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Debt collectors use many tactics to try to recover as much of the debt owed. In some instances, these companies will tell the debtors that they will be sued if they do not pay or even go as far as saying that they have signed affidavits on their possession. But they never produce that paperwork because it is a scam.

This strategy that some debt collection agencies use is extremely deceptive and very fraudulent. But the good news is that you have rights as the debtor. You do not need to take abuse, harassment, threatening words, or lies.

You Can Sue- You Have Rights

Contact Francis and Mailman immediately to get the calls and harassment to stop. Call us today at 877-735-8600. We are ready to go over all of your contact with the debt collectors.

If you haven’t already, try to keep notes and a log of all correspondence. Even keep a list of times that calls occurred- because these collectors cannot call before 8am or after 9pm. We can use these logs as part of a case against these offenders.

You do not have to deal with abusive and destructive behavior. If you owe the money they say, then it should be an amicable exchange between you and the collectors.

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  1. K. Burgess says:

    I am contacting their office to cease with their threats. I have done background checks on their agency and offices, and have seen a pattern of writings, suits and intimidation. Somehow, my information is being floated around, and I have already contacted the AG offices for their state, as well as mine. Any form of harassment is not permitted. I have checked into the backgrounds of their offices, and the name changes, and the reports, and possible suits, and investigations against their office. I will not be threatened or intimidated. All information has been recorded and dated, as well.

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