American Credit Collections, LLC.

Address P.O. Box 264
City Taylor
State Pennsylvania
Zip Code 18517
Phone 1 866-760-6205
Phone 2 570-207-3383
Phone 3 866-760-6205
Phone 4 570-504-0751 (Mtg.)
Fax 570-207-3386
ACC, LLC Entity Creation Date: 09/14/2005
State of Business: PA

American Credit Collections is a third party debt collection recovery service.  The company is a member of the American Collectors Associate (ACA) and the local Chamber of Commerce.  According to their site, they will use whatever measure necessary to recover costs owed- under the federal and state laws.

Unethical Practices

Most debt collections claim to follow the law when trying to recover debts owed, but in true practice sometimes they cross the line.  Some debt collection agencies may use abusive and obscene language, threaten and lie to you.  They may call at all hours of the night or super early in the morning to annoy you and frustrate you.  They may lie about the amount you owe and the fees and interest you have incurred.  They could call you at your place of employment despite you telling them not to.  They may even try to reach you on social networks like Facebook.

If you have experienced any of these practices when dealing with a debt collection agency, then it is probably time to speak with a lawyer and get a good team of attorneys on your side.

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  1. Mrs. Anonymous says:

    Dont do business with them!!! dont give them any personal bank or other info!!!Be warned!!!!!!

  2. MISSY says:

    I think this company is crap! They say that I owe them a ton of money but low and behold there is nothing on my credit reports to back this up. They cant produce anything documentation either. Oh and they will tell anyone who answers the phone your business!!!!!!!!!

  3. dara ditonno says:

    i am having a very bad experience with this company the people working there are very rude i need someone to contact me (supervisor)

  4. Lydia says:

    They just called for me ten times and told my room mate they really need to talk to me because I won ten million dollars!!! BULLSH*T

  5. annonymos says:

    i have one of my worst experience with this company. the employees are and u couth. i was unlucky to talk to a woman called KIM.. she should be fired she is ignorant.. no people skills and rude .. since i was born i have never been yelled at or hang up on by customer service.her boss on the other hand is very professional.. please train your worker dont pick unlearned bitter women from the streets

  6. annonymos says:

    I have been called several times by this company. They keep telling everyone who answers their calls that I owe money. The funny thing is that I included everything in my bankruptcy last year. They have no right to contact me at all.

  7. rachel says:

    this company needs to be investigated and shut down. a man named bernard davis called my father threatening to have me arrested if he didnt give him 1000 dollars. threatened me with lawsuits and questioning in a very rude manner how i was raised. he insulted my husbands character several times this company is crossing the line and they still have yet to prove debt is real. they are even calling my neighbors harrassing them.

  8. Seanzie says:

    These people just deducted $100 from my account without notice or authorization! These people will be reported to the BBB and I will file charges against them.

  9. anonymous says:

    they are rude and will not disclose any information to you about your account. They will yell at you and degrade you. These people have no sense of being curtious or professional. i will report them to the BBB.

  10. Carmen Palko says:

    Why does this business still exist???? They called me out of the blue, and harassed me. It was the most horrible experience ever.

  11. anonymous says:

    This fella has been leaving theatrical messages on my voicemail for ages. He loves to alternate between good cop/bad cop so that half of the messages sound nearly courteous and professional and the rest are disgusted character assaults and threats. Sometimes he’ll switch mid-message! Starting with a rude attack then gracelessly shifting into nervous-sounding concern. I’ve been saving his messages lately since they make both he and American Credit Collections liable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  12. torry says:

    I owed money to Penn Foster school, I called them to settle and start paying on it. Jimmy Evans said I could settle for 550. Ive had some problems paying it and ended up getting fees tacked on to where ive already paid 750 to them. In december he said it was my last one, now exactly a month later he is calling me saying my payment is due and it was declined. I thought i was done in december and he waited a month later to contact me and say I owe more money.

  13. anonymous says:

    The district justice dimissed the case against me by ACC for lack of proper evidence that I owed the debt they claimed. Fight these guys if you can. Hire an attorney. But do not let them take your hard earned money. I had the exact same experience with Bernard Davis as #10 above. He tried telling me a judgement had been made against me because I didn’t attend the hearing (changed due to a continuance when I notified the DJ I intended to defend). This was clearly intendentional to pressure me to settle and an obvious violation of fair debt collection law. These people are so aggressive they will likely refile in the common pleas court but it was worth hearing the DJ say “case dismissed.”

  14. JHM says:

    They called about a medical bill that was coded wrong for insurance payment – that was subsequently corrected and paid by my insurance – from more than 7 years ago. Not my problem someone failed to correct their paperwork. Worse, these people bought a pile of old debt and just started sending out demand letters from their “In-House Counsel” Too bad, first of all it was a billing error, second, it had already been corrected and paid and third, it was already 4 years past the statute of limitations for my state – so – I told them to go pound sand.
    I was nice enough to give them the name of the facility to call to get the RIGHT information on how and when it was paid. I doubt they’ll even follow up. The parting shot on the phone was – “we’ll put this on your credit report and it will be there for seven years!!” I just told them to go for it. I’m a Dave Ramsey convert, we don’t use or need credit!!

  15. Ashley says:

    this company called me one day and threatened legal action when I first answered the phone. The woman who called me says right away “THIS IS YVONNE AND I AM SUING YOU!” I had never heard of this company before. After getting to the bottom of the situation and verifying I did owe an amount(not the amount they originally claim) I did pay them. It is now 3 months later and they are STILL reporting to my credit report as derogatory. I have been calling to find out why they have not reported as settled and kept getting voicemails with no return phone calls. I finally got ahold of someone by the name of GABE and he informs me VERY rudely that they are suing me and theres nothing I can do. I called back today and finally was connected to John Russell and he also was extremly rude saying to me “Ma’am I advise you watch your tone with me” at which point I advised him I was recording the phone calls so I advised him to watch his threats. This company is EXTREMELY unprofessional and try to intimidate you. I STRONGLY recommend if you have to deal with this company, record all phone calls and get an attorney. These people are horrible and despicable. I am still waiting to see if they actually hold up there part. I have a funny feeling I will be getting a lawyer to contact them.

  16. KK says:

    This company is not licensed to collect any debt from me in my state. Just go to your state Dept of Financial & Professional Regulation and look up a license for any company who is trying to collect a debt. If they are not licensed to do business in your state you can file a complaint. Also know your rights as a consumer if any debt collection agency says they will have your wages garnished, have you arrested, give information to a 3rd party, calling you at work when you already told them to, wont send a debt validation letter. There are several lawyers out there that will file a lawsuit against the company for $1000 and you will get 75% of that portion. Don’t allow these companies to harrass you.

  17. sarah says:

    This co. has an odd process of doing anything. I never got a call or any mail from them to settle. Next thing I know last Nov I beging to get mailings from lawyers offering bankruptcy options before I get a judgement. Then the first of 2011 I get served. I hire an attorney and the battle begins. First they tried to payoff a judge to just enter judgement and that went totally wrong. My attorney filed all sorts of motions and then they wanted to arbitrate. I said no based on his advice. So then they wanted to go to trial but the attorney dropped the ball so everything went back to the inhouse attorney. Guess they spent enough in Fee’s and it was getting close to what they paid for it which they will not tell me. I even offered to settle for $3k and they said no. I think they bought mine for about $5k. So the inhouse attorney in May just says guess we will just go to court. It has been almost 5 months now with no word. My attorney has heard not a peep from them and I am like what is going on? He said they have to make the next move. So I am like what next move?? I thought we were going to trial. He says just wait until we hear something. Such an odd company.

  18. Randolph Aaron says:

    I just had a conversation with one Julie from this company who asked if “I had nothing else better to do with my life than calling up people, and Collections Agencies to booth” I was sooo mad at the unprofessionalism and arrogance of this employee of ACC.

  19. Janice Stelly says:

    This company is the WORST collections company i have ever delt with. They are RUDE, ARRAGANT, SNOBBISH and have a “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, I JUST WANT THE MONEY” attitude. They should be totally RETRAINED on how to SPEAK and DEAL with people. I am going to seek FURTHER ACTION against this company.

  20. corey windom says:

    um…i have a few things in collections so iv dealth with alot of the things everyone is complaining about but fort what it is worth the reason a collector will tell whoever answers the phone your business is because they hope it will embarris you into paying, if it seems like the collector has an attitude…well wouldnt you if you got yelled at all day when your just trying to do your job,…look at it like this. If someone owed you 5,000 bucks wouldnt you do anything and everything to get paid or would you just say “oh well its ok that they owe me, im gonna leave them alone so i dont bother them” like i said, i owe money to people myself but i get really tired of hearing peple complain about something that is their fault and that they can make go away by just doing what they promised to do in the first place….most of you need to grow up and accept some responsibility. if u want to be left alone either pay your bills or dont borrow the money

    • Ive actually paid my debt off back in 2008 but they claim i did not. It was a loan i took out for our wedding. They took out 170 and then we had some issues with our bank so we had to close out the account. when i asked if they could send me paperwork on it i was told the great Bernard Davis gets paid alot of money for his time and that if i didnt want to comply with the payments that hed just take me to court. Yes i was getting mad and i did yell once he kept cutting me off wouldnt listen to a thing i said all because i made mention of talking to an attorney. I just wanted to know my rights and i was told i can request paperwork. Then i asked what his company did and he was so rude just plain out mean he said we handle matters outside of the court and that was all he said. Then i tried to ask what else he says you know what ill just take off the payment agreement and well see you in court..anybody have any information on what i should…im up for suggestions

  21. Erika says:

    This company is every rude the guy brain Lawson called the other night saying I owe money which I knew that then he put me on hold for a while . This morning he called and left a message on my phone saying I must have a shitty life I just want this guy to stop harrssent me . He said the cops will come for me

  22. Rebecca Hoover-Bohar says:

    I was a paralegal for this company from 2010-2012. They are suing under names they arent registered as,

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