Central Credit

Address 3525 E. Post Road, #120
City Las Vegas
State Nevada
Zip Code 89120
Phone 1 800-833-7110
Website http://www.GlobalCashAccess.com

Central Credit brings consumers gaming credit history to casino who are looking to lend casino credit.  Gaining this knowledge about consumers that they are entering into a business relationship with is extremely important.  Knowing whether or not the consumer has good payment records, pays on time, etc determine what kind of rate they should give or even whether or not to lend to you at all.

How to Improve your Credit Score

1. Be sure to check your score so that you know what score you are at. Get a free credit report as well, you are entitled to a free copy annually.– This could help you determine why your score is low and may even help you spot potential errors or fraud that is the cause to the low score.

2. Make sure you pay your bills early or on time. Paying late is usually the biggest reason why consumer’s credit score is low.

3. Set Bill Reminders. Add alerts on your phone or email to remind you about rent or a monthly payment so that you are less likely to forget and pay late.

4. Keep a Low Credit Balance. This will help increase your score.

5. Close out debt. Try to close out any debts possible. Instead of paying off debts slowly but together- close out debts entirely before moving on to the next debt.

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