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Is Bay Area Credit Services calling you at work or threatening to sue you? Are they calling your friends and family about the money you owe? Are they calling you all hours of the day and night, making your life miserable?

Stop Bay Area Credit Services Harassing Collections

If those phone calls sound familiar, it’s time to fight back! Get the harassment stopped immediately. Some debt collectors do whatever it takes to collect their money. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you are protected from harassing, intimidating and abusive tactics that collection agencies like Bay Area Credit Services may use.

Bay Area Credit Services may not contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night. Bay Area Credit Services may not contact you at work if they’re told (orally or in writing) that you’re not allowed to get calls there. This is only a couple of very common tactics, but not even the worst illegal debt collection practices that may be used.

If your rights have been violated by Bay Area Credit Services, under the FDCPA you have the right to sue them for damages.

Hire Consumer Protection Law Firm Francis & Mailman

When debt collectors like Bay Area Credit Services are disrupting your life with harassing phone calls and threatening you, it’s time to call a consumer protection attorney. They know your rights under the FDCPA and can make sure that you are awarded any damages that you may be entitled.

It does not matter if you owe the debt or not, Bay Area Credit Services, must follow the law.

If you have tried to dispute a debt and need help, or if you are being harassed by Bay Area Credit Services, fill out our quick form, or call now for your free case review 1-877-735-8600.

Bay Area Credit Services Contact Information

Address 1000 Abernathy Rd  Building 400, Suite 195
City Atlanta
State GA
Zip Code 30328
Phone 1 678-229- 5010
Phone 2 408-392-4400
Phone 3 877-377-0269
Phone 4 800-454-2227
Fax 1 408-392-4520
Fax 2 720-488-4296

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  1. James Larabee says:

    Previous employer send check for a medical bill they were liable for. With the check they send a letter explaining their liability and requesting that my record be clear. They request that the check be returned if this was not possible. Bay Area cashed the check and refused to clear the account. Three months latter the credit report is the exact same. They have lied several times and ignored certified letters requesting a statement on the status of the account.

  2. vonceil perdue says:

    I dispute matter the bill of 1-313-535-8336 I moved out and had thephone service disconnect on april-01-2007 my bill was transfered to my new number refence acct 79295438

  3. John says:

    About five years ago the insurance company Aetna paid a bill to American Medical Response. I was told this bill was paid. The insurance company screwed up the payment and neither company bothered to let me know I owed money.

    Several months later I got a phone call from a person from a collection agency saying I owe money and it must be paid now or it would go on my credit report.

    There is no way I am giving a credit card number or any other information over the phone. I told him I have to verify if what he said was correct. He also had a very old home address.
    Since this sounded like a scam I was going to file a police report for fraud but decided to research the company to see if it is real.
    I took a few weeks of dealing with Aetna Insurance and these creeps to get Aetna to pay most of the bill. Aetna wouldn’t pay the outrageous interest these creeps charged me. I still want to get back the three hundred the collection agency charge me plus five years interest.
    The local newspaper San Jose Mercury News has a consumer column called Action Line. They ran a story about someone else having almost the exact same problem.

  4. Dr. John T COFFEY III says:

    Check did not have to CLEAR it was Cashier\’s Check with almost 30 days into it and NO RECEIPT and would NOT Fax either. About ready for Court for FCRA Violations. BEWARE!They want the funds NOW but to give payment receipt, on THEIR TIME.

  5. John f. Warman says:

    I was contacted by my ex wife about a bill i was suposed to owe this company. I had a phone #1-866-882-7666 to contact Roy I ask this person what this is all about he could not tell me, Iasked for their address he would not give it to me. he said he just hung up on John Warman I said how could he be talking to me as i was on the phone waiting for him, he told me that i was not the one he was looking for I ask how he got my exwife,s phone # as Ihavent any contact with her for 40 years, he would not tell me and hung up on me.Piss pore company.

  6. Christopher Pissedoff says:

    Bay Area Credit Service purchased my debt from AT&T, when I arranged to pay them they set up a withdrawl date to charge my debit card, sent me a letter informing me of the exact amount of the charge two days before it hit, and then extracted a $4 service fee on the date of the transaction that made the much larger payment amount get declined. No informing of a ‘service fee’ in the letter or on the phone, and no consent on my part to pay it. When I called them about it they said that they charge this ‘service fee’ any time that they accept your payment. A fee for paying you ? What Bull !

    Now they won’t reverse the fee, or have 4 bucks knocked off of the total I owe. I just get sent roundabout from one know nothing Indian call center worker to another.

    They have started calling my Father’s cell phone number and harassing him about my debt as well. Clear violators of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I’ll be calling the Attorney General in my state before giving them one thin dime.

  7. John John says:

    Bay Area Credit is harrassing me over an account for my son. We set the account up and paid the monthly payments faithfully to AT&T every month. We dropped their service in early spring when they would not repair the line to my son’s house. We went with a different service but was caught up with them when we cancelled the service. They sent a bill for services not rendered and then turned it over to Bay Area when I refused to pay. Bay Area Credit is a very beligerant company and wants information I will not give over the phone. I am not sure this company branch exists. The number they called me from was 866-882-7666. Spoke with Andrew, then Mr Anderson then AJ. To Mr John T Coffee 111… I did get the address from them. I talked to three different people but their bosses were in a meeting. Convenient huh.

  8. #8 Patty Koon says:

    Bay Area Credit Service purchased my debt from AT&T Cell phone Company when I arranged to pay them they set up a withdrawl date to charge my debit card, and then extracted a $4 service fee on the date of the transaction. $184.00 was withdrawn from my banking account, however Bay Area Credit Collectors started calling me again 2 months later stating I never paid the amount and would like to set up payment arrangement. I went and pulled up my on -line banking information and looked up the date it cleared my bank account as a AUTODRAFT. I told the (non-speaking English India-sounding man) this and he said it was returned to me they never got the payment, I went to the bank sat with the representative and she confirmed that the payment was indeed deducted by BAY AREA CREDIT. I faxed proof of the bank statement showing the deduction, ( no account information showing of course)to Bay Area Credit, but I still continue to recieve “collection calls”
    I have tried speaking to a manager by the name of Mark Robinson who is “never in the office” I am now in the process of contacting an attorney to clear this account. My advise from experience and from the advise of a bank rep. NEVER PAY A BILL COLLECTOR!! ONCE THE BILL COLLECTOR CALLS YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CLEAR UP A DEBT!! IT WILL STILL GO TO THE CREDIT BUREAU AND THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY AND NEVER CLEAR THE DEBT!! that is exactly what as happened to me! I am out of $ 184.00 and still can’t clear the debt…
    Clear violators of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I’ll be calling the Attorney General in my state before giving them one thin dime.

  9. Kari Hollenbeck says:

    We have made our pmts and they still keep calling all day and night…And they don;t listen to what we have told them but we are following threw on our end of the deal….very very fustrated.

  10. S E Shoesmith says:

    Calling from a new number now: 800-399-2019. It must be an automated outdial system as it calls at the same times EVERY day: twice in the morning (8:30am & 10:45am) and about 3-4 times from noon-9pm.

  11. mindy says:

    Got a missed call from this comp., so I called back an hour later. A woman (Spanish accent, un-professional, not even introduce herself on the phone)said I owed $500+ to an Ambulance Service. I was freaked out and said: “I’ve never used this service before, and even if I did, my insurance company would have pay for it”. I asked what the name of the Ambulance Service, time, and place i’ve used. Then the woman apologized and said it’s already been paid by my insurance.And since it’s been paid, she wasn’t able to pull out the info. Surprisedddd…within 1 hour, everything was clear. So I asked what insurance paid for it, she again apologized for not being able to give out that info because the system has not been updated yet.

  12. Hugh says:

    I was unable to make payment for my cell phone due to zero income for the past 4 months. They spelled my name wrong when called so officially I don’t know the person they are trying to contact. I know ATT had the correct spelling. This collection service charges $184 just to have the privaledge of paying what you owe to them on top of what you really owe.

  13. Dennis Waller says:

    I am disputing a bill from AT@T for approx. $290.00. I requested service disconnect on 10/27/2011 due to moving at that time. I am now being billed for services up to 09/06/2011. I have called AT&T & disputed the bill numerous times. They agree with me over the phone & send a revised bill, then will send another bill after that with a larger amount. I presently use AT&T at my new residence with out problem or threat of disconnect. I do not understand!The last person I talked to at AT&T told me if I had a confirmation # to give them they could take care of, This is after he looks at the records & acknowledges that I called in on 07/27/2011 to have my services transferred to my new place of residence.

  14. jackie says:

    had a medical bill. insurance paid, i paid co-pay, yet they still trying to collect money. what a sham!

  15. youngblood57 says:

    i want you to know that this company has automatic debit my checking account with my bank causing me to be overdrawn and the bank charges $38.00 ea time . when will this stop. they get your info up front then they can rip you off any time for any amount. looks like they should pass a law unless you go to your bank and fill out some type of paper no one can just take what amount they want when they want. you can bet i will be filling a dispute with the bank on this one. ticked off

  16. Ruth Yolanda Scott says:

    I am writing this letter to dipute the amount AT&T staes i owe I am willing to pay $50.00 weekly to the Bay Area collctions in the amount of totaling $500.00 Due to me informing AT&T I was having difficulty with my brother in law holding his agreement for the phone. I was then laid off only living off of unemployment weekly. I did not agree to terminate service with them therefore i should not have to pay for termination fees.

  17. AVIN PATRICK says:


  18. Spencer says:

    I am writing this because a supervisor with Bay Area Credit Services did not want to hear my dispute about a bill with Wells Fargo Dealeres Services, Inc. I provided all documents required for this matter to be taken off my credit report, but the supervisor did not want to let me speak & hung the phone up in my face while I was talking & would not pick-up after many call backs. This took place on 1/17/2012 @ 1:20 PM. I provided info to Ms E. Brown on 1/13/2012 about this matter with all my copies to show that I had insurance on my car during the time in question. I will forward all of my info to the Better Business Bureau about this matter dealing with Bay Area Credit Services. When people hangup on Collectors I see why that takes place now, I didn’t understand before today.

  19. James says:

    They have been calling me for two months asking if I was a David Nelson…I’m not, but they gave me no chance to tell them until today. I’m now thinking about getting a lawyer and suing their butts off for harassing me for two months without actually speaking to me. They got the wrong guy…I bite back!

  20. Terry says:

    I just asked them to send me something in the mail, they claimed they sent it then I said could you e-mail me something? they could not what kind of fly by nite company are we dealing with?

  21. Outraged says:

    I financed a truck with Wells Fargo. After two years of no late payments I couldn’t keep the truck anymore. It got repo’d and Bay Area Credit picked up the account. I have been paying on this account for two years but they refuse to change it’s status to current and to show that I’m making payments on it. I was just laid off and told them I cannot keep paying the account because unemployment is 65% of my salary. They are now harassing me stating they will take me to court and garnish my wages. Being unemployed, I have no choice. Very rude on the phone not to mention they call me everyday to try to set up a payment plan. Harassment at its finest.

  22. jaywu says:

    my dad open an new account on AT&T u-verse internet home services two months ago, we always pay bill on time,just received a money collection letter from bayarecredit. asking me to pay $99 dollars, wondering how did they find my information, eventhought they have their website and phone number stuff, i google it, finally found this page…thank you guys,

  23. Rich says:

    This company is tryin to collect on a bill from 2009 that dosnt exist it’s 2012 very rude ignorant people have no info on nothing u need but a ready n willing to take a payment I won’t pay them a dime they have to prove to me that is a lagitement bill from 3 years to now the wont get a penny from me

  24. John Jav. says:

    I received a letter from Bay Area Credit saying I owed AT&T $112.00 for an account that I’ve never had. In fact I have two Iphones right now for my wife and I and the balance shows $0 ZERO and fully paid. Heck, it’s on Auto Pay and my company even chips in some so I’m blown away. This account doesn’t exist, so I’d beware if you get a letter from them.
    What a shame.

  25. D Palmer says:

    Bay Area has contacted me and I’m actually reasonably sure that the account is valid, but I can’t get written confirmation of the account from them. They’ve called me multiple times and have told me that they have mailed something and it should be at my house in a (few) days. One of the representatives (Mr. Jackson) and his supervisor (also Mr. Jackson) have offered to send emails, which is fine, and have told me to expect the emails in 6 – 8 days. A process that should take minutes. No emails have arrived. After the email promise, a supervisor named Norman told me that they did not send emails, but when I talked with him again the next week he said that they had sent me emails. They keep asking what else I need to settle the debt, and keep telling them written verification of the debt and they keep telling me they sent it. So I filed a complaint with the USPS stating simply that Bay Area in Atlanta was claiming that it was sending me first class mail and I wasn’t receiving it. (The postal service customer service rep was very helpful and also doubtful that they were sending it at all.) USPS gave me a tracking number for the account and I gave it to Bay Area and instructed them to contact the USPS if the “delivery failure” continues so that the letters can be tracked on both ends. I have also suggested to Bay Area that they send the letters registered mail, postage-due, which will not cost them a penny. But I’ve gotten a lot of excuses about why they can’t do it.

  26. Gary says:

    I cancelled my AT&T service on 10/26/13. I was behind in my payment 2 months and my service was already shut off. I recieved my final AT&T bill on 11/6/2013 and on 11/8/2013 I get a call from Bay Area demanding that I set up a payment or they would put it on my credit report. This is only 2 days after I recieved my final bill from AT&T. I find it hard to believe that AT&T has sent my bill to collections?. Come on now I didn’t even get a chance to make a partial payment to AT&T. I will not deal at all with Bay Area. If this goes on my credit report they will be hearing from my lawyer and maybe the Missouri Attourney General.

  27. BJC says:

    I just now paid an “overdue bill” to Bay Area Credit Service that I don’t believe I ever owed, and I certainly never received the original bill from AT&T. How and why is it legal that I must pay to a collections agency a bill that I never received from the original company? And a $5 fee on top of that? I have lived in the same home for 7+ years, so it’s not like the bill got lost in the mail. Plus, the credit company refused to give me a receipt or a confirmation number or anything, very sleazy.

  28. Schmidt says:

    These people keep asking for my grown daughter who has not lived with us for 8 years and really has not been in contact with us. You really have to pretend you are the person they are seeking to talk to anyone in this company, and even if you say you are not the person and don’t know the person their computer just keeps calling and calling. I sent them a notice on their website not to contact us and I actually got a confirmation number. If they do not stop calling me I am going to take legal action. I don’t like these bill collectors who annoy people, and can’t even fix their stupid automated computers. I might even complain to the better business bureau about them. I’ve had problems with creditors in the past calling about a person not even remotely related to me, and even if you block the number, they just keep on calling.

  29. piddles says:


    If you do have any outstanding debt, pay it off as quickly as you can and get proof of the payments in writing. If you don’t have any outstanding debt, go ahead and call the company back and ask what the call is about. If it is a collection agency, ask for proof of the debt in writing. Under federal law, they are required to provide you proof of debt if requested.

    If you feel you are being harassed by a collection agency, report them immediately to the Federal Trade Commission. Harassment to collect a debt is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can find more information about that here.

    You can file a complaint with the FTC here.

  30. Sandy says:

    Repeated calls, no one will give me information about the debt until I give my address and bank name. Agent became irate when I said I wouldn’t give any personal information until I know what it’s about. I filed a complaint against the company.

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