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Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. Connie Kern says:

    Very tough company when dealing with a fraudelent account.I paid a account with this company before realizing it is a fraudelent account. Not willing to work with me.

  2. Kathy Murphy says:

    To whom it may concern : I’m here to tell my story on how United Consumers treated me and how they filed a false report on my credit .
    Back in spring of this year (April 2017) I
    was notified by United Consumers of a bill I owed and needed to make good of this matter . Since the beginning in April I’ve been making monthly payments to this very date . Turns out that they ( United Consumers ) made a false report to my credit report of nonpayment which is complete bs .
    I’ve got proof of each and every payment made leaving a balance of
    $63.00 for August . REALLY ! ! !
    I called on July 19 ~ 2017 to find out WHY was this done . . . I asked to speak with a supervisor and this person
    Came back with attitude saying that
    ” I Am The Supervisor ! ” She claims that this bill should have been paid in full now in July but this was NEVER said in the beginning . . . I have my original copy from back in April and
    nothing about ” Needs to be paid in full by July ” I told her that don’t you think with a balance of $63.00 I would have paid off the balance knowing such a thing ??? Here is when she really gets rude . . . She comes back with ” You should have been paying your bills from the start “.
    Well . . . I came back with everybody has a story and you sure don’t know mine meaning back after my heart attack everybody sent my bills to my house address (no mail service) when it needed to go to my po box which is my mailing address .
    So my question is this . . . Making every payment never late , Why did they do such a thing ??? Why are they sooo rude ???
    Reading on other comments I see that I’m not the only one that feels we’ve been disrespected . . . Everybody has a story . . . Be Kind !
    And to that RUDE NASTY woman . . .
    Maybe someday your mother will be attack and then tell us how you feel !!!!!!!

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