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Allied Interstate Inc, or Allied Interstate is a debt collection service provider. Many different companies hire Allied Interstate in the hopes getting consumers to complete payments on the debts they owe the companies.

No matter if you owe the debt or not, Allied Interstate must follow the laws under the Fair Debt Collection practices Act. These laws are in place to protect all of us from, harassment and abuse by debt collection companies.

Allied Interstate Inc, Harassment can be stopped!

Like all debt collection agencies Allied Interstate will contact consumers in order to collect payment, however, there are rights you have as a consumer. Know your rights and do not let Allied Interstate Inc harass you. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is in place to help protect you from collections harassment.

The restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  • keeping debt collection calls between the hours of 8am and 9pm
  • refraining from continuous, abusive, and harassing calls
  • avoiding reaching out to consumers at their place of employment
  • lying about debt amount
  • lying/exaggerating about actions that can be taken due to non-payment (jail, etc)

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Major Cases Filed Against Allied Interstate, Inc.

Cash v. Allied Interstate, Inc., 2005 WL 1186189 (S.D. Tex. May 18, 2005)

Collection notice stating that the debt collector may send the debt to an attorney, recommend a law suit, or send the debt back to the original creditor was not found to be misleading, deceptive, or a violation of the FDCPA. These actions were legal possibilities.

A debt collection notice sent to the consumer stating that the consumer only had 10 days to pay was considered to be threatening. After ten days, no actual action was taken, so this notice was false and misleading.

Stebbins v. Allied Account Servs., 1991 U.S. Dist. LEXIS

21778 (D. Conn. Sept. 9, 1991). Collector violated the FDCPA by sending a notice to the consumer stating that the consumer should call the debt collector.

This contradicts the fact that the consumer is required to dispute and request validation in writing.

Acheampongtieku v. Allied Interstate, Inc., 2005 WL

2036153 (S.D.N.Y. Aug. 24, 2005). Debt collector did not violate the FDCPA because they gave the consumer an opportunity to dispute the debt before they reported it to the credit bureaus.

Allied Interstate, Inc. Contact Information

Address 435 Ford Road #800
City Minneapolis
State Minnesota
Zip Code 55426-1066
Phone 1 800-811-4214
Phone 2 800-806-3342
Phone 3 866-525-7795
Fax 952-595-2311

Ratings for
  1. Mark Herren says:

    This company targets the lower class consumer with poor credit ratings. They constantly have the non English speaking illegals immigrants to call and harass you every day over-the-phone. These people do not take NO as an answer and do not understand the words “take me off your list!”

  2. Shira Nahari says:

    I received a recorded call from AI’s number asking me to call them. I do not intend to do so. If they call again I will not pick up the phone. I will then check whether they have entered false information on my credit report. I so I will take action in writing since I have NO debts to anyone!

  3. Cori Avara-Sanchez says:

    Allied has been trying to collect a debt from me for over a year now, but can’t seem to understand plain English in order to do so! The first time they attempted to collect a debt from me years ago, they overcharged me (illegally, I might add, since I only authorized a certain amount, and they verified the amount verbally) and my bank was overdrawn as a result of their actions. I was bounced around from office to office around the country, but no one wanted to do anything about it or even talk to me about it, so I had to take it in the rear. Now they are trying to collect a different debt. I informed them in January that I didn’t have a bank account, and would gladly pay the bill via money order if they would send it to me. They claim they sent a bill; one I never got. I asked them to try sending it again, because now I have a bank account, but they refuse, trying to cite some bs about Fair Debt Collection laws. Where was their concern for those laws when they illegally overcharged me? A manager actually had the nerve to say he would only send me a bill if I could prove that they overcharged me on the other account! I have to prove they’re engaging in illegal activities in order to get a bill from them to pay them more money?! When I informed them that I would NEVER pay them over the phone again but would be HAPPY to pay the bill if they sent it in writing, they flat out refused, and said that they would report me as refusing to pay. I made sure to say it loud and clear on their recording that I DO want to pay my bill, but I will not pay it over the phone. What kind of idiot refuses to send you a bill but expects you to pay them money? All they would have to do is send me a bill, and they’d have their money in less than a month, given the time it takes mail to come and go. You’d think if they were serious about collecting my debt, they’d do whatever it takes to do so, including simply sending me a bill!

  4. Debbie says:

    Allied some how got my mother’s phone number and called there several times. They called when I was there. I answered and asked how he got the number. He would not tell me. At first he wouldn’t even tell me who he was or worked for. I told him not to call this number again and hung up. He called right back yelling that it was illegal for me not to pay my bills. I asked his name and who he worked for. He kept yelling so I hung up again. He immediately called back again. He finally said that his name was Kevin and he worked for Allied. I asked for their address. He talked over me and acted like he didn’t hear me. I asked for his address again and he hung up.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    These people call me everyday sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. They call my boyfriends business phone then they call my cell phone. I have told them NOT to call my boyfriend’s business phone they presist. When they call there is no one on the other end. When they answer the phone they don’t have the right name I don’t go by my first name I go by two names. I told them that the more they call me like everyday the longer they have to wait for the money. The next time they call the business phone I
    will have my lawyer get involved

  6. michael says:

    These people called me and once realized I was not the person they needed to contact, immedeitly became verbally mean. These people on the phone don’t care to whom they are speaking to.

  7. dc says:

    These people keep calling my 70 year old mom,leaving all my info and thier threats on her phone.They have my number.They called and left a message ,same exact message on my answering machine.They did send me a letter.But they want 300 for a 1500 debt.Refuse to take less and said they will send back any moneys less than the 300.Im on a fixed income.600 A MONTH TO LIVE OFF.My rents 300$I will take my chances with a judge.

  8. Joe says:

    These people are calliing me all kinds of hours. They do not take no for an answer. I have asked them many times not to call me but they still call me. I asked them to remove my number from their list because if they call, I will not talk to them at all.

  9. Vannessa says:

    Allied just recently started calling me. I have a blocker on my phone that automatically picks up and hangs up on 800/877/866 numbers but not out of area numbers. So i called back gave them the number told them i wasnt who they wanted (i am though) and asked what it was reguarding and he became verbally abusive asking why i want to know someone elses business and blah blah so i gave it right back to him full force and he got quiet. I was nice, just very firm. He said he was removing my number… We’ll see.

  10. Michael Steinmeyer says:

    I am being called a minimum of 3 times a day and as much as 8 times a day by allied interstate claiming I owe a $60 debt to a national department store chain. when this harassment began 3 months ago I requested a bill detailing when and where the purchase was made as well as what was purchased. they have yet to send that information. they have asked for my social security number. they tell me they have me at an address in california although I have not lived there for 6 years. I have called the credit department of the store in question and am told I have no outstanding balance owed. this makes no difference to allied and the calls continue. I have resorted to blowing a whistle in the phone when they call and figuring that they are billed for each call completed to their 800 number so am now currently calling that number every time I get a call from them and hanging up. I would think their phone bill far outweighs what they claim they need to collect but the calls continue. this is the most underhanded unethical company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. how anyone can work for a company like this and face themselves in the mirror in the morning defies comprehension. they are scum!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I work for a church. We get phone calls daily from AI, but they are always a recording. THey leave a phone number which, when I call, asks for an access code. When I called the number on this site, I got a man who couldn’t find our phone number in the system. He transferred me to someone else and when she couldn’t find our number in the system, she hung up on me!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    UPDATE: 1-866-525-7795 is disconnected. The website is no longer up either. I called again and got someone who couldn’t find our number in their system. When I asked why the phone number that the recording leaves doesn’t work she said “I don’t know” and when I asked how I can stop the phone calls she again said “I don’t know”. I asked if there was someone there that might know and she put me on hold, then told me she was transferring me to her supervisor, but then hung up! We are a church and have NO DEBT at all!

  13. Anna says:

    I have been getting calls from 877-225-1118 up to 8 times a day every day of the week. No message is left. I recently called the number and was told that she couldnt give me any information until I answered some questions. I asked if this was a solicitation call…I was told that it wasn’t. I told her I need to know why I am being called. Wouldn’t tell me this. I asked to take my number off the list and don’t call if you can’t disclose who you are and why you are calling. Less than 2 hours passed and another from the same number came to my phone. I called and talked to someone, Ann, and was told the same thing. This person told me she needed to know she was talking to the right person and had to know my last four SSN and address. I told her with all the I.D. theft did she think I was going to give her this information. I told her to give me her SSN, address, etc. Naturally, she refused. I told her I was calling the BBB b/c I am being harassed. I have a right to know why I am being hounded down without disclosing any information about myself.

  14. scott says:

    call and harrass me asking for a name they cannot even pronounce. I assure them i am not that name and ask who they represent and while they call so often. They would not answer and got loud and i told him to shut his cock cave. I called back and found it was allied an got my number removed

  15. Denny says:

    Phone calls every day sometimes 2-3 times from someone with a terrible accent…says I owe him $24,000….from a debt in 1999….I have never owed that much and have never had a credit limit that high. I dont know what he is talking about and if someone does owe a bill from 1999 I think the statue of limitations has run out. I have asked them not to call and my numbers are on the do not call list but they call anyway. My wife is a doctor and she gets calls on her cell phone at work and her number is for patients who have emergencys and hospital staff only…I have told this idiot to stop and have made threats but nothing works. They should be put out of business.

  16. Betty says:

    I am a 83 year old lady with limited income only SS. My debts are hospital related and I am paying the hospitals a small amount each month and these people are harrassing me. I am paying but not enough to suit them. They have called me after 9pm and before 8am. I have had it. I plan to contact the Attorney General in my state of Fl. My daughter is also being called to collect my debt, this is unacceptable. Please do something!!

  17. BREZE says:

    This company has called my number for the last 3 months ( i screen calls). When i finally answered they asked for someone i knew years and i mean years ago. They didnt ask who i was (and she was extreamly rude). Now keep in mind that I have moved to a different state. How did they get my name? Im waiting for the call back–they will get an ear full!!

  18. Christine says:

    Great to know that I’m not alone when it comes to dealing with these idiots.
    They keep calling, asking for a Cedric, Cathy, Walter or Charlotte. I keep telling them that these people do not live at my address and to please stop calling. They said they would take my phone number off their list. But do they? Of course not!
    Why isn’t this company being fined for harrassment?! And why would the morons who keep calling, work for such a company anyway? I wouldn’t! These callers probably have no more than a high school or GED education and are so desperate for employment they probably took this job probably because they’re in debt themselves! lol

  19. Cheryl says:

    15 years ago I rented an apartment to a young man who apparently has some debt issues.
    At some point this young man used his rental history with me as a reference for something else (most likely another rental after he moved out of my apartment)

    Allied Interstate has been calling me incessantly asking if I know where he is. I looked on line under Skip Trace for his name and sure enough my name was listed as a know associate so this is how Allied has my name from which they looked up my phone number.

    And, because I set up my mom’s Cablevision under my name now they have been calling her as well (80 years old and dying of breast cancer)

    I work from home for a major computer company and have an office # which they also call even though my message says “XYZ Corp – leave a msg and I will return your call”

    on 8-18-08 I told Adrian to take me off their list as I had no idea where he was.

    On 5-11-09 I told Giovani to take me off the list

    On 6-4-09 I told someone to take me off the list.

    Now they are calling me daily on both my home and work phones.

    They are persistant and rude always asking me to give them info while providing very little to me.

    I phoned the Massachusetts Atty General’s office and the Financial end of the business provided me an online link to their complain form where I must detail all I know about these harrassing phone calls however Allied will never give you their address which is a sticking point. The AG’s office told me to include the info I gathered from the internet about this company being sued by other states Attorney Generals for unfair practices and they will see what they can do. The AG’s office told me if the financial branch of the AG’s office can make no headway that I should call the AG’s office again and that they will phone the company to discuss the problem. I am trying to figure out how to make a WAV file so that the AG can hear these butt heads when I record our conversations.

    But in the meantime my work and home phones continues to ring several times a day and it is not even me who owes any money!!

  20. Eddie says:

    I called these people up because they have constantly called me day in day out for the last couple days and I know I don’t have any debts. I didn’t give them my name, no “confirmation” was needed, no SSN or anything. According to my state laws, they are not allowed to call after I requested them not to so they souldn’t call back, or face a $10,000 fine.

  21. Evelyn Washburn says:

    After reading comments I decided to tell you about my calls. They call and leave a message. I immediately called back and they were trying to reach a daughter-in-law (who went by maiden name) from 15 years ago. I gave them her address and was told my number would be removed. They called the next day, same routine. Several months went by and they called again today and were looking for both ex daughters-in-law. My son was tragically killed a year ago this month and was single when this happened. Something has to be done, I have no debts and am a senior citizen and do not need this aggreviation.

  22. roxanne says:

    I just got a different phone number and low and behold I have this 866-526-7795 calling. I got aggravated and called the number back. When I did the person who answered the phone did not identify the company or herself, she just asked for my account number. Am I supposed to know what account number she is talking about. I just said I dialed the wrong number and hung up. Weird.

  23. Shirley says:

    Allied called me up and threatened me by telling me I only had until 5:00 that day to call them back with full payment. Or contact my lawyers, because they would come after me immediately. I have no written notice of what they claim I owe, nor did they tell me on the telephone. When I tried to call there was no one there who knew what I was talking about but still I get persisitent telephone calls. So I do not answer them any more. But how can I stop being harrassed? I am an elderly person with very little income and have not bought anything on credit in years. Possibly they have made a mistake but how can I find out? How can I stop their aggravating calls?

  24. Bill Webb says:

    I got a call from this company every morning for a month, so I finally did *69 (call back) got their number and called them. They just call every number in the phone book with a similar name until they locate who they’re trying to collect money from. These scheisters should get burned!!!

  25. Becky says:

    Heres another number they ca from. 888-680-2954. When I asked why they were calling and who they were they wanted me to give them my perspnal information first. When I refused and told them I wanted oo know what kind of company they were, they hung up on me.

  26. Mary Delagardelle says:

    I get phone calls at least three times a week looking for a woman I don’t even know.I have tried to be polite and said know one by that name lives here. This morning they called and when I asked to talk to a supervisor whom ever it was got totally rude and said ‘no’I could not talk to a supervisor.I was always under the impression that was my right.That was not the only things this man said very rudely to me. Finally put some other rude man on the phone. I tried to ask his name and where on earth he was calling from, after putting up with his rude babbling and trying to treat me as if I were a child with no rights at all,he said his name was Mark Finley.From Allied Interstate.I asked for a phone number He didn’t seem to know it and rudely told me to look on my caller I.D. I do not have a caller I.D. The pnone number he finally gave me is 800-7150329.I doubt its real.I thought we as consumers were protected better from creeps like these. Dec.18 2009

  27. Mich says:

    They started calling here today, at least from what I know. My mom and step dad are stubborn about the phone so they either let it ring or just pick up/hang up within a second of each other. These people need to be stopped. The number they called here with is 877-642-1263, just in case that’s a number some people are getting.

  28. BRUCE BUSWELL says:

    these people dont care about our problems like being laid off. i have been laid off two years,,and after about 1000 resumes on line and in person i hand carried half that in person,,you tell these people your situation and they still keep harrassing you, and i cant stand owing, no defferment,,,just pay us or we will bug you all hours of the day,,like others i dont answer the phone no more,it sucks,makes me want to get my # unpublished

  29. marjorie says:

    they need to get their facts straight before making phone calls to wrong numbers, life has enough headaches without it!

  30. ed says:

    Allied Interstate has beenn calling my number for the last 3 or 4 weeks. starting at 8:00 am until 9:00 pm about 4-5 times a day. I finally had enough on Christmas eve and called them four times to remove my number. They will not. It is only 2:30pm and they have called four times already even after I asked them to remove my number. They requested my name and social security number which I would not give out. I asked them why they keep calling me and the reply was that they didn’t know unless I give them my name and S.S. #. They do not even know my name !!! Why do they keep calling!!! I will have to look into who to contact to have this harassment stop. ed Dec 24 2009

  31. karen says:

    this company has been calling us off and on for over a year for debts owed by my in-laws. We have told Allied that they have the wrong party, but they harass us anyway, sometimes calling 3 or 4 times in the same day. It does no good to tell them not to call, send it in writing or any other means I have found.

  32. Mark says:

    These people have been calling my house only because Wayne Brewer owes them $$$ and my wife was married to the looser over 10 yrs ago. All of his debt was aquired AFTER they got a divorce.

  33. Matt says:

    here in Dallas.

    The only thing that’s going to stop this company is someone above them (IE: a judge) laying down the law.

    If person X owed you money and you called the number listed in the account and person Y answered saying they weren’t person X.. would YOU just go “oh, okay, sorry”?

    This is NOT a defense of them. Just a realism of the situation that you either need to block the numbers or take much higher action to stop them.

  34. Kelly G says:

    Allied International contacted me Tuesday Jan 12 2010 regarding a debt that I never had anything to do with. Someone in another city opened a utility account under my name and ssn and now AI is trying to collect because the utility account is in collection status. I told AI that this was identity theft and they told me to fax them a copy of the police report. I contacted the police in the city where I reside and then the city where the theft occurred, and they are in the process of creating a report for me. Allied called the next day I told them that I am working on getting a report and not to contact me again. They would hear from me once I got the report. They are still calling daily with a recording telling me to contact them about the debt. I am feeling harassed at this point. My next step will be to report them the BBB or somewhere… How frustrating!

  35. Sharon says:

    They are calling my ex-husband and landlord. Letter going off to president and any address I can get, to send proof in writing of discrepancy and to stop harassing ex and landlord.

  36. deborah says:

    these people call my cell phone everyday- i usually won’t answer it because it’s not a number i recognize , but today i answered via bluetooth thinking it was my boyfriend calling me back no one answered me then they hung up. they usually won’t leave a message, and re-calling the number does no good because you call these numbers back and they’re not in service. it get irritating because you know it’s a bot dialing at random and i for one am tired of it!!!!

  37. sharon lapointe says:

    allied interstate has been calling my relatives phone numbers to try and collect on a 12 year old debt, that i had disputed years ago. this is a real problem, but how can i get them to stop? i a now disabled and do not need this harassment.

  38. sharon lapointe says:

    I have been disabled fro more then 10 years now and had some unpaid debts, but allied interstate has daily harrassed me for years now . the debt that they are talking about is lod and has been disputed . still allied interstate has called 3 or 4 times ad ay at times and insists that i have to pay . now they are callling relatives, trying to dicuss my business with anyone that will listen, this has to stop now!

  39. Sabrina says:

    I get at least one phone call a day from there people starting this week… when I am away at work… when I call 866-396-7770 I get a recording in english and french over and over.. finally after 10 mins… it goes silent… I am not behind in any bills.. and just bought a new 2010 car last saturday… and was told I have excellent credit…so I have no clue whats going on…it is getting VERY frustrating getting these calls everyday when I have no idea what this pertains to when nobody will answer when I call them back…If I knew how to block them I would…

  40. Ted says:

    i contacted Office of the Attorney General in West Palm Beach. Fl. After getting over 5 calls a day with no message left. Today I received an affidavit to fill out and notorized to Bill Mccollum. Things maybe finally happening with these company.

  41. Craig says:

    I just got a call from AI, they have another number 866 431 4489. They are saying i owe a bill but all mine a debted out of my account Auto. I check and do not know what or who I owe and of course they won’t tell me either. I am waiting for the next call…should be fun

  42. otis r.brown says:

    allied interstate has call me on my job,about this debt with directv,i did not sign a contract with directv about some receiver,had service with them for eleven years and never missed a payment.

  43. Deus durden says:

    These barrel bottom troglodytes have been calling me for a little over two years on a prepaid cell I use for emergencies. Now that’s annoying enough seeing as it uses up my units, which as most people know cost an arm and a leg, but they have some how gotten my girlfriends mothers cell number and are now calling her asking for this Astrid Allen as well! I was disappointed when she told me she was getting annoying calls on her cell because she’s a t-mobile user but when I heard her say “they’re looking for somebody named Astrid something” my jaw hit the floor. I plan on taking a trip with my lawyer to Minnesota to have a little chat with whoever runs this sad excuse for a business. I’ll post the results upon my return.

  44. jerry says:

    allied interstate has been calling my home phone for months now and when i do try to speak to them they get very defensive and will not give me any imformation and said they will not stop the calls until i pay,or give them my credit card information so they can post date a payment! that! is illegal, they have now started to harass my neighbor about me.evrything this company is doing is borderline illegal if not totally illegal.WHY? WHY? WHY? can’t anything be done about this company and their bad business practices!!!? this is far beyond annoying and why is there no law to stop this kind of business practice? are they too big to fail? do they have a judge in their pocket? don’t the “so called” business’s that theyr’e supposedly collecting from know of their bad practices? and why shouldn’t it reflect on them? my phone records should say enough just by itself…again WHY? and what do i do?

  45. Patty Pearson says:

    This company has called my son and now my Sister asking for my husband. I called the number and the first time some girl just answered hello. I asked what company she wsa with and she hung up. I aclled back and got some guy I asked his name he said it is Erwin ID # MKV 249 he said he wsa with Allied Interstate for Capital One. He told me he needed either my whole 16 digit acct. number or the entore ssn. I told him no. I asked for a supervisior,first he said she was in ameeting ,then I said I didnt believe him ,he then said she wasnt there. I asked him where they were located and he said in the Phillipines. Then he hung up. I am concerned with this.

  46. dan says:

    Got a phone call yesterday (Memorial Day) from a number that I didn’t recognize. Czlled back today and talked to some very rude person that wouldn’t tell me what his business was. All he would tell me was that it was Allied Interstate and that they were “a financial institution” and that was all I needed to know. When I mentioned the fact that they were a debt collection agency. He said that if I already knew that, why did I asK, and I said that I was just checking to see if he would comply with the law and say so. He politely told me that he didn’t have to reveal that information. When I brought up the fact about the call on a national holiday honoring all veterans, alive and dead, he told me that there was no such thing as a veteran. Don’t tell that to someone who served 7 years in the service and 2 tours “in country” and had just spent the weekend putting flags on deceased veterans graves. I hung up on that one and called back and got another “gentleman” who was just as obnoxious as the first one. This ine offered me a deal. Pay X number of dollars for 6 months and take care of the bill. I told him to send me the paper work so that my attorney could look it over. He refused to do that. Just before hanging up I requested that my number be removed from the list and he said that couldn’t do that.
    By the way, the number I was called is 323-372-6323 which is in Los Angele and yet one of those “people” tried to tell me that he was in Las Vegas.
    We’ll see if I get any more calls from them.
    Can anyone tell what the statute of limitations is on debt collecting?

  47. Bonnie Rohlwing says:

    allied interstate has been harassing us for months!! They now have our cell phone numbers and call those too. They told me that the debt they were trying to collect was for J.C. Penney. We owe nothing to Penney\’s. Tonight I was told that Penney\’s sold our debt to Interstate. I think Penneys should be held responsible for the harrassment from ISI!!

  48. mark sullivan says:

    Allied interstate calls, hangs up hundreds of times.

    i am afraid of them.

    Are the violent? should I buy a gun in defense?

  49. Jax says:

    There calling here all day and evening about an unrelated person that lived here ten years ago over a debt that was charged off/paid ten years ago. Been telling them for weeks, if anyone actually is on the line when they call, they had the wrong number. They said it would be removed but it clearly won’t. Knowing has only made them call more.

  50. Terrence MacArthur says:

    Got a collection letter from Allied interstate. It said to call them, and provided no address at all, apparently in violation of the FDCPA. I had made a gratuitous online payment of my entire Capital One balance, but it did not process because a check deposited into my account was returned unpaid. When I called Cap 1, although the payment was not a required payment, it had not been removed from my balance, and they had not stopped charging interest on that balance, they insisted that I owed them the entire amount of that payment (the whole account balance). Although I continued making the required monthly payments, I got a collection letter from Allied Interstate. I called Cap 1 again, and the only department I was allowed to talk to insisted the thing had not been put into collection. I will be calling them again and, now that I finally have an address for them, am sending Allied Interstate a dispute letter. However, their trick of providing no address has gotten things beyond the required 30 days. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

  51. Nancy says:

    I have had your card for years snd have paid the $25 a year to keep it. This card has never been used and yet you send me a threatening bill for $56.00. I do not appreciate being billed for something I did not do. I have no explanation for these charges but please do not bill me for this charge again. If you threaten with a lawyer I will do the same. It will cost more in the long run but I do not pay bills I do not owe.

  52. Edward Orthaus says:

    I just received a call on my cell phone from a debt collection agency that identified themselves as Allied Interstate. They said that they were collecting on a debt that was opened under my social sec #. The debt was supposedly opened in 1998; the year I graduated high school keep in mind. The debt was supposedly for a “mobile home”. I have never in my life loved in a mobile home. They referenced an address that I had lived at in 2007. That was an apartment in a high rise building. I have always paid my bills and check my credit report regularly. None of this has ever surfaced on my credit report. I am worried that these offenders know have my information including apparently my social, one of my old addresses and my fairly new cell phone number. This guy was extremely rude and told me that he didn’t care if this debt was mine or not that it I needed to pay it! Very concerned about these guys knowing my information.

  53. Joan says:

    I received two phone calls at home from a company called Allied Interstate. They were trying to get in touch with a “Sheldon” about a debt. I told them I didn’t know a Sheldon, because I don’t. They said they would take my phone number off of their list. But now they have called me at work. Once again I told them I don’t know any Sheldon and they once again said they would take my number off their list. How on earth did they get both my home and work phone numbers “by mistake” for someone I don’t know?

  54. Laura says:

    They are calling my house and my caller ID says that it is Wal-Mart. They are looking for someone that had the phone number before me and even though I don’t know the person they are after and I have told them so, they yell at me and insist that I do. They have even accused me of lying about not knowing the person they are after. My son has also told them, but they continue to call.

  55. tricia says:

    I just got a call from Allied, which i missed , but they were persistant and called three times in a row. Finally, i called this number back, they asked who i was and, why i was calling; i said you called me three times and i dont know who you are. Well at that point the Arab who was on the other end sighed and got a little attitude with me, he told me he was calling to collect on a debt from Capitol One; which was a write off and a bill in mind that was 8+ years old, i told him the sol was up , it was a write off and not to call me or contact me again, then hung up. How does a company have the nerve to think they can collect on a debt that was at least 8 years old?? Well we will see if they call again, but by what i have read in here , im sure thay will attempt. I guess it will get to the point where i will have to change my number.

  56. RRJ says:

    They keep calling me, but when I answer there’s never anyone there which means its an automated dialer waiting for someone to answer. I hang up before or just as someone gets on the phone. I added the number to my cell phone to go straight to messages, and they never leave a message, but they call multiple times every day, about every 4 hours usually. Since I programmed my phone to ignore, I just ignore them. If they need to reach me, they can leave a message. It’s been about a month at least, and they haven’t left a message yet.

  57. Betty says:

    This company has been calling me for several months, asking for either Diane or David. I usually do not answer or am not available to answer. They leave no message, just call several times a day. I have called back and told them I want off their list and was told that it would take 72 hours to take my name off of their list. I have recieved 32 call this month and it is only the 9th. I did answer today and told the “gentleman” on the other end that I was tired of their calling, that I had told them numerous times that I do not know these people and I wanted the calls to stop. I will be reporting them to the authoriites if I can ever find out who the authorities are for such matters. The calls today are past the 72 hours they promised.

  58. Eugene T. Bernascone says:

    People from Allied Interstate keep calling me. Once I know it’s them, I simply hang up. I do not do business at all with debt collectors. This company is no different. They will NEVER get any money from me and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. As for them trying to ruin my credit report, I really don’t care as I do everything in cash.
    So, Allied, you’re only wasting your time and money calling me. You will not get anywhere.

  59. Eugene T. Bernascone says:

    People from Allied Interstate keep calling me. Once I know it’s them, I simply hang up. I do not do business at all with debt collectors. This company is no different. They will NEVER get any money from me and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. As for them trying to ruin my credit report, I really don’t care as I do everything in cash.
    So, Allied, you’re only wasting your time and money calling me. You will not get anywhere.

  60. aaron says:

    I have receieved an average of 5calls a day at my work number from them but they never leave a message. Finally I called them and they proceeeded to say my account was in collections and the lender had turned my account over to them. When I said I would verify with the lender (which I knew was BS as I do not have a delinquent sears account) she became angry and said “Just wait. you will find out”. So I called Sears and they said “We handle your account, it has not been handed over to collections.” They people are snakes. Do not give them any money without verifying with your lender first!

  61. vince says:

    These aggravating idiots call me twice a day but never talk. You say hello and then 10 seconds later they hang up.

  62. Mike says:

    They called me looking for someone with the same last name and 45 years older than me. A different company called me 6 months ago about the same debt that doesn’t belong to me. A rag of a gangster lady called from NCO and claimed I owed them over 9 grand 7 years ago..I never laughed so hard. Anyway, statue of limitations is 7 years in new york, (coincidence huh), some guy owes money, (theres a surprise).
    So now allied comes along with the same sob story of “I’m going to call any sucka who answers and get them to pay”
    Another surprise here in NY. Don’t speak to them or answer their calls. Ask to be removed and don’t assume anything belongs to you. Do not give your S.S. # or any personal info out, EVER…Darn leeches..

  63. McGEE says:

    I just received a monitoring report from my bank and it says that I owe 853 dollars. Never before today have I heard of or received any information about this incident. They have not called, yet, or sent me any mail. I’m thinking of just disputing with the credit bureaus since no harassment has happened as of yet.

  64. Cheryl Marsh says:

    Allied Interstate had contacted me for collection. They then called my brother many times and discussed my personal information with him. They would call me several times a day even after I made an agreement with them to pay my debit. calling me at my job and calling me on my personal phone at all times of the day and night.

  65. Joney siz says:

    I received a letter from interstate collecting my debt from ebay. I am willing to pay it but they don’t tell me exactly how to. I wanted to know if I can send cash with the letter detachment, or if it was mandatory that I mail them a check?

  66. Phoenix says:

    I received a call today via my cellphone that I had to disconnect on, since my work phone was ringing and then they immediately called my work phone and threatened to sue me and garnish my wages but was not able to tell me what I supposibly owe. Who do I contact to report it? He treatened to keep calling my work eventhough I told him not to.

  67. Bob says:

    Among other things, Allied Interstate is one of the many collection agencies hired by the Department of Education to collect on defaulted student loans. Collection agencies use skip tracing to find borrowers and try to get in touch with them to help solve their debt through the many options available. Phone numbers are often reissued to other people but thanks to everything being linked to social security numbers, that old number will always in some way be linked to any previous owners… hence lots of wrong numbers called by collection agencies. If you get a call from any collection agency, they can not tell you why they are calling unless they first verify you are the person they are trying to reach by full name and another second identifier – social security number, date of birth or address. If you are not the person they are searching for, simply say, “I do not know that person, please remove my number.” If you say this, cllection agencies are required to mark your number as do not call; however – if one collection agency is calling you in regards to someone you don’t know, it is a guarantee that any other debts this person owes will also be linked to that number and you will be getting other calls from other companies.

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