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What are the Rules that Debt Collectors Must Follow

The Fair Credit Debt Practices Act was put in place to make sure that debt collection agencies do not harass consumer when they are reach out to these consumers about collecting debt. What are those rules exactly? Here are some of the actions that are prohibiting based on this law:

  • These debt collection agencies are only allowed to contact consumers via phone during certain hours. Right now these hours are determined as- 8am to 9pm.
  • Constant and continuous contact to consumers is not prohibited. This is considered an annoyance and harassment to the consumer and is not allowed. These companies should not be taking such actions to badger these consumers that owe money.
  • If the consumer has specifically indicated that they cannot or do not wish to receive communications at their place of work, the debt collection agencies can no longer (unless it is during the initial attempt) call these individuals at their jobs. If you are continuously getting called at your work, then you need to contact an attorney immediately to get that to stop right away. Call Francis and Mailman to help- 877-735-8600.
  • If the consumer has an attorney representing them, the debt collection company can no longer contact the consumer directly. All call and contact must be done through the attorney first.
  • If the consumer has requested that the debt collection company validate a debt- the debt collection company cannot contact them within 30 days.
  • The debt collection agencies cannot use abusive tactic such as abusive and profane language, threatening language and actions, lying, disclosing the consumers debt information publicly and much more.

If any of the above has happened- contact Francis and Mailman today.








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