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City Las Vegas
State Nevada
Zip Code 89119
Phone 1 800-255-7828
Fax 702-796-8105

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  1. rami jabara says:

    employees at this company are total crooks, theifs, whom are steeling from clients banking accounts, dont ever deal or give any personal information over the phone

  2. HELEN SARFATY says:

    They called and stated they were collecting for an old credit card account and if I did not make arrangements that night they were going to file with my county courthouse the next dday. They were suppose to take $$ out of my bank account one day and did it 5 days prior. I called and they either kept hanging up on me or they say the person I need to talk to is not there. I ask them to fax or mail me a copy of the paid in full letter and they stated they could not do this.

  3. Elayne Batts says:

    I made an arrangement with Allstate Financial Services to take $100 a month out of my account for an Applied Bank card that I wanted to pay off. They took $100 in February, $100 the 3rd of March and $685.34 the 16th of March. Their Director who identified himself as Ray Green told me when I called that I agreed to that when I gave them permission to take the $100 a month. They are not reputable. I think they practice dispicable business and make it hard for the reputable agencies who try to work with people who have financial problems. I have no trust now for this kind of transaction.

  4. Denise Matson says:

    This company called and threatened me that I would have a bench warrent for my arrest for check fraud if I did not make a payment to them on 3/30/09. They took out 638.00 and then tried to take out another 692.00, they said I agreed to this and I never gave them permission to do so. I’m disabled and all I get is 642.00 a month to live on so why would I let them take all the money I have. They feel that they can threaten you and get by but if you know the law they can not do this, it was on the news how credit card company’s are doing this to consumers. My bank gave me back the money and went after them and they gave it back to the bank which makes them admit they were in the wrong for doing so. they all so told me I needed a criminal attorney, but check fraud is when you knowingly sign someone else name on a document with out there consent not stopping a check from going through your bank.

  5. Pat Carlisle says:

    Not only is this company taking money out of my account without permission- they have now started to take out various amounts and doing twice a month.

    I have told them to stop taking money out and Brian said that he would, however now I am up to three payments this month. Over an above what my debt was.

    My bank says the only recourse I have is to close my account and reopen a new one.

  6. Donna says:

    This company is calling saying I have a bounced check from a checking account that was closed a year ago. Fine, I called the company to whom I wrote the check and they said since it’s been turned over to this Allstate Financial Services, that I can’t pay them directly. The ironic thing is I have the money to pay the amount due. However, the caller, some character calling himself Greg Anthony, is SO unprofessional, trying to threaten with a bunch of legal terms that he’s misusing, I honestly don’t feel they will mark the debt as paid even if I pay it in full. I wish this company seemed more legitimate so I could pay them and not feel like I was throwing the money off a cliff….

  7. Barbara Honeck says:

    They also told me I was committing fraud because I put a stop payment on a check.They told me they would take it out of my account on the l8th and took it out on the lst. He told me I was getting emotion and sounded like his ex-wife!!!!!

  8. danielle says:

    They did this to me. I agreed to 50 dollars a month they took 66. I called them up and asked them to stop, they put thru a check for 666.00 dollars that bounced. I closed the account the called me today and threatened to sue me but said if i paid they would take 100 dollars off the amount i owed. I am going to do everything in my power to stop them from doing this to other people.

  9. Jenni says:

    Dealt with a Very mean unprofessional man named Tom Adams…admittingly so I had a debt from a doctor. The account was accidently reported to these jerks. I was the one who called them..When I spoke with him he gave me a balance that was not correct…seems the payments I had previously made were not credited. He told me that I had to prove I paid. I did so….But not before he called me a liar. I got the copies of the checks and finally he credited me. I called the company who was handling the bill before this jerk got it. They called him and reported that the previous payments had been made. They call me back and I tell them about all the online things I have seen about allstate financial and they agreed and said they were really nasty to them on the phone as well. They pulled my account back and I now have negotiated again the payment plan and what not…I am thankful to be done (I hope) with this allstate financial. Based on what I have read here…..But cant something be done???I know the owner of the company has political people in his pocket….so what recourse is there?

  10. Anon says:

    I filed bankruptcy and included this debt as part of my creditors. They had the paperwork for 6 weeks and the Friday before my hearing date, GREG ANTHONY, called my place of employment IMPERSONATING a Police Lt. and told the receptionist that there was a warrant out for my arrest. Then he called my old neighbors who have moved and told them that I was wanted for EMBEZZLEMENT. He left a message on my answering machine and stated that he was the Assistant to the District Atty in my state and I have committed a Federal Offense. My atty called him and he didn’t believe her and he continues to call my place of employment. I could lose my job over this nutcase. This experience of having to go through a bankruptcy is hard enough. It’s not my fault that I had a business fall apart because of this economic state we are in and now I have a lunatic slandering my good name. This is shameful of him.

  11. nameless says:

    I paid these gangsters what I owed on a Credit One card, and they are still taking money from me, they claim they have initiated a reversal of the amount they took without authorization… it has not happened. Whenever I call, the person I need to talk to is busy, in a meeting, off for the day or something. Now when I call it just rings and rings… I will need to slow my account before my next payday, but am waiting for the reversal, I don’t know how to GET anywhere with these jokers!

  12. Brenda 1/21/2010 says:

    Allstate Financial Ripoff
    They called me and said that
    Credit one wanted a settlement
    and that they wanted 2 payments
    of 177.73. I agreed and my first
    payment bounced and I fixed it
    and I made the 2 payment. They
    went to my checking account and took out a 3 payment without telling me. I called and told them I wanted my money back and they told me I owed that payment plus more. I
    am going to see if I can get the attorney General after them and maybe we can catch them. They don’t give you any documents showing the payments
    that you are paying and the person I made the arrangement with was never there. His name
    is Doug Diamond. Don’t deal with these crooks if you can avoid them.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    This company is harrassing me currently & calling family members…after researching them prior to return call, I will absolutely not answer their calls.

  14. Barb says:

    This company has made physical threats to my husband whose has been disabled by a work injury.They are harrasing and do not deserve to have their next breath. I have made several calls to the medical companies that we do owe, to let them know we will make payments when his payments kick in. Evidently that was not fast enough. They turned us over to this horrible collection agency. I know that if you take their calls or call them, you open yourself up to more harrassment. State law allows this type of harrassment. Do not answer your phone if you don’t know the number. State law should force them to stop calling you after one year of no contact.Good Luck if you can hold out.

  15. SAVJR says:

    I have a similar experience and have filed a complaint against them with the FTC. I recommend that you all do the same for their unfair practices and scare tactics. I would recommend that you send them a letter that references the Fair Debt Collection act 809(b).

  16. Ella says:

    OMG!!!! i have exactly the same story as everyone!! they withdrew money out of my account without permission..coused major overdraft fees with my bank ! Thankfully , my bank has agreed to give the money back and deal with them . I still have to close all my accounts!!!I am not giving up and will sue them . This cannot be happening!!!

  17. Sharon says:

    I had them call me and threaten to take me to the DA. Then my husband who is active duty called them with his chain of command they threatened him. I wrote them and the company that I owe $84.00 and stated for them to only contact me by snail mail. Well they called me again and I stated that I would sue them for harrassment and they should read their mail better. I have filed with the BB and with the AG in both states. I stated that I am willing to pay the money but the needed to show the 3 letters that they stated they mailed me – they lied. They have to be STOPPED.

  18. Pash says:

    This company is horrible! First I set up two payments for June and July of 2009. I then informed the representative that I was not able to make any more payment until November; however, they took a $160 something dollars out of my account in August. When I was trying to get my money reimbursed I was given the run around. I got that issue resolves (they did not reimbursed me) after being hung up on several times.
    Then in November I started my payments again and they were doing fine until May I guess that’s when my account was resolved. Then I called because they took out more then I approved (authorized). I was informed that they would return the amount back to the amount that was authorized. Then in June they deducted a higher amount again. I called and the representative informed me that my account was cleared and that that amount should not have been deducted. I was asked to send my banking information showing that they had deducted the amount for June. I called to get the fax number and was given the run around once again!! I was told that their systems was down so I was unable to give them any information; however, the representative called me by my First name and I called him on it!! I have decided to dissolve any further transaction with them. Enough is enough!

  19. Dawn says:

    As a former bill collector; I have to agree that the collection methods being

  20. Mrs.Mac says:

    I don’t know who these people are or what the scam really is -ounded like a police officer” that said I had to call Allstate to settle a returned check and I had “intent to defraud a financial institution”.
    I don’t even write checks anymore – I did not bounce a check – I don’t have bad credit and these fraudulent compnaies should be shut down!
    Bunch of thieven n#$%^%^rs

  21. samantha says:

    My sister got a phone call today from someone claiming that I was “in possession of stolen property” and they had gotten a complaint against me. She never answers unknown numbers, they left this messages. I had no clue as to what they were talking about, she gave me the number. It was a fax number. Later today, someone called my phone,left the same message. I called a detective friend of mine. He said he knew nothing, if that were so, they would have already been out. So I called the number, someone told me it was on a debt that was three years old. I had actually tried to get the company to come and get the merchandise, they came out but did not pick it up. For months after I called management and begged them to come get the merchandise. They would send someone out, they would stand there but would not load it up, then would leave. Basically, this is what I am doing, I am turning it over to my attorney and letting him deal with them. If they wish to sue, then he can represent me. As he said, if they were given the option to pick it up and did not, that is their problem.

  22. Robin says:

    My sweet innocent 19 year old daughter was contacted by Allstate Collection because she became 90 days delinquent on her Golds Gym membership at $18 per month and the contract she signed with Golds Gym gives them the authority to send to collections.. mind you they did not contact her nor give her a written warning of her late status. She called me crying because the man said he was an attorney and if she did not pay her account within 3 days they were going to garnish her wages and take her to small claims court. She now owes a total of $389.60. This is a girl who is going to college full time to get her nursing degree and working partime as a hostess making $300 a month.. this is an outrage.. he threatened her and lied to her saying he was an attorney. I called him to find out what was going on and this jerk was rude to me and threatenend me and told me since i was her mother I should help her out freely talking about her to me..I told him under no way ( mind you he never cleared it with my daughter to talk to me,, a total invasion of privacy on his part)was I going to send him any money until I saw an accounting in full of the total amount.. he loosely referenced some i.e. early termination fee..late fees.. remaining months left on acct and his fee was 60 or 65 dollars.. so i was supposed to accept that. I am shocked at the behaviour of this Doug Diamond and I told him he was rude and threating to my sweet daughter who had no idea what was happending nor that she was behind.. since her credit card had expired on thte Golds Gym acct consequently causing the past due amount. This has to stop.. had my daughter not called me she would have fallen victim to these unscrupulous people and would have lost all her money she needs to live on…I have submitted a letter of complaint to the FTC about these people.. this kind of tactic has to stop. In this economy a lot of people are falling under hard times and everyone wants to do the right thing.. like my daughter but there has to be a common decency with these kind of companies.. simply amazing.. i think I have been venting…

  23. totally pissed off35 says:

    On Feb 27, 2011, I had the same thing happen to me by this company! I just found out from researching these crooks and their unfair practices that I have been a victim of fraud by these people. They contacted me in December of 2010 stating I owed for a past due payday loan and they were going to pursue in court criminal charges for attempt to defraud. First they contacted me at work and I told them not to call my place of employment and to call me at 3:00 pm when I got off. I didn’t receive a call back so I called them back. He stated that he would notify the server who supposedly was trying to serve me with a subpoena that the case was on standby if I made payment arrangements with them out of my checking account. I have never received anything in the mail from these people concerning this debt or any information. They took $514.00 out of my account in two separate transactions in December. I just found out from the creditor that the account has never been paid and that the amount owed was $474.00. Now I have to close my accounts with the bank so these scam artists don’t take anything else. I think these people need to be caught and sued for all the people they have made threats to and slammed out of their money. I have reported them to the Attorney General’s office and I am also pursuing a lawsuit against them. I am proposing to anyone who has had these terrible experiences happen to them by these con artists to post and join in for a class action lawsuit against them to put them out of business so they can stop doing this to people. I know there are many more stories out there so please post yours and file your complaints with the Attorney General’s office. You can do this online and it starts the process. They have broken many laws and the more investigations against them the better. I will not stop on my lawsuit because these people are crooks and professional scam artists that need to be stopped.

  24. Pat Mullen says:

    Hey robin #22 ..I had the same exact thing happen to me today. A woman called my job yesterday and left a message..she said call her the second I get this, that my time was running out. She said if I don’t call them she wished me good luck with my case.. when I called them I asked the guy the name of the payday loan company he told me it was Cashnet, I never heard of them in my life, so I looked up cash net on my phone ,and called them. They never heard of Allstate or me. I changed my bank account this afternoon.The phone number was 1-978-992-0350. What a scam!

  25. Bob says:

    Getting phone calls that I took a loan out from 978-992-0350 and they had my personal information including my SSN.

  26. Roapp says:

    I have been getting calls from allstate financial about a debt. I had just checked my credit reports online a week prior to them starting to call and no, I mean no red flags, overdues etc. I have received no overdue, late, or notices of collection in my entire life. They keep saying I have a debt and must return their calls about a file that was given to them. I have researched this company and I agree that they are a bunch of crooks and strong arm artists trying to get money from hard working people. I wouldn’t give anyone my checking account or credit card info over the phone. There is no way to confirm who these people are. My calls are coming from a 703 area code which is back east somewhere. I have reported to the state and the FTC so far. I am going to report them to the investigative reporters in town to see what they can uncover, hopefully they will take the case. I am getting calls from two people at the same number, same voice, rebecca cummings and crystal swinger. Something should be done about this company.

  27. D says:

    I am currently trying to apply for a home loan and my banker told me that I had an account in collections with this firm. I called them, with the information I had from the credit report, and the man was so rude to me I could not believe it. He told me myself and my banker were reading my credit report wrong and that the balance had been paid in full. When I asked him for a verification letter and he said I didn’t need one because it was a zero balance. I explained to him my situation and he still refused. I then asked to speak to someone else and he told me there was no one else I could speak with. I asked him again if I could simply get a letter to show my banker it was paid in full and he said there was no reason to have one. Again, I asked to speak to someone else and he finally agreed to mail me a letter.

    I have never been treated this way by a debt collector. And I didn’t have a balance. I can only imagine the way they treat people with a balance.

    This had not showed up on my credit report in May when I pulled them. But all of a sudden was there this past credit report. I had never heard of them before or received any information from them about my “debt.”

    They should not be in business!

  28. these people are crazy says:

    I used to work for allstate until I wisend up and left, the owner did not care about anyone but the cash, the employees where running a wild getting into shouting matches with, physical altercations, assaults on supervisors and the owner did nothing about it as long as everyone was collection money. They would call debtors and pretend they where lawyers, cops and would tell debtors that if they didint pay they would have warrants issued for there arrest, whatever means to get the money you name it they did it. I know this one guy who had to change his fake name approx 4 time because of law suites, I must say it was one of the worst experiences i ever had.

    On the other side, the debts are valid but if anyone needs to pay them make sure they are paid either via snail mail or western union, those are the safest ways you can pay your debt. You can also demand a letter stating that they will remove the debts from all three major credit bureaus, I made sure that all of the debtors that i dealt with who asked for them got them.

  29. Jimmy says:

    Scammers I call to find out their new offices address because they move without notice, the stupid guy that answer told me that the only way to make a payment was through mail…….. no physical OFFICE?? REALLY GUYS? I think they lost their bond or business license and they are just again ripping people off!!! Was goes around comes around

  30. jess says:

    well the same happen to me 2 days ago and they threatened me with court and a warrant if i didnt pay 380 dollars and gave me two weeks to get it too them..or i am in serious trouble they called me from 1-855-205-4913 and when i look the phone number up on here it cannot be found…they asked for my bank info and i wouldnt give it to them…to post date a check…and it really scares me to think i’m in that much trouble. I have not recieved any paper work stating that i owe that they are gettin a nasty phone call from me tomorrow THEY ARE GETTIN NOTHING FROM ME…

  31. john d says:

    today i won a lawsuit against allstate in the federal court in philadelphia pa where i live i got a call from crystal something and rebecca cummings they left voice mails that were illegal and when i spoke to them they threatened legal action and they threatened legal action on my voicemail so i called a lawyer and filed siut and won 10k today i was a debt collector and i know the fair debt collection practices act forward and backward if a debt collector threatens you in anyway or misrepresents themselves you can sue they cant tell you their suing you cant say you have to return a call by a certain if your having harassing calls from a debt collector record the conversation and call a lawyer immidetely and you can get paid like i did, they didnt show in court so i was awarded a default judgement for 9,536.00. collectors must advise you they are debt collectors and the reason they are calling in the beginning of conversation and if they leave a message need to leave there name where they are calling from and that it is an attempt to collect a debt and all information obtained is used for that purpose and thats it anything more or less is illegal and you are entitled to damages. allstate has the worst collection practices i ever seen so get it on tape sue them and lets get them out of business.

  32. Koms says:

    This place is a joke. The man I spoke to tried to get loud when I threatened to dispute the “authorization” my gf gave them. I put him in his place and he hung up. Don’t be bullied!!! Fight back b/c if you don’t you’re only perpetuating the cycle.

  33. none says:

    I have been getting calls from this company for two weeks. It started with they were looking for someone that gave them my number. We went through 20 questions and I said I didn’t know this person. He said I should have said so and hung up on me. Then they continued to call. I called them back and explained that I worked night shift and couldn’t be bothered with these calls. They assured me they would take my number off their list. Two days later, more calls. Lack of sleep prompted me to do the same thing to them. Got a voice mail box that was full, receptionist who ask me to quit calling, Ray Green who told told me because I kept calling he would put my number back on the list to be called. Had a day or two with no calls, then it began again today. Gonna seek legal advice and call the local TV station. This is unreal. I do not owe anyone anything. These people are just nuts and need to be stopped. To Former Collector, Good Job!
    Also I am going to Vegas in a few days, I will be looking them up.

  34. BB says:

    Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware. I purchased a membership with Gold’s Gym that was erroneoulsy refered to colletcitons and when I called Gold’s Gym, they could not do anything about it. I was later called by Doug Diamond from Financial Services that threatend me with ruining my credit unless I paid my Golds membership. When I agreed to pay, he told me he would provide a reciept of payment so I could reinstate my account and 2 weeks later and 10 phone calls, I have not received any proof that this was ever paid 🙁 Watch out this is a big scam and these people are crooks!!!!!

  35. sas says:

    This company called me on the 1st of nov and left a vmail on my brothers vmail stating that I had a court date and if i didnt call that a processor was looking for me to serve a summons to court for a bounce checked from march of 2009. I don’t recall this but i have agreeed to give them 790.00 on nov 16th , 2011. they have thearened me stating that if i don’t pay they will send the processor back out and serve me the summons. spoke with a mrs thomas in the payment dept and mike something. this is what as came on my credit card as the info…..ALLSTATE-855-7 8788140019 8420 BELLHAVE CHARLOTTE 840 – Purchase with AVS… this was only a 10.00 payment so far….?? help anyone?

  36. Annoying!!! says:

    I had the same exact experience as ‘dishonest’. Golds Gym membership- never called to informed me that my account was unfrozen. I was bullied into believe my credit would be messed up. Can anyone provide more information? This is so messed up.

  37. RM says:

    The owner of the company is Michael O’Connor who lives in Canada. Allstate Collections is in Las Vegas, Nevada. O’Connor now lives in Canada where he fled to avoid criminal prosecution. The Nevada office’s last known address is 1050 EAST FLAMINGO RD…SUITE E 320 89119. The Canadian office is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Portland St. Royal Bank Building.

    The people who call never use a real name. The 2 names that called me were Xavier Mitchell and Samantha and a garbled last name I could not make out. They use a script although some of them make up their own imposter persona. The “Samantha” name is the one that is actually in the script they are given.

    The method is to make you think you have received a call from a “process server for the state”, a lawyer from the District Attorney’s office, or a call from a police officer. They always say they are looking for (insert your name) who has a “summons” or “warrant” out for arrest on criminal charges including fraud.

    They advise the person getting the message to call the “plaintiff” (name given) and an 855 phone # or a number in Canada or whatever location they have moved to or arranged calls to be made from (an effort to avoid being tracked down).

    When you call the number back, you get a person who answers and asks for your “case #” and refuses to give any information as to the company name. That person transfers you to a person who sounds like the same person who called and left the summons/warrant message but gives a “different” name.

    From that point the Allstate rep goes into a rant trying to intimidate you into giving them bank info, etc. The rep states a summons is going to be served and has been filed with the court; states it will be served at home or employer. The rep will say you have committed various crimes. Mine were fraud and identity theft. He said something about me lying and taking a loan out as a “man” when I was a “woman” and that the information on my loan was for someone else. Kind of funny since the information is exactly where I live, my phone number, my legal name, etc.

    When you tell the rep you need the name of the company, location, and what court/county the case is filed in, he/she goes into a raging tirade. My rep, said “Let’s cut the BS” and went on about all kinds of fake criminal nonsense and hung up. He then IMMEDIATELY called back from a “private” number (probably to disassociate the harassment and threats to come to my home from an identifiable company telephone number). He accused me of lying about having an attorney, said I was gonna need one and he would “see me soon”.

    I have all this recorded and I am keeping a mini recorder with me ready to turn on whenever I get a call. It is important to record these conversations and write down every number that appears on your phone so the numbers can be traced by the authorities. Make sure you take down ALL names even though they are fake and write down the time of the call.

    A rep also called my dad stating he was looking for me because he had a warrant out for my arrest. He said he was from the District Attorney’s office and was a process server. He also said I was being charged with fraud. That was all in a message recorded in voice mail.

    No question, this is a group of criminal scammers at work.

    Some verifiable facts:

    The business licenses for the previous corporate names in Las Vegas were permanently revoked. You can verify that here:

    The active business license is now under a different company name and a different agent/officer:
    Type in Allstate International, Inc. The corporate agent/officer is YUNG-HO CHANG.

    The owner, Michael O’Connor, cannot be reached through his Canadian office, does not return calls, and lives in Canada.

    Here is the business license info for Canada under Allstate Financial Servies, Inc. Notice the address is the same as the one for the “new” corporate name at the same location in Las Vegas. The info is located at this web address The license is revoke, by the way.


    By now, you can see how convoluted this is. They change up names in attempts to avoid being located and being sued under the proper corporate name. Now he is changing corporate officer/agent name to mask his involvement.

    Since Allstate Financial no longer has a valid business license in Nevada, this Yung Ho Chang will be the person responsible for violations of the law. I wonder if she knows she can be held responsible.

    When one of these criminal imposters calls you and leaves that message or tells you he/she is a process server or agent of the court, ask them in what county/state. Check your state and see what they require for service of process. My state requires a sheriff or deputy sheriff to serve all civil and criminal summons and warrants or a process server who has been APPOINTED by the court of the county where I reside. Obviously some guy who lives in Nevada or Canada doesn’t qualify.

    When they tell you that you are going to be served a warrant for arrest for fraud, ask what kind of fraud. You cannot be arrested for a fraud someone accuses you of from an incorrect information on a loan form. You can be served a warrant for arrest for bank fraud (writing a bad check), but only after the person/entity holding the check has met the requirements spelled out in your state law for prosecution.

    A SUMMONS is not a criminal matter; it is a civil matter. You can not be arrested for losing a lawsuit and you must be served the papers through the court SHOWING the court stamps and case file WITH notary stamps made by the court notary who works for the court. Again, a guy from Nevada claiming to be a process server cannot come to your state and serve you. All process servers of any type must reside/LIVE/be a RESIDENT of the state AND, in most cases, be appointed by the county or city where the defendant lives.

    If any of these imposter criminals tell you they are a law enforcement official of any type, ask them where and ask for a badge number/ID number so you can verify it with the county/city/state law enforcement agency they say they work for. All police officers, sheriffs/deputy sheriffs and arresting officials of any type MUST give you that identification.

    Also, if anyone poses as a law enforcement agent and/or claims to have a warrant and/or detainment or claims to be representing any law enforcement agency, that person can be arrested. It is a felony to impersonate a law enforcement official.

    Is is also a felony to present counterfeit court documents and/or to forge the signatures of Judges and/or other court officials and/or to counterfeit official court seals and notaries.

    In my case, I was told to arrange a “meeting” place to pick up my summons/court documents. NEVER EVER DO THAT!!!! These people are most likely criminals and could rob you, detain you, hurt you, etc.

    The fact is that the claims to be holding a warrant/summons and claims to be an officer of the court or law enforcement in an attempt to get you to give them money is CLEAR extortion.

    The fair debt collection laws allow you to have your legal fees paid by the defendant when found guilty. Look up an attorney who handles consumer law or fair debt collections law and they may take your case for no up front payment.

    If you have been told the person calling you is an officer of law enforcement or an agent of the court and that if you don’t pay them money they will serve a warrant or summons on you, THAT is EXTORTION. If that happens, and you have the phone call recorded and you can identify it came from this company, you can file charges and have the person arrested. Working for a company/corporation and extorting money from people at that companies direction does not excuse the employee from being charged and arrested with extortion. Extortion is ALWAYS individually charged, regardless. Some people think if they break the law as an employee that they are exempt from arrest. Not at all true.

    My feeling is that these people who work for this company are complete idiots,criminals themselves, or both. I would lay money down that some of these extortionists already have criminal records.

    I read 2 accounts online from former employees of these companies who said the employees would break out in arguments and fist fights right in the office! They said the Las Vegas police were constantly coming to the place and arresting people for assault and other criminal charges.

    I’m in the process now of getting the paperwork done with a fair debt practices attorney who is going to file suit based on the recorded messages I have received and those received by my father who also recorded them.

    I am also going to file extortion charges against the 2 people who called, AND the company president of record.

    We will see what happens.

    • Jennifer Coney says:

      I have these folks at the top of my list! I even recorded a phone conversation with one of these employees, Michael Green. In fact, I want to one day thank him for his actions, because he only propelled me into wanting to go to law school! And trust me, he is first on my list whenever I get my license! And you are correct, they are committing extortion. I contacted one of my friends who works with the US Attorney’s Office to see if anyone has filed a class action lawsuit against this company. I even went so far as to speak with a Senior Investigator with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I have so much documentation on this company I could probably have whomever is now over this company put in jail for a very long time and fined a substantial amount of money. The only reason why my issue was resolved was because I understood my rights, who to contact, and how to address the issues. I even talked to my state’s Attorney General’s office about filing a civil suit, but, as with many state laws, we do not have a supplemental law with correlates with the federal consumer laws. So, we were unable to proceed with the lawsuit. However, if I could get people to come forward, we might have a really good chance at a substantial class action lawsuit. The person you referenced actually held a position on the Nevada Financial Commission, who of course regulates the collection actions of collection agencies within the State of Nevada. Like I said, I did a thorough research of this Michael Green, and his company. I was actually accused of “harassing” him to get an erroneous entry removed from my credit report. An account which was paid off 3 years prior. I asked him how he acquired this account, of course no answer. Then I asked him why they had not removed the entry within the 120 day timeframe set forth by the FTC, regarding updates to accounts. No, answer. In fact he screamed at me, accused me of harassment, and hung up on me and my husband. The recording is quite humorous!

  38. Maria says:

    THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO DEAL WITH. They are dishonest and a thief! Sometime in December 2010, one of their agent, Karen, called me, threaten me and will not stop harassing me. We came up to an agreement and I settled my account in full. I asked for a confirmation receipt, she told me they don\’t email anything to clients but will mail the Confirmation Receipt to my address. Now, after one year and 2 month, same person called me harassing me again to pay the same credit card that i settled with her but this time the account was just transferred to another agent of the same company. The guy was asking me to produce a proof of settlement!!! which i do not have because the confirmation receipt was never mailed to me!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!!!!! I HOPE AND PRAY TO GOD THAT THEIR SOULS WILL BURN IN HELL!!!

  39. annon says:

    I used to work for Allstate Financial and the people calling you threating you are just trying to scare you into paying. They cant get a summons and they cant get a court order for your arrest. There just scare tactics to get you out of your money.. If you bounce a check the only thing you have to worry about is the 25 dollar nsf charge on your account. The only reason they call and say its fraude is because its effects there commission and takes money out of there pockets.. They are a bunch of crooks and I’m glas i no longer work for them.. Couldnt stand that Las Vegas office and the people in it.

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