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ULQ, LLC (may appear on caller ID as Netwolves Network)
Address  1145 Sanctuary Pkwy., Ste 250
City Alpharetta
State Georgia
Zip Code 30004
Phone 770-885-7050
Address 1145 Sanctuary Pkwy., Ste 250
City Alpharetta
State Georgia
Zip Code 30004
Address 6464 Savoy Dr., 4th Fl.
City Houston
State Texas
Zip Code 77036
Phone 713-423-1020
Phone 1 716-276-2492
Phone 2 866-316-3248
 Phone 3 888-488-6762
 Phone 4 716-250-4800
 Phone 5 716-250-4827
 Phone 6 800-592-0230
Fax  1  716-250-5015
Fax 2  716-250-4890
Head Debt Collectors:
Michael Fletcher, CEO of ULQ
Howard Gibbs, CFO of ULQ
Joe Moran, President, Redline, New York
John Powers, President, Redline, Houston

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  1. greg says:

    I got a pay off for my credit card(hsbc nevada)which is paid and still I get a bill. I call redline they tell me to call hsbc. I call hsbc and they tell me to call redline. Someone Does Not Want To Do Thier Job.

  2. john athey says:

    I recieved a offer for a settlement for a credit card i had with 1st priemere bank. offer was for three payments of $68.78 on a payment schedule. I had to adjust the schedule because of the way my checks fell that month, it just wouldn’t work out. They changed it no problem. the first two payments were made on schedule, third made by credit card two days after the said date but remember no type of signed agreement was made on the change. so, all there made, I call them for a letter of completeness and i get well, my manager has to do this and they are not here but i wil give this to them, you should have it tomorrow. I gave fax Number and all to get it to me. then i was told they mail them only. called back for two day in a row to get this done and always magagers are in a meeting or no one comes in until after 12:00PM. I call back after this given time and ask to speak with the person i spoke to and they send me to them. the answer i get when they answer is, and i quote,” Oh sh*t!!” like i suprised someone. they tell me well i think they got to to the wrong person(meaning somene there had the same name as him) just give me your fax and email and i will get this to my manager and you wil recieve it today. I have never recieved it yet

  3. joe says:

    This company goes right into demanding information to aid them to collect a debt without fully identifying themselves or who they’re collecting for. VIOLATION of FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT.

  4. jen says:

    These psychos have blown up my mothers phone, my phone, they even called my relatives in south carolina. they went so far as to call the company my father used to work for and are claiming i owe several thousand dollars on a loan that is not even associated with my social security # – it has been a nightmare. i refuse to speak to these people.

  5. JC says:

    I am by no means denying this debt, but this company is violating so many laws and crossing so many lines that I cannot deal with them.
    1. Matt Smith from this company called people not associated with the debt and divulged specific information including the debt amount and my SS#.
    2. He also asked those people for money to pay on my debt.
    3. When he called me at work, I informed him I could not take personal calls. Yet he proceeded to pester me until I spoke to him.
    4. He asked exceedingly personal questions including what I did to become a single mom, why didn’t I get a real job after college, why I “failed at life,” and why I was poor. This annoys me because I work very hard and long hours to support my child. I did not go into the relationship with my ex expecting my life to end up this way. But that is another story, he shouldn’t have asked those questions regardless.
    5. He continuously changed the amount of money I owed when speaking to me.
    6. He said “Your grandfather sounded rich. Ask him for money.” when I told him that I didn’t not have the savings to pay off a bulk amount.

    I have reported this company and him to the FTC. Also I have spoken with a supervisor at the company and filed a complaint against Matt Smith, although I doubt anything will get done.

  6. Ronnie says:

    Hey Redline : I have some news for you guys. The judge threw out the case that you guys had against me, which had no validity in the
    first place, which means you guys not only lost the time/money trying to collect on a debt that was already dead, but you guys now
    have to pay the court costs of filing all of the paperwork. I told
    you guys that this debt was written off some time ago.

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