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Dealing With a Problematic Debt Collection Agency

Have you been dealing with an abusive debt collection agency and their representatives lately?  You are not alone, debt collection harassment practices is all too common.

Did You Know that You Can Sue a Debt Collection Agency?

It is true, that if you have proof that a debt collection and their representatives have failed to follow the laws that govern them and the debt collection industry- you can sue.

The Rules of the Debt Collection Agency

These agencies must follow the laws under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Following strict contact hours- between 8 in the morning and 9 at night.  Outside of these hours, no contact or calls are allowed.
  • Continuous contact- calling you repeatedly in the attempt to annoy and pester you is not prohibited.
  • If you have hired an attorney, they can no longer contact you directly.  All correspondence must go through the attorney first.
  • No profane or abusive language is allowed.  Obscene and abusive language is strictly prohibited when talking to you about your situation and debt owed.


If planning to sue, be sure to keep track of all calls and contact between you and any representative at the debt collection agency.  Take note of time and day called, and also what was said and the name of the rep and company.  Also- call Francis and Mailman to discuss your interactions with the debt collection agency.

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