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Have errors on your Equifax Credit Report?

An error on your credit report can lower your credit score. A low credit score can be damaging and hurt you in many ways, including:

  • Much higher credit card interest rates
  • Higher home and car insurance premiums
  • Higher home mortgage interest rates
  • It can affect your U.S. government clearance
  • Higher private student loan interest rates
  • Loss of a job opportunity
  • Denial of loan and credit offers

5 Common Credit Report Errors

  • Outdated information
  • Clerical Errors
  • Mistaken or merged accounts
  • Identity theft
  • Inaccuracies on background checks and employment reports

Hire Francis & Mailman to Dispute Credit Report Errors

When there are errors on your credit report it can be difficult to get the errors fixed on your own. The consumer protection law firm of Francis & Mailman is on your side and their team of consumer protection lawyers are ready to fight for you, and make sure you are awarded any damages to which you are entitled.

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