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Aurora, Gold and Associate is just one company of many that seeks to recover debts owed by consumers just like you.  Unfortunately in many cases, these debt collection agencies will use unlawful and questionable practices in order to get paid.  Although you may owe the debts that the collection agency rep is talking to you about, you have rights as a consumer.

Consumer Protection

The attorneys at Francis and Mailman LLC are dedicated to protect consumer and their rights when it comes to credit, credit reports, collection agencies and all other reporting.  We work with the laws that were put in place to protect you from those that have violated the law in order to get money out of you.

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According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act– if you win your claim against a debt collection agency, that company must pay all attorney fees along with any damages owed.  This means that if you have been harassed or they have violated your rights, your dealing with us is free to you.

Call our dedicated team today to discuss your case.  We want to hear about all contact.  If you have any notes, be sure to mention that as well.  Once you retain us, these agencies can no longer contact you directly, they must go through us for all conversation.

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Address 634 Main Street, #200
City East Aurora
State New York
Zip Code 14052
Phone 1 716-652-2890
Phone 2 888-295-5795
Phone 3 716-652-2890
Fax 716-652-8916

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  1. William Tudor says:

    I have been harassed by Newburyport Capital (aka Aurora Gold) since December of 2007. I do not know how many different attorneys they have went through until they finally found one in Kentucky that has filed a suit in court. In fact, when Aurora first contacted me in Dec. of 2007, they knew personal information such as how much my wife and I paid for our house and what the monthly payments were on it. I’m not sure what information you need or even if I have a case. Anything you might be able to let me know, though, would certainly be helpful.

  2. JH says:

    I too have been harassed by this company and have filed suit in Massachusetts. I found out today that they filed dissolution, meaning that they are no longer operating. Are they still calling you as I noticed your post is less than two months ago. If so then they are doing it independently or under Cohen, Connelly and Crain. I am hoping you’ll see this and respond.

  3. A Sug says:

    They changed names and are after me for a loan I paid off in good standing a long time ago. Where the hell did they get my new personal info? Why is there only ext. 500 when you call….usually busy.? The guy on the phone does not even know that some words on the credit report are Real Words!!!. Lets get him. I have enought to start a lawsuit.

  4. J F says:

    I’m 70 years old and do not have any debts, don’t know
    why they would call me..
    I have caller ID, so no answer from me….

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