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Is Van Ru Credit Corp a Scam?

Van Ru Credit Corp is a debt collection agency that may contact you if they have a debt that they believe you owe, it is not a scam.
Sometimes the information that collection agencies have is false, and they may continue to contact you, by calling or sending letters, even if you do not actually owe the debt.

Stop Van Ru Credit Corp from Harassment

Make sure you keep track of all calls, times, and names of people that you speak with at Van Ru Credit Corporation, if they are harassing your for debt that is not yours.
There are rules that all collection agencies must follow in The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Van Ru Credit Corp may not call before 8am or after 9pm, they also may not use abusive language, profanity, or threaten you.
If you are a victim of harassment by a debt collection agency like Van Ru Credit Corp, you may be entitled to damages.

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If Van Ru Credit Corporation is not following the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone.
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Cases Against Van Ru Credit Corp

Frew v. Van Ru Credit Corp.
2006 WL 2261624 (E.D. Pa.Aug. 7, 2006). Defendant violated the FDCPA by using threatening language toward the consumer and referring to him as a “scumbag.”

Woolfolk v. Van Ru Credit Corp.
783 F. Supp. 724 (D. Conn.1990). Debt collector used abusive language to threaten and intimidate consumer. The validation notice that the debt collector provided to the consumer was vague in its direction of how to properly dispute and request proof. The consumer was unable to provide sufficient evidence that the defendant continued to collect the debt before providing validation. With respect to actual damages, even a single technical violation of the Act is sufficient to impose liability, and permits an award of statutory and actual damages pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 1692k.

Gully v. Van Ru Credit Corp.
381 F. Supp. 2d 766 (N.D. Ill.005). Consumer believed that the debt collector’s settlement offer was misleading, but debt collector clearly stated that the settlement offer must be received by a specific date.

Drennan v. Van Ru Credit Corp.
950 F. Supp. 858 (N.D. Ill.1996). Defendant continually made false threats to consumer, but no action was take for over a year after they threatened immediate action.

Contact Information for Van Ru Credit Corp

Address 1350 E. Touhy Avenue, Ste 300E
City Des Plaines
State  Illinois
Zip Code 60018
Phone 1 800-468-2678
Phone 2 317-451-4802
Fax 513-573-2962


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  1. Janice C. says:

    Van Ru collections are very rude and pushy. When I would make payments I’d receive a call around 7:00 am the next morning asking for the next payment! I did put off paying because of their bad methods to collect payment and rude staff. They tried to intimidate me, however they couldn’t but did keep trying. Bullying never works….BETTER TRAINING MIGHT WORK…

  2. Linda T. says:

    This company is continuing to harass me with telephone calls for a debt my daughter owes. They play games on the phone and say that she has applied for a job and used me as a reference and would like me to give them information on how to contact her. I have told them several times to take my phone number out of their data base and not to call me anymore. Yet, days later, they call again. I am being harassed for a debt that I do not owe.

  3. allen says:

    i tried to make a payment schedule for repayment and the person i talked to was rude and uncooperative. people like him will have karma kicking them in the butt later on in life if ppeople try to make the situation right collections should work with them better.

  4. erkeas says:

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  5. Kathy Williams says:

    They consistently call stating they are trying to collect a debt from Francis A Williams. Francis A Williams was never at this phone number. There was a Francis Williams that lived here but he died in 2009. Have tried calling them to notify them they have wrong person, but never get to talk to a real person.

  6. Kathy Williams says:

    Van Ru has called my phone looking for Francis A Williams. I have told them several times that the Francis Williams that lived here passed away in 2009. His middle initial was not A and he never had any delinquent loans. I e-mailed the company to let them know. Got another call after that. The next call I receive will result in legal action for harassment and illegal credit collection practices.

  7. #6-Rose says:

    It company like Van Ru Credit
    that forced consumers to file for bankruptcy. In good faith I made attempts to come to arrangement/agreement ,schedule for payment and the person i talked to was rude, deceitful and uncooperativ.
    Bullying never works ..Shame on not how your staff can call themselves human. Doing the things they do to consumers many has fallen on hard time, just think if your life situation should change, lost your job how would you want someone to treat or speak to you? when you desperately trying to feed your family.

  8. Nancy M White says:

    Van Ru Credit has called my phone multiple times each month over the past 8 months looking for a Lacey White. I have told them on several ocassions the last time spoke with a fellow named Leif and a few months ago even spoke to a supervisor to have my number removed & was told that it would be. Still they continue to call me. I informed them the last time I spoke to Leif on Monday, April 9th that I worked for a collection agency & that I had been told several times my number would be removed & that I knew no one by that name & I have had this phone number since March 2006. I informed Leif that if I continue to receive calls from there company, I would report the company to Arizona State Attorney General’s office since they have had ample time & calls from me to a real person to remove my number from their system.

    The agency I have worked for would never tolerate such continued harrassment from their collectors once they have been told repeatedly the person they are seeking does not have any connection to me or the phone number they keep calling.

  9. J Bey says:

    This company is calling my job. I asked them not to call but they keep calling and harassing me at my job. If they call again, I will take legal action against them.

  10. Calli says:

    My fiancee’s student loans went into default a couple years ago when his automatic deductions from his bank account just stopped. He had only spoken to reps on the phone, wasn’t called, and didn’t receive any mailing that indicated to him that he still owed money. He thought he was done.

    His credit report said otherwise when I pulled it last year. So I jumped through hoops to update information and get him back on track. The information on file for him was from when he started college, not when he started paying. The phone reps were more than happy to take his money, but couldn’t even update an address, which explains why he hadn’t gotten any notices.

    He originally had two loans, went into collections (falls off in 2016). At one point they were combined and he was repaying, then withdrawals stopped and he thought it was done, actually went delinquent (falls off in 2018). The loan split back into two, which went delinquent as well (falls off in 2018.) Total of 5 “bads” for two loans. They transferred servicers so we now should have two “fresh” loans for the remainder.

    Van Ru is “servicing” the bigger of his two loans now. The only place I can find information about this debt is Van Ru doesn’t have a website that we can go through directly. I submitted the first of what we had planned to be monthly payments. I logged in the next month for the second payment and noticed another two payments had appeared. After my good faith payment, they started garnishing his biweekly pay for 15%.

    Being able to compare this loan with a similar one through another servicer, I have the following grievances:
    -Garnishing when we started making payments in good faith.
    -Taking roughly 20% each time for undisclosed “fees&charges.”
    -Loan does not appear on credit report at all.
    -Payment history does not show balances.

    I want this gone. I am dragging my fiancee to my credit union and getting a 2000$ one year loan, if we secure it against my CD’s we should be able to get a something like 4% APR. I just loathe the thought of having to call in for a full payoff amount and being made out to be a deadbeat by some call center employee, or 500$ just vanishing for mysterious fees when we submit the payment.

  11. Dear Van Ru:
    First of all I have a letter from you with a P.O Box 1027,Skokie, Il 60076-8027 and requesting 2073.21. The
    website says a total different address and this week I got
    a letter from the US. Dept of Educationv for 1600 and some dollars & cents owed. This is the same account A13570. Then they
    give me a different fee of 301.73. So if you have taken out of
    my taxes since 2002 and you should have been twice paid. Then the
    ROTC, Teacher Forgiveness, Disabilty, Employment Benefits and etc should have paid this. So get it straight and return my money, Sincerely Sylvia

  12. Jeremy Crawford says:

    I have filed complaints with the Ombudsman and contacted my local congressperson. I have made 31 rehabilitation payments with Van Ru and was called on 2/5/2016 with yet another issue on THEIR end that a supervisor had not signed a paper and that I needed to start over again with rehab. My other half of this loan, which was split and LOST in 2006 (ECMC losing payments and being verbally abusive being another issue I dealt with) led me to this point. So after 31 automatic payments, they want me to start over AGAIN. NO. I want to sue. Enough is enough. The loan needs to be consolidated immediately with the other and removed from my credit, which is causing me to pay higher rates across the board. Finally, inappropriate capitalization of fees and free range collections “costs” into the principal needs addressed. Screaming at me on the phone in front of co workers (I put them on speaker) is another issue.

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