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Have you been in debt for a while?  Struggling with multiple calls from debt collectors an creditors?  Do chills run down your spine whenever the phone rings?  You are not the only one.

Every day, every hour, and every minute collectors are calling consumers like you. This is all in the attempt to collect money which is owed to the creditors who have hired them.

Unlawful tactics

Unfortunately, these debt collection agencies often use abusive and abrasive actions to crack or break you down.  This happens more than anyone knows. This is why you need to fight back, bring these unlawful actions to the forefront. By taking action, you encourage others like you to also fight back.

What Are the First Steps

First we should determine if the debt the collector is contact you is even accurate or yours to begin with. Too often, there have been instances of identity theft that has brought debt claims onto you. Which left you dealing with debt collectors when the debt was never yours to begin with. You are able to dispute the debt and the debt collection company needs to the work with the appropriate creditors to verify the amount.

If the debt is yours, you will need to start tacking note of times, days and content of the harassing calls. Any letters you receive in the mail, hold onto those as well. Francis and Mailman will use all the paperwork to build a case against the agency.

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