The Bureaus, Inc.

Address 650 Dundee Rd,
City Northbrook
State Illinois
Zip Code 60062
Phone 1 847-328-4300
Fax 1 847-328-4151

Are you being abused by a debt collector? Will they not stop calling you despite you asking them to multiple times? Is the debt not yours, but it is showing up on your credit reports?

Whether it be a case of stolen identity or if the debt collectors are using very questionable tactics while trying to collect debt, the attorneys at Francis and Mailman are here to help you with your case.

We offer a free consultation where we will go over you full case and all notes you may have taken. We will also inform you of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You will learn about what to do if your identity is stolen and their are mistakes or errors throughout your credit reports that are causing havoc in your life.


The Struggling Economy

You are not alone in your struggle. Many families and individuals nowadays are having problems when it comes to paying off their bills. It may be growing credit card costs, medical expenses, a recent divorce, job loss or so much more.

The Rights of the Debtor

Even though you may owe debt, you do not have to take abuse or harassment. You do have to pay back the debt owed, but you can fight back against unlawful debt collection practices. You deserve to be treated with respect.


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  1. Susan goldberg says:

    i think that this corporation uses all kinds of false statements and threats. i think that they also use fake names (just got a letter from Sterling Glue). Yea right — and the saddest thing — I have almost paid off my whole bill with them in a way that I have in writing from them that was accepted by them. Yet as you get close to the end they threaten you! Amazing. Why our government can\\\’t look into the tactics used by scum balls like them is beyond me.

  2. jeff Keith says:

    These people are a collection agency who add money to your existing bill and then when you pay it off, they give the credit report company a bad report on you and then they try to collect again !!! BEWARE!!!

  3. Virginia White says:

    The Bureaus Has been collecting a dept from me that they bought from GM Card that was opened by my husband who died in 1998. I have learned that I am not responsible for this bill since my husband opened the account.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s amazing to look over these complaints and see how many people complain about being asked to pay their bills. The reason why our economy is in such bad shape is because of irresponsible debtors. This isn’t limited to people, it goes much higher, businesses, cities, states and even national governments. It’s hard for me to understand why someone thinks they’re being mistreated when THEY are the ones who have taken money and not repaid it. As far as I’m concerned that is the same as stealing it. But then again this is just my opinion. I pay my bills, pay my taxes and don’t ask for free handouts. Some would say I’m a respectable AMERICAN, somewhat of a dying breed nowadays.

  5. 50% says:

    Hello MR or Miss Payer, It is great that you have never had your income impacted in a way that you have not had the money to pay your bills. Many people in this country have had their incomes cut in half for one reason or another. I know people that have went from making 100K down to 40K and some that went from 30K to 15K. Are you saying that they are not (respectable)? Take 50% of your income away, could you still pay all your bills on time? I think not.

  6. The Public says:

    Its also amazing how shady companies like \”The Bureaus, Inc\” are allowed to purchase CHARGED OFF debt from other companies and then try to threaten, harrass, and also add to the CHARGED OFF debt for their own company gain. The public is getting smarter. Hopefully the government will investigate companies like this one that try to make a profit off of people\’s hardships.Truly disgusting

  7. Lori Semmens says:

    I have been paying via wage garnishment on an account through The Bureaus Inc since late 2009. My original judgment to the credit card company after my divorce was $5600. I have paid to to them 4712.48, yet the most recent garnishment that my employer received shows I still OWE over $8000.00. When I have tried repeatedly to contact the Law Office listed on my NOG, they tell me that the interest rate on a CHARGED OFF debt is 23.74 %. This mathematically assures that even if I pay the maximum as allowed by law of $2000.00 per calendar year, this debt will continue to grow and NEVER be paid off. I have contacted them to make payment arrangements on the original amount, but they keep giving me the run around. I need help to get this resolved. Any ideas on where to start??

  8. Chuck white says:

    What is this companies #. I can not find a listing.

  9. Curt says:

    They are crooks, don’t deal with them!! Consult with a attorney. I made a deal to make 8 monthly payments to settle a debt. They cashed 7 out of 8 checks. Waited 5 years and reopened the collection and asking for the full amount plus 80 percent fees and late charges. The should all be arrested.

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