The Marriott Starwood Data Breach: What Happened & Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

January 10th, 2019

Marriott International experienced a breach of its Starwood guest reservation database that exposed the personal information of up to 500 million people. This incident is considered one of the largest data breaches in the hotel industry. If your information was exposed in the Marriott Starwood data breach, or you suspect it was exposed, learn what […]

How to Avoid Identity Theft Over the Internet and Protect Yourself on Social Media

December 20th, 2018

With recent reports of data breaches at Facebook and Google Plus, the general public is now calling on major social media networks to redefine how they collect and use the information that’s published on a user’s profile. Many users are now realizing how easy it is for identity theft through social networking to occur. How […]

Family Identity Theft: What to Do if a Relative Steals Your Identity

November 29th, 2018

Fraud in the Family Identity theft among family members, also known as “familiar fraud,” is unfortunately a common source of how someone’s identity is stolen. In 2014, approximately 550,000 victims of identity theft and fraud said it was done by someone they knew. Sometimes it’s a matter of unauthorized credit card charges by a family […]

How to Avoid and Report Charity Scams

October 24th, 2018

After tragedy strikes or during the holiday season, you may feel inclined to donate to a charity that you want to support. Scammers know that people will be more determined to donate to charities at this time, and so they create fake charities in order to feed off the generosity of others. They will then […]