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Are you being harassed by Capital Credit Services, Inc.?

Capital Credit Services is a collection agency that works for many creditors seeking or selling off debt owed.  Are you being contacted by debt collection agencies like Capital Credit Services?  Having issues with these companies and their employees disrespecting you?  This, unfortunately, is very common in the debt collection world. Debt collectors cannot abuse consumers, including behavior like:

  • Consistent calling of the debtor. Over and over again in the attempt to harass and annoy the debtor.
  • Calling super early in the morning or even really late at night. It is illegal for debt collectors or any telemarketers to call you before eight am and after nine pm. Learn about the laws and rules behind the Telephone Consumer Protection Act here.
  • Using obscene or offensive language when talking with the debtor. Threatening bankruptcy, imprisonment, loss of house and much more.  This is all strictly prohibited under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • These are just a few of the rules that debt collection agencies and companies must adhere to when contacting and dealing with a debtor about collecting debts that are owed.

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Contact Information for Capital Credit Services, Inc.

Address 1 872 Walker Road, #B
City Dover
State Delaware
Zip Code 19904-2700
Phone 1  800-272-0200
Fax (none)

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