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Don’t Let Credit Report Errors, Background Check Errors, Identity Theft, or Robo-Calls, go Unchallenged or Undisputed

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Have you’ve been denied credit, housing, or a job due to errors on your credit report or incorrect information on a criminal background check?

Whether it is a credit check for a home loan, or for leasing a home, or even a job, mistakes on your credit report can be devastating. Most commonly, your information may be mixed up with another person that has a similar name or address, or many times, credit reporting agencies are still reporting outdated negative information that should no longer be there.

Identity theft can also cause errors on your credit report, such as, accounts that you never opened, which can greatly impact your credit score, and the ability to get financing.

All of these errors can also lead to higher insurance premiums, interest rates, loss of job, denial of promotions, and more.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was put into place to protect consumers like you.

You have the right to dispute these errors with the credit reporting agency. After 30 days if they have not responded or corrected the credit report errors, you may be entitled to compensation.

When your credit report disputes and background check disputes go ignored, it can cause serious damage to your daily life. If the credit reporting agency is ignoring you, it’s time to get real legal help.

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Erin, Hope you are well! I closed on my house and wanted to thank you. You helped me get a better interest rate by fixing the BOFA issue, and the money helped me with a down payment (the settlement was higher than I expected). Picture attached. And thank you!!!!
Adam H.
I just wanna let you know we did receive the check and I really thank you for all your help on that and everything and appreciate it very very much.
Everette H.
Thank you for the great work you did for me! Helping me fix errors that ultimately let me get into a house -- which was my goal.
Adam H.
Thank you Counselor. Your office has  been very professional, courteous, and thoughtful.
Larry B.
Thank you for all your help these past months. I truly appreciate it.
Ms. N