Superior Asset Management

f.k.a. Superior Credit Services
Address 19361 US Highway 19 N, Ste 100
City Clearwater
State  Florida
Zip Code 33764-3102
Phone 727-524-6990
Fax 727-532-6889
Address P.O. Box 468089
City Atlanta
State Georgia
Zip Code 31146
Phone 800-895-2989


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  1. VICKI ALLS says:

    they are rude rude rude!!!! and very nosie!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    This company has been calling me asking to collect a debt on behalf of T-Mobile. I have never recieved a bill from T-Mobile and have repeatedly told these callers to provide documentation of a signed contract and a detail of charges for what I owe. They said they are unable to provide this, and T-Mobile is unable to as well. They will not – they are all rude and will not allow me to explain I can’t pay something just because you tell me to when I have no bill EVER received. After digging around more online I found other people who made payments to Superior Asset Management to find the money was taken out, but the debt not cleared off, or the collection agency going back on a “deal” they made with the customer. I am currently filing with the Attorney General and have contacted the Better Business Bureau. In addition to this I went to the consumer reports website and filed for a class action lawsuit as I have seen other people have done in regards to this company’s practice. I doubt the legitimacy of this business.

  3. Unknown says:

    I had an account with Tmo but before closing it two years ago I remember having a zero balance. And now i get a 60 dollar fine from them saying its for Tmobile. Dont know what to do, tmobile had no records for me.

  4. Paula says:

    I have asked them repeatedly to not call me at work and today is the third day that they have called me. I am in the process of writing a letter now to dispute a bill [T-Mobile] that I haven’t received from them.

    They are quick to say that I am not willing or refusing to pay, never giving me the opportunity to discuss anything.

    Fed up and I am not going to take it anymore.


  5. Mona says:

    Please let me know how this turned out. I am currently trying to help my neice and her hubby deal with these people and it started with Arrow Financial regarding a supposed credit card debt. Neither have been able to provide proof of the original agreement, let alone any other validation of this debt so it is their word against ours. Not even the original creditor can produce any documentation yet these people are incredibly rude and this is affecting their credit file.

  6. Dick says:

    So back in 2004 opened an acct with Tmo. They switched my acct to a new acct without my knowledge. Now I’m sent to Superior Asset Management in 2009. What the HELL Tmo??? I need to switch providers.

  7. erlon says:

    They are so rude! When they call me to collect I didnt know that I owed anything to t-mobile, so they asked my kids name because they probably were going to start to call them later on the near future because I am teaching them on how not to pay a debit, they told me. They are so unprofessional its sad!

  8. Jerry says:

    Call after call; moving me back n forth between agents. I did dispute the charges and refused to pay until they provided me proof that I owed them.

    Now, 6months later after paying the debt they will not clear my credit report?!?

  9. anonymous says:

    superior a–hole management along with this stupid unreasonable man named MR. BROOKS. they are all very unprofessional staffs. all they ned is your money and they dont give you any opportunity to express your needs or concerns. I hate those sone of a b******.

  10. michelle says:

    These people are rude and ignorant. i owe a bill and was told if i made payments that it would not hit my credit report. when i called back the guy told me that i was a liar and that my payments were not enough to make them happy. i asked to speak with a supervisor he refused me. i understand that people go to collections but the collection agency does not need to be rude to people. the man that i spoke with told me that i should find a man to pay the bill for me. i am not being a —— so they can get paid.

  11. Cynthia Clark says:

    We have been getting calls daily from this company, and they aren’t even for us! My oldest stepson is in the Marines on an Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf, we can’t call him, he has no number to give, and says he doesn’t owe T-Mobile or anyone else anything. Trying to deal with these people is a total joke. They yell, give you no chance to explain the situation, and the last one said, “If you aren’t calling to pay a bill, nothing else you have to say is relevant.” WE DON’T OWE THEM THE MONEY! My stepson has been in the Marines for almost four years, and hasn’t lived with us for 5+ years. Is there really anything we can do to stop this harassment for a bill we don’t even owe?

  12. Earleen says:

    This company is rude as hell. I have asked them nicely to not call my home anymore because my son does not live w/ me and all I can do is rely the message, which I have.
    One ignorant azz hole had the nerve to say I should have taught my son to pay his bills, and he wouldn’t have to call. Needless to say, I went the F_ _ k off-point blank!!!!!!!!!. I asked to speak w/ a supervisor which he refused to do so,I got loud he got loud and I ended up cussing him out and slamming the phone in his ear.
    I will be reporting this compant to the attorney general since this clearly falls under the harrassment status, especially once I asked them to please not call my home anymore.
    Oh and by the way, when I asked how much was owed so I could pay the SPRINT so called bill, the rep wouldn’t tell me the amount owed, so I feel if I offered to pay the bill and you couldn’t give the amount, then don’t call my home anymore-I tried to resolve the issue.
    But I am filing harrassment charges and following all avenues suggested by law.

  13. John Painer says:

    Letters delivered to their clearwater address come back undeliverable. Use their Atlanta, GA address.

  14. Josh says:

    So i called them back because they call me late at night around 7:30 and said I owed them 800 dollars for a tmo acct. I have tmo right now and I asked them HOW COULD I HAVE A GOOD STANDING ACCOUNT AND ONE IN COLLECTIONS WITH TMO? I have had my number for 5 years or more and they came to me with some bogus number saying I had two phones on my account in my name and its in collection now. I simply said please provide me with records stating that I owe this debt. They said their proof was from tmo giving them the account. I spoke with my attorney, anything that the ask for in regards to settling a debt, MUST HAVE PROOF or they get nothing. I disputed this with all major credit bureaus and hopefully soon it will be taken care of, as a matter of fact I have the three in one monitering on my credit report and have NO record of a tmo acct even in negative standing. So who is this company? I say sue and get money from them

  15. Monique Brown says:

    I have never ordered a phone from T-Mobile and they want me to pay 200 dollars for the phone I never received or used. No its negative on my credit report..

  16. payback says:

    1000 Abernathy Rd Bldg 400 Ste #165 Atlanta Ga 30328 physical address this is the only location the business belongs to HOV Services now Superior sold it

  17. DG says:

    I had similar sitaution, but i just called T-mobile, they verified my account and the outstanding balance. T-mobile customer care took my payment over the phone and said the account will be closed now and they would inform the collection agency. Was pretty SIMPLE

  18. Johanne says:

    These morons have been contacting me for awhile now based on a nebulous claim by T-Mobile, who will disappear
    from the business scene sometime in 2010/11. Hurrah for that! In any case these are unsecured debts that these scammers are attempting to collect. I work in a debt collection department for a large international bank and know that as presented none of these debts are collectable without court proceedings. Therefore to all being harassed by these people. Stand your ground! Do not cave into these scammers.It will cost them more to collect these debts then what they will ever recover. These agencies depend on intimidating folks. Do not allow it to happen. Ignore them . They may even place negatives on your Credit Report. Again, 90 % of all legitimate lenders/banks, will ignore htese negative reports. Within my institution anynegative report based on a unsecured debt is ignored and treated as if it doesn’t exsist.

  19. Glenda Lankford says:

    They have been calling my house for a Steve Peterson, I have contacted them 3 times that I do not know him, they keep hanging up on me. I have spoken to Pat Barnes twice and a Ms Johnson with no results .They keep calling.

  20. Shelly says:

    I had a guy named Peter who very rudely told me that my payments are not good enough. He demanded that i give him my checking account info so he cant take the full amount out in two weeks. He continues to harass me calling my house and cell phone all times of hours etc.

  21. Susan says:

    I just spoke to a Peter, he seemed nice enough, but the last one that called was VERY RUDE!! I had 3 daughters and 3 diff #’s we went way over our usage and had a bill over $500. I was one week away paying it off and TMO sent it to collections and they started calling me wanting over $900 I told them I wouldn’t pay it and I won’t!!!

  22. crater06 says:

    They have been leaving messages regarding a debt for someone associated with my phone number for 2 months.
    I called them back today to have them remove our number from their list as we have no outstanding debt. Person on other end wants, needs, the name of the person they are leaving messages for. I didn’t write it down. Person stated that “you obviously don’t want us to remove your number from our calling list then”.

  23. peg says:

    4 years ago, t-mobile dumped me because i travel with my cell phone. I paid the final bill back then and now this idiotic place is calling me to say i still owe tmo $55. The checking account i used to pay the bill is no longer active since i changed banks long ago and Superior is telling me i have to send them a copy of all my payments to tmo. Bank no longer has those records. I told Superior that hell will freeze over before i give tmo a cent on a service that was paid 4 years ago.

  24. K says:

    These people are not only completely rude but inconsiderate. I too have dealt with this company but my is located in Georgia.

    Superior Asset Management Inc
    PO.Box 468089
    Atlanta Ga 31146-8089
    phone# 1800-895-2989

    They not only constantly contact your house but when you even try to explain to them of your money situation they don’t care. Their reps will keep repeating themselves of “Oh well the last payment you sent was such and such date”

    I had a phone with T-Mobile (big mistake) and not even a month had past when I started getting collection calls because these jerks at T-Mobile decided to send it to collections.

    Superior Asset Management is the worst collection agency I have ever dealt with.

    They ask for personal information on not only your living status but work (it is against state law for any collection company to bother you are work and doing so can lead to a lawsuit by you to the collection company), and bank information and if you are single or married. When you don’t give them this information they get mean and rude and threaten they’ll get it another way..

    I’ve had my ins and outs with this company and find it funny how they will send you a settlement notice in the mail even though it was never secured by me or even brought past me, but when you call in asking them to send you a updated letter so you can send your payment in they tell you no you can not do that, you have to pay through a bank ect..

    When you don’t do what they ask then they hang up on you. I’ve called there and talked to one of the managers name Mrs. Sandy and she told me I could settle it for 50% of the outstanding balance which is 802.00 which according to them is 400.00 dollars even. Wait though according to the settlement they’ve told me in the past it was 320.00 and now its back up to 400.00 dollar?? she asked for my bank info and I told her I DIDN’T have a bank.. So the next best thing is a prepaid debit card..

    I had contact a rep from T-Mobile and even the rep I had talked mentioned they use to have a account with this company and even agreed with me that they are completely rude and inconsiderate.

    I was told by my mom that even if I sent them a 1.00 a month they couldn’t do anything but it is considered trying to pay off the bill. For a couple of months because they were rude I went ahead and did that, which they didn’t like..

    If you have a bill with them and have to talk to them on the phone then write everything down from whom you talked to, date time ect.. Because even though they are so called entering the conversation on what they discussed in their computer, in actuality they are not..

  25. TCOO says:

    Mr.Reed is who I dealt with. He hung up on me twice saying that I was refusing to pay because I couldn’t pay anything on one particular day. I called to try and make arrangements to pay off the balance and he told me that he put refusal to pay on my account and told me to never call back again. Not professional at all.

  26. Patricia Jones says:

    I too had a t-mobile account that was turned over to Superior Asset Management. My bill is legitimate but after reading the reviews on this company, I am afraid to make a deal. They do call my office.

  27. mdc says:

    Five years of phone calls for something T-mobile says we do not owe. It is amazing that the hundreds and hundreds of complaints cited on the web have not raised the attention or even the smallest concern of our dedicated and honest politicians (law makers). These people are breaking the law….Buy the way, a machine does the calling, not real people. I’m not paying money to change or block my phone number. My banking institution doesn’t even consider a hit on my credit report.

  28. Joi says:

    I too have received a bill for almost $900… It was in my husbands name. How ironic that he’s getting a cell phone bill while he is deployed to Afghanistan!!! We don’t even use T-Moble. This is BS, now it’s effecting my credit and my husband’s credit.

  29. Gene says:

    Over 6 years ago, paid over $400 to this firm for a supposed debt with Tmobile. Debt is still showing on my credit report. And TMO says I have no debt with them.

  30. Marc says:

    Supior assest management shoudl be supior FRAUD. I have a current account with tmobile and they have no record of my oweing them any money. when you call this company no one answers and they ask that you leave your name and number.

  31. TJ says:

    I owed 800 dollars to T-Mobile for “roaming” charges. This agency was extremely rude and even gave me attitude when I called to pay the debt. Even paid in full (3 or 4 years ago now), it still shows as in collection on my credit report. I don’t know what else to do.

  32. Laurel says:

    Current address for this company is:

    1000 Abernathy Road NE
    Building 400, Ste. 165
    Atlanta, GA 30328

    (770) 441-0606

  33. K. says:

    I seem to be having the opposite problem as everyone else. I know I have a bill with them, at the time I had no means to pay it off and now that I do they refuse to contact me. I’ve left 14 messages in the last week urging them to contact me so I can pay them off with no prevail. I just continue to get the answering machine. The problem with this is that myself and my daughter are being denied at every apartment we apply at due to the fact that I have this outstanding bill. We are facing homelessness and I can’t even get so much as a call back! Outraged!!

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