Regent Asset Management Solutions

Address  7290 Samuel Drive, Ste 300
City Denver
State Colorado
Zip Code 80221
Phone 1  800-304-3783
Fax 303-297-9140

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  1. jimmie l cox says:

    owe pncbank since 2004

  2. Leah M says:

    This compnay is a tird party debt colletor under two names (United Credit, D Scott Carruthers an Attorney). They sent out one letter from the Attorney making like they are going to sue you and give you 14 days to respond then they sent out another letter under Regent Asset Management solutions stating they have verified the emomplyment ect and have 14 days to respond. I have a few red flags . A threating letter that has a califonia address but post marked in Las Vegas, 2. Regent is connected to the attorney and their letters are mailed from LaS Vegas too but have a Denver Colorado address? 3. They are also associated with United credit ? . When Regent was asked to send a letter to me about the orginal debt they stated they sent one and are also informing me orally about the debt, they asked for my ss number address and phone number, they gave a statement about the Attorney that I received a letter , now how would they now that if they are a Debt collector,and they gave me 5 days to respond and on the 4th day they called me . Then to top it off I received a phone call with a local number and I didnt recognize it and called it back ,the person did not identify themselves and asked me the persoanl information them said they were Regent Asset MAnagement solutions collecting a debt for US Bank ect… They were trying to get me to admit to the debt even though one was from 2006 and the other 2007 so they claimed. THeya re deceptive and misleading. Consult an Fair debt colletions Attorney before making any kind of arangements with these collection company and also write a DV letter and send it certified. There is lots of information about these two companies on the internet and none of it is positive.

  3. Julianna says:

    This company began contacting me a few weeks ago regarding a debt they claim my husband owes. There are a few huge flags that tell me the debt is fraudulent, namely that it was incurred about a thousand miles from where we were living at the time, and that it is for a credit card (or bank account? They’re not really sure which) with Bank of America, who we had never banked with at the time they claim the debt was incurred. We have repeatedly asked them to send us written documentation of the debt and they refuse or hang up on us. If you deal with them do so in court via lawsuit.

  4. Mike Devine says:

    This company needs to be put out of business for good, They have sent me letters about some debt that I owe. When I called them they said it was for a Sprint Cell Phone bill. I have never owned a Sprint Cell Phone. When I explained this to them they said that they would call me back after an investigation. They never called and I have continued to receive letters from them. They refuse to send me any documentation about this credit issue. I will deal with them in court over this. Don’t trust this company unless you consult an attorney first

  5. Shera J. says:

    My experience was similar to Leah M’s (seen above). I had a loan from US Bank, closed that account and got a letter showing a $0 balance. What US Bank had done is sell my loan to a collection company who sold it to another, then another until it landed at Regent. There they sat on it for 2 years then finally contacted me. I actually spoke with their manager at the time, paid my debt plus their fees (about $200) and was told that it was paid in full. I asked for written confirmation and the manager agreed to send it. It was NEVER sent and so I now have no proof of my dealings with them. Now, 18 months later my credit report shows that I had made a “settlement” with them rather than “paid in full” as they said. I ended up paying an additional $300 to show that this is “paid in full” on my credit report. NEVER use this company! I ended up paying an extra $500 just to clean up a mess I never knew I had!

  6. Laurie says:

    This company is a bunch of scam artists. I was scammed into paying back an amount the US Bank wrote off years ago and Asset Management received a list that I still owed the money to US Bank. So I started paying payments to them on a monthly basis after much dismay because they always want your bank information and you can never just send them payments. So I got down to my last payment on the amount supposedly due and my acct info changed so my acct number they had was no longer valid well when they tried to pull it it came back to them, well they never notified me until a year later again and told me all the money I originally paid to them was no longer good. The amount due went back up to the original amount and now I was to pay it all over again! Well I have been paying again the same money over and now I just read all these comments about this company that is a fraud!!! They are extremely rude and never can you contact them, consistently get automated messages to leave a message and no one calls back. Also the 800 number they have on their website does not work!!!!! Do not pay these people, they are not legit. Their BBB report has a F rating and have been in trouble multiple times. I cannot believe I got dubbed by them to pay back money twice, They buy lists from companies for pennies and then try and collect on debts that are multiple years old!!!! It took them 3 years to contact me after my US Bank account was closed. US Bank wrote that off and now I paid them twice for it.

  7. shoua says:

    My problem is similar to everyones but, Regent Asset Management Solutions seems to be legit to me because they sent me a letter with all the information of who they are collecting the debt for and when I talked to someone on the phone, he gave me his name and phone number and even sent me a copy of what we talked about and agreed on. I still have the email saved and the letter that they sent me. But after reading a lot of bad comments on the company, I don’t know if I should continued to pay off the debt. I know I owe the debt and I have been paying it monthly for almost a year now. The debt would be paid in full by Nov. 2011. But by the way everyone is saying that after they paid their debt off, the company claims that they haven’t received anything and now I’m kind of scared to continued paying if the same thing is going to happen to me. I have the collectors come take out the amount out of my account every month and it shows up on my bank statements. I need some advice on what to do because I don’t really want to get mess up again in a scam because of a scam I’m paying this debt right now. If anyone has any advice please share!!! Thank you.

  8. Teresa says:

    I got a letter from the lawyer a couple of years ago. It was dated about 30 days prior to the postmark and I was given 30 days to respond before being sued. Also, it had a California address with Las Vegas postmark. I called and supposedly talked to the lawyer who was extremely rude and told me that he was filing a lawsuit against the next day if I didn’t make payment arrangements right then. He promised I would get verification that I had paid the debt once I did. I paid these people for a debt to US Bank. The entire balance plus their fees were paid. They did not send me anything showing that I had satisfied the debt. Then, in March 2010 I was contacted by a local debt collector trying to collect on the same debt. I contacted Regent Asset Management Solutions and they emailed me a document that showed that I owe nothing on this debt. The only reason I got the document was I told the person with whom I spoke that I had proof I had paid them because I had the payments taken directly from my bank account and I had the statements. The bank also had Regent Asset Management Solutions phone number attached to the withdrawal. That was how I was able to contact them. That took care of my problem, I thought. Then, yesterday I received a letter from another collection agency trying to collect on the same debt. I told them I had already paid it. I now have to fax a copy of the document to them. The woman I spoke with told me that they had numerous calls from people who had already paid the debt.

  9. v says:

    I paid this company my old closed accounts in full and waited 30 days to get my validation letter faxed to my bank so I can reopen my accounts and now the website is down and I can’t get a hold of them I am freaking out!

  10. Ann says:

    I contacted this company in Nov. of 2010 after paying $100.00 per month on my bill. I was told that my debt was paid in full and I would get my verification letter in Dec. 2010. It has not arrived. I can’t reach any of the phone numbers. The BBB isn’t any help in locating anyone. All I want is my verification letter. Help!

  11. tammie B says:

    Does anyone have a good telephone number for Regent Management Solutions?

  12. TAMMMIE says:


  13. Rachel says:

    I paid 2 accounts through RAMS…I have proof of payment from Bank of America. Now no one can find the US Bank account in ther systems, I have my bank statements showing they took 2 different payments for 2 diffeternt accounts, and now I can only get told to call 1-877-591-7641 and leave a message or 1-877-591-7634 with a full mail box, HELP!! I only want a letter showing it was paid, the account number I have they say is not in their system at what is now Imperial…

  14. Shannon says:

    I paid my last payment in Nov, was told that they would send ” Paid in Full Letter” to me in Dec 2010 and notify collection agency. All I got was a letter threatning to take me to court in the beginning and an email with payment plan showing monthly payments that I was to make. Cannot reach anyone for my paid in full letter. I guess I was had. Will keep the email and the letter I got in the beginning and my bank statements so I can try and get this thing removed from my crediit report.

  15. georgianna leach says:

    i have been trying to get a bank account with us bank but they say that i owe money which i think is impossible because all i did was withdraw all my money and closed the account now they are saying i owe 200 dollars on the account i have tried to contact regent asset management on the problem i called 1-877-591-7651 and no one answers goes straight to voice mail but mail box is full i have to get a bank account for my sons ssi checks i have no way of getting a account with any bank and i cant get a hold of regent assets either so please if anyone can help please i will take all thee advise i can get thank you

  16. Duane says:

    Don’t pay one nickel. Their License as a debt collection agency in Colorado was not renewed as of July 2010, because the Colorado Attorney General Office was investigating them. They packed up and Moved to Overland Park Kansas, they are now doing business as Imperial Recovery LLC.

  17. Arturo Ramirez says:

    I’ am going through the same..I paid Regent(Gizelle Collier)on 7/28/10 and I’ am still waiting for the paid in full letter.Thanks to all for your feed back I was able to find out Imperial Recovery is Regent I received a notice from Imperial on 5/12/11 claiming I owe money.I have been speaking to Imperial(Alberto)and they keep telling me the letter was mailed out/emailed and nothing we keep going back and fourth.

  18. Ruthie Horton says:

    Help me get intouch with Regent Asset Mgnt.Badly need a phone number for this company,a working number. Still looking for paid in full receipt.

  19. Cheryl says:

    Ok folks, I may be able to help you. I also had an account with US Bank and was making payments on it. I just got off the phone with a Marty Davis @ 800-441-8334 ext. 1507 and he said that Regent Asset Management Solutions and I Recovery use to be the same but they split. If your account is with I Recovery then he can help you if not then he can get you the number that you need.

  20. sylvia says:

    I paid Regent Management money that i owed US bank in 2010. i did not recieve a letter saying paid in full. To this day, it is still on my record as not paid. I need this account marked as paid. The number I have for them no longer works. Can someone please help me get info on how to get in contact with this company.

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