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A-Check America also know as A-Check Global, provides background check services for companies seeking to look more into their prospective employees. In addition to looking into the person’s criminal record, performing public search, and verifying education, training, licenses and employment, A-Check can also pull credit reports.

A-Check will gather credit history through a credit report taken from a national credit bureau.  The credit history can include information such as account types, number of accounts, outstanding balances,  bankruptcies, liens, judgements, etc.

A-Check America Credit Report and Background Check Errors

Did the credit report or background check provided by A-Check America / A-Check Global have errors or mistakes about your credit or criminal history?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, every person has a right to have their credit information reviewed and any errors disputed.  In fact, it has been said that one in every five Americans have an error or mistake on their credit report. This means that the chances of you having a common mistake on your current credit report is high.

If the company that ordered your background screening or credit check, have cited it as the reason for you not getting the job, you have a right to see a copy of the report. If there is an error on the report you have the right to dispute the error.

Once you have contacted A-Check America about a mistake on your credit report, or background check, they must investigate and either show proof that it is not a mistake or remove it from your report in 30 days.

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