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The fact that you are on this page right now means that you are dealing with less than favorable conditions. A debt collecting has been calling you repeatedly at all hours of the night, even early in the morning. We know the feeling when you see the debt collection agency on your call if- you feel uneasy immediately.

Francis and Mailman can help you if these agencies are performing illegal actions.

What are the actions that are prohibited?

  • Calling before 8am and/or after 9 am.
  • Calling constantly to the point of annoyance.
  • Threatening to sue or take legal action.
  • Tell you that you owe fees or a different amount.
  • Lie to you in any way.

Call our team today to stop this unethical, illegal and abusive behavior-  877-735-8600.

See below for a few cases against Alliance One

Richardson v. Allianceone Receivables Mgmt., 2004 WL
867732, 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 6943 (S.D.N.Y. Apr. 23, 2004). Consumer claimed that the debt collector violated that FDCPA by failing to list its New York City license number on the collection notice. Court found that this violated the city ordinance, but it was not a violation of the FDCPA.

Luna v. Alliance One Receivables Mgmt., Inc., 2006 WL
357823 (N.D. Cal. Feb. 16, 2006) (unpublished). Debt collector failed to provide consumer a statement of the California statute with the debt collection notice. The court found that this did not violate the FDCPA.

Another here between a defendant and TransUnion and AllianceOne.

Address 3000 Ames Crossing Road, Ste. 750
City Eagan
State MN
Zip Code 55121
Phone 1 215-354-5511
Phone 2 800-858-4472
Fax 484-531-5057

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  1. Giancarlos Reyes says:

    I am a 18 year old man that just started my credit few months ago when suddenlly Alliance ONe appeared on my credit and mess up my credit history. I never got credit before so is no way that I had any collection. The worse is that when I call Alliceone, nobody can help me. This is a nigthmare.

  2. Michele Newsom says:

    I started getting phone calls from Alliance one this past year during April and in March after having them call day after day more than 7 times per day I answered the phone screening the call.
    I was asked it this were me, I asked who was calling, I got a name, I asked who they were with ie what company they worked for.
    At this point the woman on the other end was angry and asked for me again, I told her I wanted to know who she worked for she finally answered and I asked what they did.
    At this point she is very angry and said that it does not matter and I told her she was not getting through to anyone in the house until I was told what the company in question did.
    I then told her good day and hung up.
    I got a call back almost immediately, I answered and it was her and I again said good day and hung up.
    I got a third call back which went to voice mail and was recorded at which point you hear this woman call me ‘whore’.
    I called back and asked for a supervisor and was asked about my debt. I told the person on the other end that I was not calling about that but about illegal harassment from one of their employees but was not put through to a supervisor.
    I kept getting harassed about my debt rather than helped with the issue at hand.
    I was told a supersivor would call me back.
    None ever did.

  3. Darlene says:

    This phone number calls me at all hours of the day and night, and at work. I have looked up their address and sent written notification to stop calling me. I have also told them on the phone to stop. No use.. The woman who calls me refuses to tell me her name, and just repeatedly asks if it is me on the phone.
    REALLY?!! These people are nuts!!!

  4. stephanie says:

    I’ve never received a phone call from this company, yet they appeared on my credit report as a past due balance. When I called they asked me for my soc sec number, address, name, and a million other things. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She started to yell at me and speak over me. She then hung up on me. This is FRAUD!!!!!

  5. Gessie says:

    Two days ago I called Allianceone, to verify indebtedness from year 2004. I honestly provided them with my complete personnal information. Then the customer service advised me to search another collection agency such as AAC. Tonight 4 Feb 11, Experian informed me that ALLIANCEONE has put dgragatory remark on my credit report. I’m tottaly confused. I just cleared my debts even those closed as a good citzen.

  6. Joe says:

    About a few days ago, I checked Credit Sesame ( I never receive a letter from Alliance One. I assumed it is hospital bills since they told me it is covered. I am confused and have not removed or updated my credit status. I feel as if they are not a friendly agency. Now see what it indicated in my report – ALLIANCEONE INC 0.00% $5,148. No wonder I have a hard time to get a loan and credit approval.

  7. Marva Mize says:

    I just received a call from a lady asking to speak to Catherine Mize and I told her that she was speaking to Catherine’s daughter and that Catherine was in a nursing home and I explained to her that I had a power of attorney for my mother, She stated if I sent her my e-mail address in which she could confirm who I was, she would speak with me regarding the matter she was calling about. She told me that she did not receive my e-mail, so I told her I would forward the e-mail. I received a message from yahoo that the e-mail was not sent because it was not a valid e-mail address. after ten minutes the same lady “Chrisonia” called back and stated her manager would send me a blank e-mail and that they wanted me to say I was power of attorney for my Mother, I responded to her request, I put in the e-mail tha I was power of atty. and sent the e-mail, she stated they received my e-mail, but still could not speak with me because I did not say I was power of atty. for Catherine Mize. She then asked to speak to my Mother, I told her again, My Mother was in a nursing home, she sated that they needed permisson from her to speak with me, again I asked what the call was in reference too and again she stated she could not tell me, then I told her she was wasting my time, so i said good buy to her.

  8. ruben says:

    i just checked my credit score and this company is there with a collection on me i never recieved anything its been there since june of 2011 how didnt i recieve anything from them and they want me to pay hell no i dont know if this is fraud or what!? this messed up my credit from 720 down to 584 im not stopping till i get them of my case and credit!


    When I discoverd the illegal practices of AllianceONe on August 6, 2012, I have been vigilant in fighting back. This company had a November 22, 2012 deadline to repay expenses incurred due to their fraudulent practices, not once, but 3 times since August 6th when I repeatedly told them of their activities. I work for every dime I make and to have such a company to twist and circumvent the law has awaken me to fight back. I kept names of their customer reps as well as their In-house attorney who supplied even more documents substantiating their fraudulent practices. I am filing a lawsuit against the company to obtain every dime plus the defamation of character.

  10. Chris S says:

    HELP! The State of CA/San Diego County Court partners with Alliance One and after paying a cell phone ticket in full and sending in the documentation to the SD Court per their instruction showing proof of a move out of state (we never got the ticket despite getting all of our other mail forwarding) and paid as agreed after speaking with the Court Clerk about her suggestion as soon as we received the initial notice to suspend. Alliance One just sent a notice and threatened garnishment and FTB and Credit reporting etc. and when I called to explain they said it doesn’t matter and they will do it anyway. I called the court and nobody ever answers the phone and online it just redirects back to ALLIANCEONE; This is robbery! I paid the ticket of $177 as soon as we finally received the notice and they want $300 more and I have no recourse. WHO IS HELPING FIGHT THIS???? Please help. Class action suit. Small claims court??? What do I do. I have good credit and feel raped right now.

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