Unifund Group Corp.

Unifund CCR Partners
Unifund CCR Partners, G.P.
National Check Bureau, Inc.
Address  10625 Techwoods Circle
City Cincinnati
State Ohio
Zip Code 45242
Phone 1  888-384-8134
Fax 513-489-1875
Head Debt Collectors:
David G. Rosenberg, President
Jeff Shaffer, VP of Legal
Janell Haney Duncan, Attorney (KY)
Web  www.unifund.com

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  1. patricia burton says:

    I had a judgement entry against me in my local municipal court filed in June 2006. I did not dispute the debt and an agreement was entered into the court records that I would satisfy the debt of $600.00 by paying $100.00 a month for 6 months until satisfied. They , were in turn were to file a satisfaction of Judgement with the courts, ordered in the judgement entry, when the debt was satisfied. It is now well over 3 years later and nothing has ever been filed with the courts to say I met my obligation. When I have tried to get them to take care of this, it is hurting my chances to refinance my home loan and is still on my credit report, they claim that the original attorney no longer has my case and it might be a while before they can take care of this problem. This is unfair! I have rights, too. It is holding up my home re-finance. They faxed me a stupid letter saying I satisfied the judgement..no date as to when it was satisfied, in fact they made it appear as if it was recently done instead of 3 years ago when it was. My mortgage lender wants the actual court papers for their records and They will not file. They appologize, but, “these things happen”. Like hell they do!! Not with reputable companies! I can not get any action from them just run arounds and excuses. WHAT A BUNCH OF SLIME BALLS!

  2. Bill Harris says:

    I had very negative dealings with Unifund. They purchased a bunch of written-off credit card debt from a bankrupt credit card company. One of the accounts had my name, but a different birthdate. They found me and sued me. They never served me with the lawsuit, but notified the court that they had served me. They got a default judgment. It took me over a year, fighting in the court, to get the judgment set aside. Unifund and their attorney refused to supply any documentation to substantiate the debt. Finally, the Judge saw through the gamesmanship and set aside the judgment. NIGHTMARE! Learned later that Unifund had filed dozens of lawsuits in this same court and the same story was heard over and over that Unifund never actually served any summons and complaint on the people and merely obtained default judgments then took the default judgments and tried to garnish wages and bank accounts.

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