• you-can-lose-your-job-because-of-bad-credit

    Credit errors can get you fired

    May 22nd, 2017

    You already know that you can lose a job because of errors on a background check, but errors on a credit report can also affect your employment. Background checks can often include your credit score; employers like to see what kind of financial risk their employees have. What’s good to keep in mind is that […]

  • chipcard

    Chip Slip: Security Issues with Chip Cards

    March 8th, 2017

    Chip-based credit cards are the new way to make a card transaction. The chip supposedly provides a more secure way to complete the transaction and keep your financial information safe. It works by randomizing the data sent to the card reader, making that information valid for one single transaction, versus the swipe method that had […]

  • Caught in the Act: How to Spot a Fake Debt Collector

    February 7th, 2017

    Look out: many consumers across the country receive phone calls from fake debt collectors. These phone calls could include demands on repaying a loan you never took out or an amount within a loan that wasn’t what you originally took out, among other situations. The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers like you to be wary […]

  • jim-francis

    Jim Francis comments on recent Spokeo decisions

    January 26th, 2017

    Jim Francis comments on recent Spokeo decisions from 3rd and 7th Circuits The Third and Seventh circuits on Friday offered their conflicting takes on whether a claimed statutory privacy violation is enough to establish standing under the U.S. Supreme Court’s Spokeo ruling, highlighting a potentially more welcoming atmosphere in the Third Circuit and placing a […]