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Berks Credit & Collections, Inc. is a small medical collections agency. If you have been contacted by Berks Credit and Collections it is most likely that they are trying to collect a medical debt.

Is Berks Credit and Collections a Scam?

Berks Credit and Collections is a real debt collection agency based out of Pennsylvania and are a part of AR Logix. Though they are a real debt collection agency, they may not follow the laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act FDCPA.

Is Berks Credit & Collections, Inc. Harassing You?

The FDCPA was put in place to protect consumers from harassing, intimidating, and abusive debt collection practices. Though there are laws in place, many collection agencies do not follow them. The FDCPA gives you the right to fight back. Under the FDCPA you have the right to sue debt collection agencies for damages when they violate any of your rights.

Common FDCPA Violations

  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Repeatedly use the telephone to annoy someone
  • Call before 8 AM or after 9 PM
  • Tell you that they are attorneys or government representatives, when in fact, they are not
  • Falsely imply that you have committed a crime
  • Misrepresent that they operate or work for a credit bureau
  • Misrepresent the amount of your debt

If you are being harassed or mislead by Berks Credit & Collections, Inc. it is time for you to take action and contact the consumer protection lawyers of Francis & Mailman

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Berks Credit & Collections, Inc. Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 329
City Temple
State Pennsylvania
Zip Code 19560
Phone 1 800-448-8709
Fax 610-916-7272

Ratings for
  1. Debbie Polish says:

    On 6/15/11 I spoke to several people in your company including Jennifer, Jessica and the manager of the office. All of your staff at this company are extremely rude, obnoxious and have a MAJOR attitude. I paid my debt and asked for a letter to show the full amount had been paid and was told that I have to fax a request or mail a letter. I have dealt with other companies that were much more friendly about providing a letter to reflect the full amount. What a process to go through. Also, I asked when do you notify the credit bureau and I was told 30 days. I had to ask several times from which date. I HOPE I NEVER NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOUR COMPANY AGAIN. YOU SUCK

  2. Janice says:

    Debbie, Run your credit repot to make sure the debt is satisfied. They have an obligation to do so and if they haven’t you have legal recourse you can take. Unfortuantly creditors aren’t trained proper customers service. They are trained one way and that is to think everyone is “bad” and a bad risk. I’ve delt with some creditors who actually showed compassion and big surprise they are the first ones I paid off!

  3. inessa walsh says:

    i have a debt from newton memorial hospital that may now belong to berks. i would like to pay this debt. please advise. thanks

  4. kel says:

    Cancer = 28 different places to pay. Newton Memorial DOUBLE billed both me and in the insurance company and I Have been waiting for them to send me a check for the overage. I was about to pay Berk’s w/ the check. I was told by a rep at Berk’s the other day that they would remove this from my credit report once paid. Today I was told they will not. I requested something in writing before I pay it, and they refused. We have always had perfect credit, but cancer…and four children and not having the income during my treatment–GOOD grief – S happens in life! Now it’s impossible to get back on our feet for seven years since it stays on our report. As if cancer isn’t awful enough, thanks for ruining my chances of getting my kid a college loan, getting a car in the future or getting a lower balance credit card. Hope that makes you feel good!

  5. Brad says:

    this company states they do not need to send any support for their charges as they contacted me once over 3 years ago. When i asked for support of the charges they said they would not send anything and when i advised them if i find this has been paid i would contact a lawyer they said they were hanging up for a threatening call.

  6. Jason says:

    Just received a letter advising me of my responsibility for a medical debt acquired by my 20 year old son. In my state the age of maturity (when someone can legally enter into a contract) is 18. They stated that because I have medical insurance that I am responsible regardless. I do not have a family insurance plan. The letter states that I can dispute the claim in writing within 30 day yet they do not provide an address, sent a certified letter 12 days ago to an address I found online and through USPS tracking, it seems as though the address doesn’t exist.

  7. Lisa says:

    I received correspondence from Berks regarding a doctors bill which I had been making payments on and was furious that the doctor turned it over to collection so I called the doctor to voice my displeasure and paid off the account. I was then contacted by phone some time later for collection on the same matter and informed that it was paid off and that they should contact the doctor. I contacted that doctors office who confirmed it was paid off and assured me they would let Berks know. It is now a year later and I just ran a credit report which not only shows the collection but also shows the debt still outstanding. The communications between this collector and his clients needs improvement. This is people credit that they are messing with.

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