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Receivables Performance Management also know as RPM is a collections agency based out of Washington. RPM is not a scam, they are a real company trying to collect a debt. The debt that they may be collecting, however, may be false, it could be old outdated information on a closed debt, or it could be a mix up with identity.

No matter what the issue is, Receivables Performance Management must follow the laws put in place by The Fair Debt Collection Act. This act protects you from abuse and harassment from debt collectors.

If you have been continually harassed by Receivables Performance Management, you do not have to let it continue, hire a team that knows your rights and is on your side.

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Receivables Performance Management (RPM) Contact Info

Address  P.O. Box 1548
City Lynnwood
State Washington
Zip Code 98046
Phone   866-212-7408

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  1. Barbara says:

    This outfit has been calling daily for weeks. Usually when I pick up, the line is dead. Occasionally, I get a recorded message.

    Only once has there been a person, who talked to my husband, claiming we owed money, but would not tell him to whom or why.

    We have filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General. We think this is a scam, but we are worried about them putting fraudulent charges on our credit report.

  2. Y.INGRAM says:

    This company will not take this paid acct off my credict report. Please send my advise.

  3. BANE says:

    These idiots are the worst people to deal with. The debt I owe is legit and I have no problem paying it, but they claim they cant take checks or money orders as payment and only want credit card info. They also electronically draft funds from your credit or charge card without authorization. Even though I have it in writting for them to remove the negative rating from my credit report after full payment, they have yet to do so. Looks like I need an attorney.

  4. Maria Dumitru says:

    I do not recognize the Creditor EQUABLE ASCENT FINANCIAL. I never heared of it, I do not know this creditor, and do not own it anything.

  5. Richard Holland says:

    This company reported as a new collection a debt that was discharged in a Chapter 7 even AFTER I sent them proof of the discharge

  6. Jen says:

    They called my house and told my mom who answered the phone that I already had their number. I think I talked to them once last year and every time they talked to me and I told them that I couldn’t make the payment they hung up saying “well I will tell them they will never see their money” I don’t deal well with rude people and I hope to god that they don’t call again.

  7. Larry Gutknecht says:

    they call 3 to 5 times a day i owe them nothing and have never recieved a letter from them

  8. Darren Campbell says:

    This company is trying to collect an old credit card debt that is not even on my credit report anymore. They Claim it is for $738.00 but were willing to offer a settlement for $400.00 if I gave them my debit card and set up a payment plan. I requested they send proof of the debt and they said if they had to do that I would have to pay the full amount. They also claim to have sent a letter on February 8th but I have never received it. I cannot find one positive thing about this company but find an enormous amount of negative. I file the 86th complaint in the last 12 months with the BBB. They have had hundreds in the last three years.

  9. Mary Lewis says:

    RPM’s friendly service made the uncomfortable process of collections much less difficult than in my past experiences. They were professional, courteous, and straight to the point.

  10. Nicole Lee says:

    Although I was not able to work out a payment plan with my previous cell phone provider, RPM was willing to do so. They made the process quick and painless

  11. Shainaz says:

    I think this company is not legal,when I called in to ask to whom do I owe money the person asked me for my social number and then he said I owe some money to some Personel company.when I asked the name he did not answer and disconnect the phone,I tried to call back but nobody picked the phone.i need to know can I dispute .plz help

  12. Debra J says:

    I spoke with a John Rasumussen on 09-07-2013. I tried to explain This is a fraudulent report from T-Mobile, who in fact I originally had a CREDIT BALANCE with. I canceled service under their Flex-pay program in November of 2010.
    Mr. Rasumussen would not let me explain, dominating the convo and was rude.
    This is a scam agency that buys debt from others for pennies on the dollar. They are the flip side of payday loan companies and should never be given any info — especially credit cards!
    There is a place for people like this and it is not pretty 😉

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