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Is Zwicker & Associates a Scam?

Zwicker & Associates P.C. is a law firm that specializes in debt collection. If you have been contacted by Zwicker & Associates about a debt, it is important that you make sure it is actually your debt. Errors in reporting are so common that many times debt collection agencies may contact you about false debt. The false information could be a mixed file, outdated information, or identity theft. That is why there are laws in place to protect consumers from paying for a debt they do not owe.

Under the FDCPA when you are contacted by a collection agency or law firm collecting debt like Zwicker & Associates, must validate the debt they are trying to collect. Make sure that they provide the following below, so that you can protect yourself from paying a debt that you may not owe.
Within 5 days of their first contact with you all collection agencies must provide the following:

  • Amount of the debt
  • Name of the creditor that is owed the debt
  • Provide a statement that lets you know that you have 30 days in which to dispute the debt.
  • Provide a statement that lets you know upon your written request within the first 30 days, they will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor.

If you find that they have contacted you to collect a debt that is not yours, you have the right to dispute that debt.

Is Zwicker & Associates Harassing You?

The FDCPA also protects you from harassing, misleading, and intimidating collections practices. Is Zwicker & Associates contacting you early in the morning or late at night (before 8am or after 9pm), calling you at work, or calling your employer, or calling your family members, and trying to collect a debt? Do they threaten you with legal action?

If Zwicker & Associates is harassing and threatening you, it’s time to hire a consumer protection lawyer.

Hire Consumer Protection Law Firm Francis & Mailman

If you are getting nowhere, trying to dispute a false debt, or Zwicker and Associates keep calling and harassing you, Francis & Mailman is here for you. We know your rights and will make sure that collection agencies like Zwicker and Associates follow the law under the FDCPA.
If your rights have been violated, fill out our form now, or call 1-877-735-8600 now for your free case review.

Cases Against Zwicker & Associates, P.C.

Sparkman v. Zwicker & Assocs., P.C.
374 F. Supp. 2d 293 (E.D.N.Y. 2005). Debt collector sent a notice to the consumer that was misleading and confusing. The collector did not state the creditor of the debt and included text that was unclear to the least sophisticated consumer.

Zwicker & Associates, P.C. Contact Information

Address 80 Minuteman Road
City Andover
State  Massachusetts
Zip Code 01810
Phone 1 978-686-2255
Phone 2 800-370-2251
Fax 1 978-686-3538
Paul W. Zwicker, Esquire, President
John Twite, Sr. VP Operations
Robert W. Thuotte, Sr. VP, General Counsel
Micheal Koziol, VP, Collection Operations


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  1. Patricia Stoll says:

    I just called to try and start making payments on my discover card and the guy I talked to was a complete jerk and wouldn’t even let me barely speak you need to find someone who isn’t so rude if you want people to pay there bills I am very upset and usually I am not the type of person to get upset. I would like to know how much I need to pay a month or more information from someone who listen to my questions.

  2. Freddy J.Gavarrete says:

    This law firm called me today 03/09/2010. I wrote cease and desist letter to the card company to stop all calls, they can only contact me by mail, but today this company called me. Can some one help me with the letters I need to write to contact the FTC and Attorney General of California? Is there anything else I can do to stop this?

  3. Terrence Kiernan says:

    We are trying to figure out what this bill is for. I keep paying payments on this account (for 5 yrs.) and it never gets any smaller, and I don’t even know what it is for. Acc.#601130092051. Being paid through CAREONE.

  4. Roberta Luce says:

    Zwicker neglected to contact me for over a year that I was not making payments to Discover. Credit Solutions also neglected to inform me that the debt had not been settled. Neither one of them called me–Zwicker called everybody else, but didn’t contact me about the problem. In March 10, I receive a notice from the court that a default judgement has been made against me. I was not served any papers about the court date, although Zwicker claimed I did.
    Maybe they ought to investigate the liar who claimed I was served.
    Zwicker doesn’t give a damn about anybody but grabbing money by any means necessary even if it happens to be my pension.

  5. Ray Trusdell says:

    This company called everyone in my family on Saturday the 9th trying to find me. I do not know who they were calling for, they never stated anything in my conversation with they, nor would they furnish this information. All my contact information is updated with all my creditors,so why didn’t contact me directly.

  6. Leanne 3/8/11 says:

    Been harassed by Zwicker for two years now. They seem to know how to contact me with court papers, but no one there ever returns my calls when I try to settle this matter out-of-court ????

  7. Murphy says:

    This is one of your best topics yet!

  8. marian witt says:

    i have been dealing with this company for about a year. i was making payments of 100.00 per month when after christmas they decided to jack it up by 25.00. they were taking it electronically with my permission. now suddenly they will not do that and insist i mail it on my own and are threatening to take more legal action. as long as i am paying can they still garnish my pay, place a judgement against me or any of the other things they keep saying they will do?

  9. DuWayne Mason says:

    Zwicker has garnished my bank account and refuses to release any money for living expenses. They agreed on a payment plan but will not release the money to pay it. They do not care about anyone but take every penny you make by any means possible.

    • Susan Wilson says:

      Illegally debiting my account $200 mo for over two years. Authorized ONE initially. Received several letters and calls. Care credit/GE acct.

  10. Another Web User says:

    Get a lawyer if you don’t have one already. Doing so is the only thing that saved me from being like the others on this page.

  11. I LOVE this post! I have been researching this topic and I appreciate the hard work that went into this post. I will be back very soon for more detailed information. Thanks again! Awesome Job!

  12. I LOVE this post! I have been researching this topic and I appreciate the hard work that went into this information. I will be back very soon for more amazing information. Thanks again! Awesome Job!

  13. NotPlayingNYMore says:

    Check this out–their credit rating is a B-minus…. Their recommended limit is $1,000.
    How’s that for a company that’s been in business for over 10 years! hahaha

  14. NowBroke says:

    You all should find ways to protect yourselves. Even if you can’t hire an attorney. There are boards and forums that can help. check out debtor boards (dot) com and Credit Info Center (dot) com

  15. WantToHelp says:

    I hate to admit this, but I work at this pathetic company as a collector (not an attorney). Zwicker is full of psychopaths that will do anything for a dollar, even if it means screwing you over. It’s for this reason that I’m leaving them as soon as possible. But before I do, I thought I’d offer a little help to those in need.

    If you get contacted by Zwicker, look for a validation letter. The first thing you should always do is make a written request for validation of the debt. You need to do this within 30 days of receiving the initial validation letter from Zwicker, something they are required by law to send you within five days of receiving the debt. After you request proof of the debt, they are required by law to provide written documentation of the debt before continuing with any collection activity. And if they screw up here, sue the hell out of them. They’ve lost multiple suits in the past. Even law firms have to follow federal law.

    If they do provide documentation (or you’re already beyond the initial 30 days), start recording every call they make to you. Let them know it’s being recorded so that the call is admissible in court later. If they violate anything from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you can sue for up to $1000 per offense. Read up on the act; this is federal law they must follow. And collectors break these laws everyday. (Go to Wikipedia for an easy breakdown of the act.)

    If you tire of the calls, send a demand in writing that all calls cease. Be sure to mention the phone number and your full name in the letter. And be very clear with your request; use the words “cease and desist” preferably. Again, they are no longer allowed by law to contact you in any way other than mail. Though you should be warned that this won’t keep them from serving you with papers.

    If you are served, show up in court. An overwhelming number of people don’t show up after being served, and this just allows Zwicker to do whatever they want. Show up. Plead your case. And demand they prove the debt belongs to you. But above all, get an attorney.

    You have rights here. This company is evil in every way imaginable. We can’t keep letting them treat people like this. It’s wrong, and in some cases it’s even illegal. Fight back. You can win this.

    • Samantha says:

      I’ve requested verification I got a huge package of credit card statements that were not legible and had information redacated along with a plaintiffs requested to answer questions. I answered the questions…vaguely because I had moved 3 times and did not have the copies of my statements. Their summons stated that the original creditor wrote off the entire debt including interested. I called the original creditor and they told me that the debt was written off and sold..they specifically said they no longer held interest in my account. I called Zwicker to try to setup some kind of payment plan being that I have no income and have been unemployed since August 2013. I told them what I could pay money I got from selling blood platelets and washing cars, babysitting whatever I could do to keep just a roof over my head. They said their client refused to accept payments. I’ve requested mediation and they slapped me with a motion for judgment. I’ve tried to be agreeable and attempted to pay this debt but its to no avail. I’ve asked multiple times for proof that who they say they represent “original creditor” has not sold this debt and still holds an interest…they will not prove that proof. All I know is what the original creditor told me and what it stated on my summons and that is that the debt had been written off and from conversations with them stating they sold the debt and no longer held an interest. I know in my heart that Zwicker is withholding this information and fraudulently representing themselves as a representative of the original creditor when they purchased the debt. I have nothing that nothing at all in my name no income, and I’m two weeks from being evicted because I don’t have this months rent. I can’t hire an attorney and this was all out of the blue. I never received anything from Zwicker prior to the summons. Help please any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. I know what they are doing is not right I just need a way to get them to admit it in front of the judge.

  16. Miami Worker Connection says:

    Please quick calling me. The number that you call is a business number. I don’t have a debt so please take me off your list!!

  17. Veronica says:

    Never give up to these people. Fight for your rights and never give in to them or their outrages interests they attempt to assess. Plead your story , fight , save dates ,never give up fighting and you can win.

  18. JM says:

    Summons from Zwicker. No complaint attached. Attach an affidavit. My clerk of court says that my “answer” would be on the court date and I ask for a Bill of Particulars. Should I send debt validation letter now?

  19. SH says:

    I had a court date for a Target bill that I could no longer keep up with due to unexpected circumstances beyond my control. Target got Zwicker to represent them. I actually had gone into debt consolidation, but the debt consolidation agency couldn’t include Target because I had JUST been notified about going to court. When I went to court, a local Zwicker lawyer called me outside to and we agreed on a settlement to pay off the amount listed on the docket paperwork. I have been sending those payments two weeks ahead of their due date, and I have never been late since I made the agreement. Now, just over a year later, I find out that they have been charging interest on the amount, and according to Zwicker, they say I owe more than that original payoff amount! There is NOTHING anywhere in writing that says they would be charging interest, and nothing stating an APR amount. The manager at the Zwicker toll-free number that I called said, when I pointed that out, “What makes you think we wouldn’t be charging interest?” She said that I agreed to pay interest to Target. I told her this agreement was with Zwicker, not Target, and there is no verbal or written agreement saying I’d have to pay interst over the agreed-upon payoff amount, and if the local Zwicker lawyer I made the agreement with had told me this verbally, I would have asked for that in writing. I asked the woman on the phone why they don’t send statements or correspondence via snail mail or email. (Note: Through the debt consolidation company I’ve been dealing with, I can always go online and see what my balance is.) She said they don’t have to send statements because they’re a law firm, not a collection agency. But they ARE a collection agency! They even say on their phone messages that any information they receive will be used to collect a debt. Does that not make them a collection agency?? They use that verbiage to weasel out of sending statements, and they do not make it easy to communicate. I have a snail-mail address, but no email address, and they have no web site available for people like me to access to keep abreast of my balance. There is no communication FROM THEM via snail-mail or email. The ONLY way I found out that they had been adding this interest behind my back without informing me was, I called them to make sure they had received the payment I mailed them on Dec. 15, 2011, for the payment that was due on Dec. 31, 2011, since the check had not cleared as of Jan. 4, 2012.

  20. JLopez says:

    These guys need to be reported to the government and state laws should do more to look out for those citizens that are seriously trying to get back on track in life. This law firm evidently claims they served me papers to appear in court BUT they never did! There should be a law that requires a signature from someone who actually knows the individual to prove they really did server papers. Turns out they served papers to an old address where our property had been foreclosed on due to unfortunate circumstances and primarily as a result of a layoff. It’s unaffair and they should be held accountable for falsifying information to get their ways!How do you get away with filing papers and NOT giving the individuals a chance to protect their own rights in court. IT’S WRONG!

  21. MRE says:

    This company does nothing but harass people and give false information. As the above said, no one there listens when you try to resolve any issue. They gave me a phone number to call and try to resolve the problem and it was not a good number.

    I am writing them a letter notifying them that any further phone calls will be considered harassment and reporting them to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

  22. A guy about to beat Zwicker says:

    Zwicker sued me at the end of 2010 on behalf of American Express. Firt thing i want to say…never ignore a lawsuit. That is what they want, and that is how they win. You can keep them off your back for at least a year just by answering the lawsuit. By doing various legal menuvers myself, I was able to keep them back for about a year and a half. Finally, I was given a court date, and Zwicker filed that they would present their witness testimony in writing. If I had just let this pass, they would have gotten away with not having to bring their witness (who resided in RI, I am in CA). Finally things started getting more complicated, so I hired a lawyer who is forcing them to have to bring the witness here physically…which is expensive. No witness, no testimony, no admissible evidence, get the picture? Now with only a couple of weeks before trial, they are suddenly talking settlement. I told my lawyer to tell them to F themself’s, well see them in court. I will stake my life that a few days before the trial, they will file to drop the case. The moral of the story is that you can beat them, you will need a lawyer as they do know all kinds of legal menuvers that become complicated

  23. Not even my debt! says:

    I keep getting calls from this company. I guess it must be for a debt by my ex-husband. They are calling my home number AND my cell number. NEITHER of these numbers has ever belonged to him. They ask for him. I say that this is not, nor has ever been his number. We\\\’ve been divorced for over 7 or 8 years. My ex husband doesn\\\’t even KNOW my home phone number!!! How are these people getting MY numbers?? I wish they would quit calling me. They need to call him or his current bride.

  24. John Ervin says:

    Zwicker and associates is NOT a bank, you are NOT liable to pay them ONE dime. If they claim you owe a bank, pay the bank – do NOT pay them.

  25. David says:

    Hi i am now in a TCPA case against Zwicker & Associates

  26. Katherine B says:

    First of all, I cannot find these lawyers on the MA Bar Association,or on any lawyer referral site-I was contacted by Vicky-I requested a letter of validation-as my right to-and she said NO! Then demanded payment right then and there-I said I can’t-She said that she “would then hand this over to the lawyer for immediate litigation”,I was devestated-I tried to set up something-and she just kept telling me to “SHUT UP! And let her talk!”??
    A few extremely stressful days later-a lady named Courtney called,and I called back-She apologized for Vicky’s behavior-and even said she would send a validation of debt,along with three payment options-It has been a week now-no letter, but the calls are coming back. I have every right to see what this debt is-and they are required to validate this debt-In a world full of make believe internet web sites-and fake business’..I WANT PROOF! That is all! Prove the debt is there-prove your a real company-proof,proof,proof!!! My rights are being violated-there should be a class action law suit brought against Zwicker & Associates.I went through Holy Hell dealing with-come to find out-phony debt collector who goes by,The Law Offices Of Ed Overcash-they could never prove the debt at all-I refuse to be scammed..all I want,and am entitled to is PROOF! I have a lawyer working on this right now…I will also be filing complaints with MA and NH AG’s office’s,and the FTC ( when the shut down ends, unfortunately) Reading all the above statements makes me more leery as to the possibility of Debt Collectors going too far.

  27. Joe Aramas says:

    Zwicker & Associates, P.C -= Discover -= only card not to settle. Discover Loan shark card, The Lawyers at this firm are scum. I had a 6% interest rate. Then they bumped it to 30%, I am posting everywhere to warn them about discover bank. They should not be allowed to issue credit cards.. ever..

  28. Bobbie B says:

    I had a payment arrangement made with a law firm in OR for my American Express credit card debt. I missed a couple of payments and they tried to garnish my tax return (unsuccessfully b/c I filed an extension). The next thing I knew, Zwicker (I never heard of them before) starting calling me in April 2014. They kept calling and I ignored the calls because I didn’t recognize who was calling (I get many weird calls, best to ignore them). Z & A then garnished my bank account in May…yep, took every dime I had! This prompted me to call them to get this resolved. I talked to Mike (who answered the phone of the person I was actually calling for…the one who was calling me constantly was Jan). Before Mike handed the phone over to Jan (who he said was out of the office when I called and I asked for her specifically) he told me that if payment arrangements were made, the money they took out of my bank account would be recovered. He then told me she was in the office, put me on hold and put Jan on the phone. She seemed nice enough but she advised me very strongly to ask everybody I knew to get the money to pay off the balance of the account in the next couple of days and wanted me to call her back letting her know if I was able to do it. After a couple of days, I called her back and told her I was not able to borrow the money and that I wanted to make payment arrangements and get my money back that they took. She said that was impossible and that I was not able to make payment arrangements. She said if I want to make payments it would be voluntary. She said it would be in my best interest to pay off the full amount right now. I can’t remember what she said about the status of my account but it didn’t sound too good. What am I supposed to do if they don’t take payment arrangements?

    • Debbie Fernando says:

      Do what I did and go to court and arrange through the court a slow pay to keep them from getting access to your account. They did the same to me. These people have no respect for people. Well, their day will come. What goes around, comes around.

  29. Debbie Fernando says:

    This company is an insult to the attorney community. I owed Target around $3,000 when I was injured and could not work. I used my savings account and my retirement account to live on and pay my bills. The next thing I knew, Zwicker and Assoc. took me to court (2011)for over $7,000. Nothing was ever mentioned to me about interest. All of the other credit cards tried to work with me to work out a settlement or payment plan. Not these guys. They took me to court again last month and now want $10,000. They levied my bank account twice taking the enire amount (around $600) plus my overdraft protection which was $500.00 leaving me -$500.00 to my name. My mortgage payment bounced along with the other small payments I had made. I went to court and took out a slow pay to keep them from gaining access to my account again.
    They will not return phone calls. They do not try to contact me anymore, just take me to court. After reading everyone’s comments above, I will also get an attorney and sue them. I will inform here of any results. Lets ruin them like they have ruined us.

  30. Free Rob says:

    So many sad stories! So many people don’t know how to handle debt collectors. LOOK! Zwicker is a debt collector and NO-ONE owes a debt collector anything!. DON’T ever, ever pay a dime to a debt collector! Read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 USC 1692) and when you receive a letter from a DC (debt collector, you MUST IMMEDIATELY send them a Dispute and Demand they validate the debt. They wont be able to! Once you’ve done this (Within the 30 day period) if they send another letter or call you, or sue you, they have violated the law and you can sue them! ($1,000 per person – not per violation) Learn how to take them to Federal court – without an attorney, by going to (what lies in your Its not that difficult. I did it, and I also beat them when they sued me.

    I am about to sue Zwicker for pulling my credit report. Pulling a report without your permission is a violation the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 USC 1681). The statutory damages for an impermissible pull is $1,000 per pull and per credit reporting agency. So if they pull all 3 = $3,000! Not bad for a few hours work, writing your complaint and filing it in Federal court. But I am suing them under California law and the damages are $2,500 for each violation, and they can be stacked! AND I am doing so in small claims court, one suit for each violation… so much fun!

    Also, every call from them – if its an automated dialer call, or to your cell phone – it is a violation of the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act! $500 for the first call and $1,500 for every call after that. Some people are suing over hundreds of calls and paying off their houses with the settlement checks! Go to the website and learn how! Its time you get paid for debt collector harassment!

  31. Christina says:

    I have been dealing with them for over a year. Did not know to ask them for a validation within 30 days. Owe 5900.00 , can any one suggest what is the best way to handle this ?

  32. Ali Zecco says:

    Rec’d a call on last Thursday. It was a 575 area code. Do not live in NM any more, but still own a house there and have contractors there doing work, so I answered call. Guy on the other end gave his talk so fast and garbled could half understand him. The call was concerning my son. How he got my phone number I don’t know. Said something about I had now been served and son needed to be there (wherever there was) Monday. Son was in big trouble on a bad check. Contacted son.

    1. If they are going to serve papers, they serve the papers, you do not go to them.
    2. Our family do not write checks, use bill pay.
    3. Son’s checking account was hacked into and had to not only set up new accounts, but change banks it got so bad. Someone out there has his account number and could very easily ordered checks
    4. Son reversed searched and found out what company. He tried to call off and on all day Friday, guess they don’t work on Friday.
    5. Did NOT leave voice mail
    6. He is an EMT had a police friend check and see if there was anything outstanding on him. Nothing.
    7. Neither of us received anything in writing, so until they do that so screw them and we will do nothing.
    8. He no longer lives in NM

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