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AIS Services works with both companies and clients on getting to an agreement on payments owed.  If you are a consumer, it is important for you to know your rights when dealing with debt collection agencies.  If any of the laws are violated, you are entitled to sue and could even collect damages.  If you feel like your rights as a consumer are violated, contact an attorney- Francis and Mailman- today at 877-735-8600.

When to Contact an Attorney

If you feel as if your rights as a consumer and citizen have been violated, then you should contact the Consumer Law Firm of Francis and Mailman.  Our team can help determine if debt collector’s actions you are legal. There are laws that prohibit these companies from harassing and threatening you.

Keep track of any phone calls or letters be sent your way that may be badgering or unlawful in any manner.  We can help you build a case against these debt collection companies and get them to stop calling you immediately.  Once we are representing you, they can no longer contact you and all correspondence must go through us – Francis and Mailman.

There are even cases when the debt collection companies are contacting you in error.  They have incorrect debt information on you or even your identity may have been stolen.  If you identity was stolen, someone else could have racked up debt in your name.  You are able to dispute debt claims.

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