SRA Associates, Inc.

Address 401 Minnetonka Road
City Hi-Nella
State  New Jersey
Zip Code 08083
Phone 1 856-925-1000
Phone 2 800-735-0552
Fax 856-755-1244


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  1. Magda says:

    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appraocehs!

  2. Mr. Unhappy says:

    Spoke to Melvina. I advised her that she was contacting me at work and that I had a client on hold on the other line. she stated her name and the name of the company. I asked her several times what she was calling about and she just kept saying her name and the name of the company. I again advised her that I was at work and had a client on hold.I told her that if she could not tell me what she was calling about that I would have to hang up. She again stated her name and said that she had a file for me? I asked her again what it was about. She said that she talked to my wife and was asked to call me. I again said what is it that you are calling about. She again stated her name and the name of the company. I said you have told me your name and the name of your company several times but you haven’t told me what you are calling about. She again stated her name and asked my zipcode. I said if you can’t tell me what you are calling about I am not interested in talking to you please do not call me at work and I hung up. She then called my work again today. I still had no idea what she was calling about. After going back and forth in the same exact manner as before I asked that she stop calling me, and stop calling my work and take me off any list she might have.She would not stop talking over me and then after a 3rd call to my work she finally said that she was calling in an attempt to collect a debt. I told her that I felt that she was harrassing me and that I had asked several times not to call my work. At that point I asked that any communication that she wanted to have would have to be by mail. This woman is unprofessional and a discrace to your company. She has no people skills and harrasses the people that she calls.

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