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City Simi Valley
State California
Zip Code 93060-5180
Phone 1 855-448-3494
Fax 877-203-6828

Are you having issues with CardService or Ignite Payments?  Talk to our team of lawyers at 877-735-8600 to discuss your credit report, debt collection or credit repair issues.

Have errors on your credit report, cannot get them resolved, are they causing loan interest rates to go up?  Being harassed by debt collectors, getting calls really late at night, are the calls disrupting your family time? Have debt collectors threatened you, used abusive language, scared you?

You have rights under both the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  None of these practices above are legal and you can have them stopped or cleaned up.  Our law firm can you stop debt collectors from calling, get your credit report removed of errors, and even sue the offending credit reporting agencies or debt collection agencies if warranted.

We Are Ready to Step In

Dealing with these companies are never easy and are usually very stressful and frustrating. Let us take this on for you. We have experience in this and have helped hundreds of consumer dealing with very similar issues as you.

Call today to talk with our team about your concerns, we can go over the laws and your rights as a consumer. Take control of your life and your credit.

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