D. Pa. July 26, 2005). Consumer disputed the debt to the debt collector, and the debt collector waited seven months before notifying that credit bureaus of the disputed status. The court found this to be an unreasonable amount of time, and the account should have been marked as disputed earlier. The debt collector attempted to mislead the consumer by stating that they were not a collection agency. Since the debt collection letter clearly stated the facts, they were not held liable for this deception. Debt collector was not held for responsible for attempting to collect on debt that was a result of identity theft because they were unaware of the circumstance.

Ross v. RJM Acquisitions Funding, L.L.C.
2006 WL 752953(N.D. Ill. Mar. 16, 2006). Defendant attempted to collect on a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy. When debt collector found that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy, they stopped attempting to collect on the debt.

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  1. brenda says:

    I just received debt letter with 3 options to pay on account thats 8years old

  2. Lloyd says:

    I recieved 2 debt letters from this company claiming I have debt from addresses I lived at 15 and 21 years ago. I have never heard of these companies before. I believe I am a victim of identity theft.

  3. Shannon Marcus says:

    I received this letter concerng my Compass Bank Account. I desputed a charge and while that disput was going through iI was being charged NSF charges. I was told by the bank that when my despute was being looked out for changing that the NSF charges would be dropped,the despute was cleared, but the NSF charges were not taking off my account. When Compass bank realizes they made a mistake. I’m sure these charges will be dropped, but until then I’m not paying this bill.

    Sincerly, Shannon MArcus

  4. neoluddite99 says:

    Make ABSOLUTELY certain that you actually owe the debt. I believe that RJM is a credit scam outfit. I think that they intentionally misrepresent debt (esp. by slightly altering a similar name to make it look like you and mail it to your address, even though it really isn’t you who owe the debt. Once you call them to discuss it, they begin harassing the hell out of you. If they ever get your REAL identifying information, they will make your credit life hell-on-earth.

  5. Latrice Roland says:

    I have been trying to reach their office for the last week to verify that they have recieved my payment by mail, and I just can not seem to get through. No one is answering the phone the machine just continues to say that the office is closed!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Every year for the past four years this has shown up on my credit report. I paid it twice. The 3rd time it happened I called and spoke to customer service they stated that they would resolve the situation and remove it off my credit report. I even recieved a letter about it. I ran my credit report today it is there again. I am so angry!!!

  7. BRANDON says:

    RJM told me they were collectors for a past due account. I paid the total due in November, and it is now March and the account has not been reflected on my credit report. UNACCEPTABLE.

  8. Russ Noyes says:

    I keep receiving letters from this company offering to settle a debt that i paid years ago. First from RJM Acquisistions and then from the company that “bought” my debt: Island National Group. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!

  9. Chris says:

    I THINK RJM IS A SCAM!!!! I think they claim to purchase debts, but actually they just invent it, and try to get you to pay the bill instead of taking a few minutes out of your busy day to check up on it and discover that they are a scam company. The sad thing is that it works, and they take advantage of busy people and people who don’t know better. DON’T PAY THE CRIMINALS ANYTHING !!!! It might be annoying to pay for a dispute, but if you accept credit as part of your life, it’s better to fight this. Don’t give up, don’t let the criminals win!

  10. Connie Jones says:

    To Whom this may concern:

    Can an unsecured credit card debt collector( RjM Acquisitions) legally place a civil Judgement on my home listed as a personal debt?
    Or was this a fraudulent move so I couldnt go bankrupt if needed.
    I’m trying to fight my way up out of this labyrinth of Debt that occurred while I was disabled.
    I want to claim I’m not disabled anymore and get back to work but I dont know how without loosing my home.
    Which I would gladly give it up if I knew for sure I could survive, I dont have the full options for thinking that kinda positive.

    Thank you! Connie

  11. Myriam muro says:

    Bank Of America
    the bank of America make a mistake with my Checking Accoint, and Now they want me to pay $184.45 cents.
    I don’t going to pay because was Bank misteke
    Myriam Muro
    Code #036272797765

    Bank Of America commet alot of mistakes and Want the Claint pay for.

  12. Kelly says:

    The debt owed to this company by myself and ex-husband was discharged in a bankruptcy over 20 yrs ago. They continue to find out my new addresses using my maiden name, married name or both simultaneously. On the back of their invoice is a disclaimer stating that the information is for informational purposes only if this debt was discharged in a bankruptcy. They are clearly still trying to collect this debt and I’m considering consulting legal aid.

  13. felicia says:

    I dont know whats going on w/RJM, I owe a bal. of over drawn bank account years ago. totaling 1,475.47. now thats not right it was only 500.00 and they just add on more numbers!!! when i send a payment they never lower the due balance!!! why not?

  14. ANGEL says:

    My Husband and I just received a bill from RJM with incorrect information on it. They are offering us a free 46 inch tv, laptop, telephone etc. from their online rewards store if we pay their requested amount. The amount is wrong. If they bought the account why don’t they have the correct info ? Why are they offering us expensive gifts to pay off a debt ?

  15. Jessica says:

    They have posted to my CR a debt owed to Wachovia for $79 that I have never had. I have a car loan with Wachovia that I have actually gotten a month ahead on my payments and have never been late. My credit went from 711 to 580 because of that and I plan to dispute it from every angle, because I am not going to pay something and get dinged for it if its not mine

  16. Melinda says:

    I continuously get letters in the mail from RJM. They have sent me catalogs to pick a free gift that would total more than I actually owe the debtor. they have sent me 3 options to pay it off. But I know it is not the correct amount. Why is the BBB not doing anything about this fraudulant company. They have ruined my credit by posting more than one account in default. I am fighting with the credit companies now to get it fixed. I went from 756 to 487 in less than a year. There needs to be a law suit against this company. WE NEED ANSWERS!!!

  17. pissed says:

    my teenage son received a letter concerning a bank overdraft. my son has never even had a bank account.

  18. mary b says:

    we have just received a bill
    that is 11 years old and was suppose to be settled by
    RJM Acquisitions, but was turned over to another agency.
    This agency says the debt was not settled–we know we
    settled with RJM for half of
    amount due. We are pursuing this because I know we made payments. This agency is a

  19. Pissed College Student says:

    I just received a letter in the mail saying i owe over 1400 on a discover card… I’ve never had a credit card… in 2005 i was only 14… they listed some bogus previous address… ive lived at the same address my whole life. Then they spelled my name incorrectly… its all bull and dont bother trying to call… you wont get through

  20. Wanda says:

    I just received a letter from RJM in the mail stating they had purchased an account from another company and that I owe $236.98 from 1996! They also listed a former address that I had lived at. I never had the debt they are talking about and never lived at the former address they mentioned. This is in fact a SCAM and I have written them a letter telling them so! I have also reported it to the Federal Trade Commission and Identity Theft.

  21. ????? says:

    They say I owe $500.00 to Wachovia bank and I have contacted RJM I asked them to send me a report for each individual service and they have not sent me one yet or called again. The bank gave me the number but they don’t evan know what they biled me for. They all just keep giving me the run-around. So I think this might be a scam.
    If know one can show me an individual charge this bill will not be paid.

  22. Troy says:

    I just received a notice for an attempt to collect a debt from Wachovia bank. I find it kinda funny that account was closed and i never received a notice from the bank for the debt. I opened an account with BB&T and if I truely owed Wachovia they wouldn’t have opened my account with an existing bank debt.

  23. Karen B. says:

    I just received a notice to attempt to collect on a bank account that I closed and Wachovia kept letting companies that used to be directly paid from that account, keep getting paid from that account. I closed the account, but apparently they hadn’t. I opened another account with another bank and I refuse to pay RJM to collect for something the bank did.

  24. joe flare says:

    These people are horrible! not only do they harass people for a debt, they relentlessly harass my relatives because they have no idea which person is the right one.(my father, grandfather and i share same name).

  25. Chris says:

    I send a Payment that would have Settled my Debt with a Bank Almost a Month Ago, and just found out they Pulled the Money from My Account TODAY!!! What was Taking them SO Long?

  26. drew esquivel says:

    I am 23 years old. I have only had one credit card in my life and that was when I was 16 and it was from capital one. They sent it to me and I got approved. I dont think that they check their records thouroughly due to the fact that a minor cannot be held under contract without their parents permisson. I want to get this off of my credit report because I haven’t ever been approved for any thing since i turned 18yrs old! If anyone knows what to do email me.

  27. gran says:

    I received a mail from RJM saying they purchased my account from wells fargo because it was overdrawn. first of all, i dont owe any debt in my life. I’ve only had my account for 3 months! 2nd, the account number and Snn in the letter is not mine. and the previous address too.
    3rd, i dont know what to do. i researched RJM and they have a reputation for screwing your credit reports. what should i do?
    I m afraid to contact them because they might harass me more. and why is wells fargo not doing anything about this.

  28. Learned says:

    I have 3 different letters from RJM. If the SS# is wrong than you have nothing to worry about it is not you. I have had 4 wachovia accounts two were closed and I didn’t realize until I got the letter from RJM that they were negative and on my credit. I call the bank because I had a current account and then was explain that the accounts sat dormant and bank forced closed and all the fees were from have the account inactive for so long.

  29. Kelly S. says:

    to pay over $2000 in “fees” on a closed checking account of my mom’s from several years ago with Wachovia Bank. The bank cannot produce any records of these fees and for some reason came after me even though it was my mother’s account in question. they have been after me to send them money for at least 4 years. I checked my credit report this morning and saw them listed under my negative accounts. i am all for a lawsuit against them because ruining people’s credit under false pretenses simply cannot be legal.

  30. Pati says:

    This company has offered me deals to settle a debt that I do not owe. I will let it be on my credit report and dispute it before I will pay anyone money that they say I owe but show no record of. We closed this account in good standing over 10 years ago. Someone should stop these people. It is not a lot of money by any means but it is the principal!

  31. JP says:


  32. Sara says:

    These guys are CREEPY! I received a letter addressed to the name my husband and I are planning to name our child (I’m pregnant). We have not told anyone this name. (We have googled it amongst other names but that is all.) We got a bill saying that she owed money for a bill from when she was living at an address that was actually a variation of an old address we lived at. And of course, the bill didn’t apply to us at all.

  33. Catherine Bateman says:

    Just received a collection notice for an account supposedly opened in Aug 2000. They are attempting to collect $85.42 for a book that sells for $9.99. Never purchased never belonged to book club…Agreement with #30 I will be contacting the the FTC to find out what I need to do!

  34. Mei says:

    I just received my first letter from RMJ giving me 3 options to pay a debt to an account I do not own and don’t remember ever owning. Amt they are asking is small, around $50. Everything about this company smells fishy.

  35. adams says:

    this bill is not mine and i dont know why your are sending me some else bill to my adderss

  36. Geno says:

    I just recieved my first letter from them. What should I do? this bill is over 14 years old and it was my Exwifes.

  37. JAMES JOHNSON says:

    i just reievec this lette from RJM. This bill is 12 years that i do not owe

  38. ines lopez says:

    this company send me this bill twice, one last year and one more this year. i want to file a complain. its not me.

  39. maxine Harris says:

    I settled this account over 10 years ago, Why are these gangsters allowed to harass people? Isn’t there some type of law against this?.

  40. Angela says:

    I received a statement from them saying that the Compass Bank account I had in 2002 for 3 months was over drafted by $124. This was almost 10 years ago and the bank account was successfully closed and they had my permanent address at my mothers. We were never contacted by Compass or RJM until now. I received a statement in 2011 almost 2012 at an address i’ve lived at for 1 year. They asked my SS number to verify my account and I gave it to them. They ended up clearing the debt claim however, i’m concerned that I gave them my SS number :/ Don’t give them your info until you know what is going on!

  41. Lynda says:

    This company has been checking my credit every couple of months for years. I don’t even know who they are. Is this legal? If I don’t have business with them they don’t need my information, yes?

  42. chad says:

    I received a letter from RJM for a debt that i do not owe. I called disputing its validity. They said they would remove it however it is still trashing my credit. How do you get this scam off your credit report?

  43. chad says:

    I received a letter from RJM for a debt that i do not owe. I called disputing its validity. They said they would remove it however it is still trashing my credit. How do you get this scam off your credit report?

  44. Yahaira Rodriguez says:

    I have an a inquiry of your company and i don’t now way i want to remove that false information of my credit report

  45. Fred says:

    My daughter recieved a letter from RJM on the 23 of Dec, 2011, said she owe $424.00 of overdraft charges that they bought from Union Bank. I have statements from Union showing a 0 bal on her account when closed in 2009 by me. RJM is nothing but a scam. I wrote a letter back to them with promises of going to the NY Attorney Generals office FRAUD DivisionI think ANYONE who is bothered by these low-lifes should just tell them to stick it. I also checked my daughters credit report and they and the bank are not on it. Play hard ball back with them, I am.

  46. FF Challenger says:

    Why the hell are there at least 46 inquiries (2-3 times a month some months) on my credit report from this company? Have NO CLUE who they are or what they want or what kind of false debt they are trying to collect on. I refuse to call them in case they have ways of obtaining my phone number for future harassment via the telephone, but I want to get these harassing inquiries to stop. Any ideas?

  47. Jerry Thames says:

    Received a letter today from RJM acquisitions claiming to have purchased my $150 overdrawn checking account and giving me 3 options to settle the account with them. That’s a sheer bald face lie. These people are brazen two bit common crooks working out in the open without a worry in the world apparently. And each day there’s more RJM’s and each ones a little bolder than the last one. Where are those that we pay to protect us from common scum and thieves such as this, sitting in some donut shop perhaps or maybe out on patrol to protect the public from those making illegal U turns or would this be the territory of the 9 To 5 suit and tie boys?
    I can only make the assumption that Law enforcement, from top to bottom, is just too lazy to attack this growing menace, preferring instead to point fingers and blame others for their lack of enforcement tools. This is more than a little aggravating.

  48. Get Even says:

    1. If this or any company is trying to collect a debt your sure you included on a bankruptcy and it was discharged, send the company a letter telling them the debt was included in bankruptcy and discharged. Give them the attorneys name you used for bankruptcy along with the bankruptcy case number. You can call your Federal Court House or might have to go to it to get your bankruptcy case number unless you still have your bankruptcy paperwork to get the case number off it. Send that info along with your name, address by CERTIFIED U.S. MAIL , Return Receipt Requested. Keep a copy of your letter and postal receipt when u mail letter and the card u get back when RJM get’s your letter. IF it was indeed discharged in your bankruptcy they will stop bothering you. If they don’t you will have a lawsuit. As it’s highly illegal to harass someone for a debt that was discharged in a bankruptcy !

  49. Riki says:


    Collection agencies LIE !!
    Never trust a collection agency.
    If you do decide to make payment arrangements, get the agreement in writing on their letterhead , signed by them !
    Never agree to allow them to deduct payments from your bank account or credit card under any circumstances !
    You will get scammed ! They will deduct more and more.
    If you do agree to make payments and get the agreement in writing, make the payments by postal money order. I mean U.S. Post Office money order only !

    Never pay them with personal checks either !
    NEVER ____


  50. Fair Debt says:

    There are statue of limitations of old debt. After such time it can no longer be collected in court. They can only use other means such as letters and calls. If they do try to sue you tho you have to respond in court that the debt is TIME BARRED by statue of Limitations. Time of limitations is different state by state.
    One important thing, the clock starts from the last activity on the account or last time you promised to pay a payment to the account.
    Example, you tell them you will pay soon, next, week, anything–that starts the statue of limitations clock back to day one.

    Google– statu of limitations on debt

    google–statue of limitations on credit card debt

    One of the g00gle returns will give you a list by state.

    good luck

  51. justin says:

    i just received a letter from RJM saying i owe compass bank $700.. i’ve never had an acct with compass, and the bank says the acct was overdrawn in 2008 in albuquerque.. RJM tried to get me not to call the bank by saying “they’re probably just going to refer you back to us” .. anyone know how to go about fighting either identity theft, or a scam of debt that isn’t mine?

  52. tired of RJM says:

    I’ve been fighting for 3 years to get a alleged “overdrawn bank account” removed off my credit report. Anyone know how to get them to stop re-adding after it’s been taken off my CR? I can’t get any info on the account or date, only a purchase date 3 years ago.

  53. c. van says:

    Sent me wrong name, wrong address and a debt from 1990? said they bought the debt Jan. 25,2005. Sent out letter Feb 15,2012. Besides the fact7 years is up, they are trying to scam me for 3,724.00 I never owed. Im not responding to them, with anything but their case #, and a copy of dispute along with sending a copy of both to the NY Attny. General FRAUD devision..I think they are trying to get tax refunds from people. Nothing showed on my credit report. YET

  54. Leanne says:

    I, too, am being scammed by these bottom feeders. The debt was paid in full 25 years ago, yet they somehow got hold of the fact that it was a late payment and are inflating it to ridiculous numbers. Here’s how you deal with these kinds of filth: you google templates for both a “debt validation” letter and a cease and desist letter, and you send them registered or certified mail (you want that return receipt!), and you cc the Attorney General’s office and the local bar association. You then immediately call the AGs office and open a complaint, send copies of the DV and C&D letters to them (and to the bar association), attaching the complaint number if they’ve given you one. Then you google a follow up template to the DV letter (these turds won’t be able to validate if it’s junk or previously paid debt) informing them that this matter is now closed due to their inability to validate according to the law, again cc-ing the AG and local bar assoc. You send copies of this to the AG for their complaint file. If they contact you again, immediately follow up with the AG’s office and send them a record of that contact.

  55. Courtney says:

    I had a store credit card back in 02 that I paid off and closed back in 05 but they keep sending me mail giving me offers and I just checked my credit report and they have pulled my report 5 times in the past 6 months. How are they able to still get my report pulled if I do not have that debt even on my report any longer and I do not owe them any money at all?
    That is really bothering me because at any time they can get my new address and phone number and start stalking me again.

  56. L R says:

    We just got a letter in the mail. It was addressed to my 18 year old son who has NEVER had a checking account. It stated he was overdrawn for 351.04. We are ignoring it but we’ll keep it for future reference.

  57. Alyssa says:

    I have received a letter stating that I owed $38.46 to a book company that I paid off six years ago. Further investigation is in order. i refuse to over pay for an account that I KNOW is closed and paid in full

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