Takhar Group

Address 1623 Military Road, Ste 537
City Niagara Falls
State  New York
Zip Code 14304
Phone 1 519-624-3576
Phone 2 800-620-0371
Phone 3 877-200-4113
Phone 4 888-246-3871
Website www.takhargroup.com


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  1. Pam says:

    They are very very rude people leaving threatening messages that you have to call them back or else

  2. Melody says:

    This group leaves condesending messages that we are very surprised that you have not contacted us back. Several times. This is a business. If they wanted to talk with us, they would call during business hours!!

  3. SCRAPPER says:

    These guys are some kind of scam….just check the net on them..I’m having a go around now thats lasted for almost a year of them calling to collect a debt from someone ive never heard of…I would never give them my name or social..

  4. Michelle says:

    These people are crazy, I am not who they are looking for but yet they keep calling my number and are very rude.

  5. Michelle says:

    These people are crazy, they are calling my line for someone that I have never heard of. They are rude and when I tell them not to call, they call right back. I believe that they are breaking FDCPA laws.

  6. fenix says:

    They call at work even though I have told them to stop, they have never provided proof of the validity of the debt, and they have never given me the mini-Miranda! The rep has been rude and demanded that i pay them with my card over the phone, she has told me she cannot stop calling at work because if her company says to call me, she has to. I told her that by law, if a debtor tells them to stop calling, they must or else it’s harassment and she said she would need another phone number then. I refused to give it to her and told her to mail me letters. Then she said they do not have my address.Hmmm… the first time she called she told me they had sent a letter to me detailing the debt and giving me 30 days to respond, yet they don’t have my address??? I contacted the creditor and let them know that Takhar is using illegal methods to try to collect.

  7. Libby says:

    These folks don’t have legitimate paperwork to proof anything. No record or receipts…Must be a scam.

  8. Tess says:

    Very valid, pithy, scucicnt, and on point. WD.

  9. jeff says:

    And if you put their address into Google Earth, it’s a UPS store. They apparently only rent a mailbox.

  10. shirley says:

    Started calling me in October 2011. Still calling me 01/2012. I will not return a call that has not given information and the person is extremely rude and threatening. I have sent a letter (certified) to send me proof (validation) of any debt by me they are trying to collect. they have never sent me any correspondence nor have they replied to my letter. These people are scammers, bottom feeders. Do not return their calls!!!!

  11. davmay says:

    they keep calling & leaving a rude message “if you have any decency you would return our calls”…they do not identify themselves as a collection ageny & apparently cannot comprehend that since I do not return their calls, I do not have any decency…lol…all I can say is I am grateful for voice mail

  12. karen says:

    as with #10-davmay, I too received those messages but it was “We expect the decency of returning our call” “We expect you to return our call”. When they first called, I called back to find out what was up. They said I owed a debt from 2007. I asked for a written description of what I supposedly bought from Crafter’s Choice. The lady said that they sent me one in Nov of 2011 and that they didn’t have to send another. I contacted Crafter’s Choice, they were kind enough to send me an explanation but that I had to deal with The Takhar Group to settle it. I spoke with a Megan Marshal who was rude, threatened to ruin my credit for the next 7 years, said that they legally don’t have to send another written letter and refused to allow me to talk. When I asked her how was I to know that this wasn’t a scam, again, she got rude and threatened my credit report and possible liens. When I tried to say that all I wanted was a written letter and that I don’t make payments over the phone, she raised her voice and hung up on me. Lord, I wish I would have recorded the conversation. What an idiot I am.

  13. Greenie says:

    I get these calls and I don’t answer them or let them go to voice, as I don’t want to confirm for them that it is a “live” number.

    I found this info from another site about them that they were located in Niagara Falls, NY. I found that this is a mail drop at a UPS store…see Google Maps for “1623 Military Road Suite 537 Niagara Falls, NY 14304”

    Their actual corporate address is Takhar Collection Services Ltd. 202 Beverly St,, Cambridge, N1R 3Z8, Ontario, Canada – Phone: +1 (519) 622-4141

    LinkedIn lists the President and CEO as Hardy Takhar
    His phone line is 519-622-4141 and fax is 519-622-6411

    LinkedIn also lists the VP of Client Svcs as Dan Sanghera.
    His page on LI shows associations of which he is a member.

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