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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act shields consumers from horrible practices done by debt collection agencies nationwide.

Unfortunately many Americans are dealing with debt nowadays.  The economy is struggling and so are the people. Interest rate hikes and fees on everything is causing it to be harder and harder to pay off debts.

Because of the increase in debts nationwide- the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted to stop all abusive actions taken by debt collection agencies in their attempt to recover funds and payments. There were a lot of illegal and abusive actions carried out by debt collection agencies.

What are Debt Collection Agencies Prohibited from Doing?

There are so many debt collection companies nationwide- hundreds even- which is why it is so imperative to know what they can and cannot do when contacting you about your debt.

They cannot:

  • Lie about what is owed
  • Use abusive or profane language
  • Call in the middle of the night
  • Add you to any “bad debt” lists
  • Threaten Arrest
  • Threaten Legal Action
  • Cannot contact you for 30 days after you have asked for verification of debt.
  • If it is known that you have an attorney, they must not call you- they can only call the attorney
  • They cannot call your place of employment to contact you.

If any of these instances have occurred- call our office right away so that we can get ahead of this:

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