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Debt collection agencies use questionable tactics far too often.  So how bad does it get?  Some debt collection agencies have been known to use threats, involve police and law firms, contact you via a social network, and even use extremely offensive language.  Check out some of the worst debt collection offenders.  These companies clearly did not follow the laws stated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Debt Collector Laws

Let’s try to better understand what debt collector can and cannot do when talking with you. They cannot:

  • Use profanity when talking with you.
  • Imply guilt or even threaten you. You cannot be arrested for owing debt- this is not a criminal offense.  Debt collectors cannot threaten to have you arrested and thrown into jail.
  • Lie to you.  They cannot claim to be a lawyer or falsify any paperwork.
  • Lie about amount owe.  They must be truthfully about the debt you owe and who you owe it to.
  • Share your information publicly.  They are not allowed to publicly display your debt information anywhere, which means that they cannot use this as a threat as well.

If you are dealing with debt collectors it is very important to understand your rights so that you are not bullied and pushed around by these people.  Hold your ground.

Call Francis and Mailman- 877-735-8600.  We can go over the laws- Fair Debt Collection Practices Act- with you so you can better understand your rights as a consumer and a debtor.  We are here to help you.

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