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Being harassed by a debt collector that won’t stop calling you? Your are not alone. Thousands of consumers are being called about their debt today. And in many cases the debt collection agencies are using very questionable tactic to try to collect debts that are owed.

Todays Struggling Economy

There is no doubt that many of us are struggling to stay on top of our bills. Debts owed are piling up and we cannot keep up. Many reasons contribute to this- medical expenses, pending or current divorce, loss of job, lawsuit, and so much more. When the bills start to pile up, this is often coupled with the dreaded calls from debt collection agencies. They call and call to the point of annoyance, they may call really late at night or even super early in the morning, they may you threatening or even abusive language when trying to recover money that is owed to the creditor.

The Rights of the Debtor

You may not know this, but even though you owe money- you still have rights. You should read up on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. There are many items outlined that protect you from abusive actions that these debt collection agencies sometimes take.


You also have the right to an attorney if you feel as if your rights have been violated. Francis and Mailman can be your experience attorneys who are ready to take your case.

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