An $18 Million Lesson in Handling Credit Report Errors

August 6th, 2013 by Jim Francis

The New York Times reports one woman’s fight to clear her credit report of errors. Read on…

Unfortunately, We’re Not Surprised. We See it All the Time

I wish I could say that this was the first time of our seeing a fact pattern like this but unfortunately our firm has represented many consumers with the same mixed file problem.

Generally, in the case of a credit reporting error or false background check, if the first dispute doesn’t get the information corrected, the consumer will have seek legal help from a consumer protection lawyer who has experience litigating against the industry.

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  1. david henry says:

    I am currently fighting with Equifax who reported that I had a new address on file. A quick canvassing of Public records revealed that this person shared a similar sounding name with me. Further investifation showed the man had a federal tax Lein against him, with ss#; and a spouse (I am not married); I sppoke with Experian, who insisted I give all of the info I had on this person. Is this cause for fraud alert in my files??

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