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Don't let Experian Errors Ruin Your Credit

Credit report errors are all too common. That is why the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was put in place to help protect consumers. If you have received your Experian credit report and it has errors, it is important to dispute them as soon as possible to prevent them from doing any further damage to your credit.

Experian credit report errors can wreak havoc on your credit score. When your credit score goes down, due to Experian errors, it could be costing you money.

Experian Errors Can Cost You:

  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Higher interest rates
  • Loss of promotion or a job
  • Denial of a Home Mortgage Loan
  • Denial of a Rental Application
  • Denial of Credit

The FCRA also gives you the right to dispute Experian credit report errors. If you have tried to dispute their mistakes and they are not correcting them, it is time to get the help of the consumer protection lawyers at Francis & Mailman. You may be entitled to damages for the errors on your credit report. Fill out our free case review form to get started now.

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