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LexisNexis Accurint investigates employees for businesses and organizations. LexisNexis Accurint online security services will also verify individual identity, and will conduct investigations to help you reduce and manage risk.

Accurint also provides consumers with credit reports. There have been some complaints that the reports are not verified or accurate.

Accurint Credit Report Errors

Errors on your LexisNexis Accurint report can be very harmful. Credit report error my be responsible for loan denial, job loss, inability to rent a home and much more. It is the responsibility of the credit reporting agency such as Accurint to make sure their reports are up to date and correct.

If mistakes on your Accurint reports have caused you problems, you may be entitled to damages.

Why is my Credit Score Important

Your credit score is extremely important in many situations:  purchases, loans, hiring, etc.  To help protect your future, you need to first be sure that the information listed on your credit report is accurate.

The first step is obtaining your credit report. You are entitled to one free credit report a year. If you need more than one, you are able to purchase from any credit bureau.

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Credit bureaus are prohibited from reporting inaccurate, false information on your credit reports.  Even if the information is incomplete or outdated, you can have your report updated to show the correct information.

We can help you to obtain a copy of your credit report and assist in disputing any errors that may exist. This can be a stressful and drawn out process.  We can handle all of this for you.

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Accurint Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 7247-6157
City Philadelphia
State Pennsylvania
Zip Code 19170-6157
Phone 1 888-332-8244
Fax 561-893-8090

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