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Certegy Check Services says they help protect consumers and businesses from fraud, however, when they don’t have the correct information on your credit report it can cause you a ton of stress.
You may get Certegy reason 2 or Certegy error code 2 and may not be able to cash checks with any business that uses Certegy for their check processing services. This can cause big issues with you and the well being of your family. This can happen to you even if you have plenty of money in the bank. The culprit most times is false, or outdated information on a credit report that Certegy is using to determine wether or not a business should accept payment from you. It is the responsibility of check processing companies to make sure their databases are up to date and accurate. When they are not, it is not only harmful to you and your credit, but also harmful to the businesses that rely on them.

Stop Certegy Errors

Errors are almost unavoidable by credit reporting companies. With human error, identity theft and so many other factors involved, it is no wonder there is a recorded millions of errors on credit reports a year.

Credit report errors can end up costing you in many ways through increased interest rates, increased insurance premiums, application rejections in both the job market and for residential purposes. With Certegy the errors can keep you from being able to cash your checks, and purchase goods and services. If your payment is denied because of a Certegy error, make sure you get a copy of the report they are using.

If there are errors on the reports provided by Certegy Check Services, you have the right to dispute them. You also have the right to sue credit reporting agencies for these damaging errors.

If you have spotted and reported an error, but are having a tough time getting these removed after multiple attempts, it’s time to talk to a consumer protection lawyer.

Hire Francis & Mailman to Stop Certegy and Credit Report Errors

The legal team at Francis & Mailman is here to help you get your life back and get all those credit report errors fixed. Fill out our Form or Call Now for your Free Case Review.

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  1. David Nelson says:

    Denied a State Income tax Refund Check, From what the clerks are telling me they are denying all Oregon Checks.

    • Danny Sears says:

      I had same problem few years back with Walmart and not cashed any check there since. I had a settlement check on class action suit against Walmart for over $400 and an insurance check for over $300. They approved and cashed the settlement check but gave me reason #2 for the second $300 check, I just cashed it somewhere else. However this year in February, I had a friend take his Federal Tax Refund check to Walmart and they declined it. They said it was an invalid check and it was US Treasury check. This company is a fraud. Walmart needs to get rid of them and go with a reputable company. This one is definitely not. It appears their approval process is random and has no logic to it at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Today 7-2-2010 I went to Wal-Mart to cash my Social Security check I live on a very limited budget and I do not have a Bank account so for the past few month I have taken my check to Walmart. Today I was told they could not cash it and give me the 866-278-5478# so I went out to my daughter car and call them they told me that my check was good and nothing was holding it from going throw but that I need to take it to a check cashing place. I told the lady I could not do that as I\’m on a limited budget and spending $40 to cash the check was out of the question. I then asked them to give me a list of place that would cash it for less or that did not use certegy she told me they did not have a list to help me. I fill outraged that I

  3. Julie Rieker says:

    Today at 11:41am I went to target and tried to pay using a check. I was denied based on information ID#8946814288. I immediately called Centra Credit Union to see if there was an issue with my checking acct. and they told me that my account was fine and there were sufficient funds to cover the amount I wrote the check for. I then called Certegy and got an animated service that had no information that could help me and when I tried to get a person I got disconnected. I have since ran a credit report thru Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. I had no negatives in my profile and have a credit score of between 747 to 765. It said that I had an excellent rating. I am outraged that I was denied writing a check for my purchases and that the Target clerk spoke quite loudly about my check issue and made me feel extremely embarrassed. I hope that this issue can be resolved soon.

  4. Rebecca Hyman says:

    I went to Lowes Home Improvement and while there decided to cash my $5.00 rebate check I recently received from Valspar for paint purchased from Lowes. To my surprise the check was denied by Certegy. My question is why was this denied since the check was issued by a Lowes vendor???? I since cashed the check at a local bank with no problem. I think people doing business with this check company should realize this is not good for their business as it causes bad customer relations. I have been a customer with Lowes for a very long time and have spent a lot of money there and I can’t even cash a $5.00 rebate check!!

  5. ROBERT M SCOTT says:


  6. Christine says:

    I took my payroll check to Walmart to get it cashed and was denied. I received a paper with a phone number on it and got an automated system that could tell me nothing. Just that my check didn’t match their check cashing criteria. I work for Best Buy, one of the the largest electronics retailer in the country, with stores worldwide. Are they telling me that my employer is writing bad checks? What, exactly, is their criteria? I can’t even reach a real person!

  7. angela says:

    My check was also declined the other day. It was very embarrassing, about 8 peolpe stood impatiently watching them call to verify my check.They made me feel like I was trying to pass a bad check!someone should be held accountable for all of these unjustified refusals

  8. sal says:

    Went to AT&T and wrote a check to them and little did I know it was rejected.
    I have never wrote a bad check so I didn’t understand why it was declined cause the money was there but the check was rejected. Personally Certegy should be held accountable for this.

  9. Larry says:

    Today I bought a $50 dollar money order and remembered at the last moment that I had to have a postal money order. I tried to cash in the money order on the spot and Walmart could not cash it back to me.
    I tried to call the number they gave but it useless.
    Now I just wonder what is in store for me after this!!!

  10. Nicole says:

    Today 01/07/11 I went to cash my paycheck at walmart, which is the same place I have been cashing my check at for the last 2yrs. Only this time my check was denied cashing due to Reason#2 from a company named Certegy Check Services. I have never experienced anything like this and was highly embarrassed. When I called the number given to contact Certegy, the automated svc didnt give me much other than it wasnt a fault of my own however I didnt meet the check cashing criteria.

  11. Laura says:

    I have had checks that were denied due to information obtained by certegy..it made me feel embarrassed and since there I don’t feel comfortable shopping in my favorite store..I contacted certegy tonight and got someone on the phone and they could give me a direct answer as to why my check was denied…only explanation was that its determined by a computer generated system and no one there is given the information on what the computer looks for. That is crazy!! I got a supervisor on the phone and he could not give me a straight either, only that they could send an application to fill out and the more information they have on me the less likely it be for my check to be declined. This makes me think they are screwing over a lot of consumers.

  12. Debra Taylor says:

    I went to WalMart here in Georgetown to cash a check and was denied with reason #2. I have never had any problem cashing a check at WalMart and was VERY Embarrassed!!!! There was no answer at 866-278-6478 when I got home to call. I am seriously considering calling a lawyer first thing in the morning and file a legal complaint against this company.Today is 1-9-2010.

  13. Ian says:

    Tried to cash a payroll check at walmart and certegy rejected it for reason #3. After calling and confirming that my name I was given at birth was my real name certegy said to run the check again. Denied for reason#2 this time. Was told reason for denial was confidential. I am not happy right now!

  14. Donnie Boga says:

    Today 2/19/2011 I tired cashing a moneygram money that someone bought from walmart to payment me with.The walmart clerk verified that the money order was good an started the process. The money order was declined an they gave me this slip with this company call Certegy check services on it. Last I knew I was cashing a money order not a check which I didnt write. Called this company an got the automated service which couldnt help me.

  15. Sherry says:

    I went to Walmart to cash our Maryland State Tax Refund
    Check and was denied because of reason#2. When we called customer service they said that there was nothing wrong but we were radomly picked and had to go some place eles that doesnt use certgy

  16. Raini says:

    I went to Wal-mart to cash my tax return check. I was denied, reason 3. Certegy supervisor told me it had nothing to do with me, it was the check. I said it’s a federal check for crying out loud. He said sorry nothing they could do and Wal-mart wouldn’t take the check. I thought about it long and hard. The only thing I could come up with, is that when entering the check, the clerk was only prompted to enter the last 4 digits. I think someone, somewhere passed a bad check with that check number on it, so the certegy computer will deny any check with that number now, regargless of where the check is from. Just my amateur deducing…Certegy is a bad company, and has sold a bill of goods to these stores that is hurting their businesses. I hope they all take notice of all the complaints!!

  17. Sandy says:

    Looks like things haven’t changed a bit! Tried to purchase a computer monitor at Staples this past Sunday. Didn’t want to put the purchase on credit card, so wrote a check. DENIED! By, guess who, Certegy! No reason given, the store just kept asking for an “alternative form of payment”. Since we didn’t want to use a credit card, we walked out of the store without finishing the purchase. On Monday we called Certegy — how fun that was! Over and over again all they kept saying was that the check “does not meet parameters” or “does not meet the format”. When we asked what those parameters are, or what the format is, we were told that they couldn’t tell us those, but they kept repeating that our check didn’t meet the parameters and didn’t meet the format. We also asked if we were to go to the store today and attempt to make the purchase would the check again be declined, and the person said ‘yes’. Again we asked why and all they would say is that same line about the parameters and the format, but wouldn’t tell us what those are. Having read these posts, it’s a bit more clear — there are *no* parameters and *no* format, it’s just on someone’s whim to decline or not decline. Since it was Sunday there weren’t others in the store, so we were ‘spared’ some of the embarrassment, but that didn’t make us feel any better about having the check declined. What have I done? Why is my check not good? I’m financially responsible and financially sound, so that can’t be it. You run through all the emotions, then get angry! Who are these people to sit at some 1-800 number and seemingly randomly ruin someone’s day. Needless to say, we’ll be purchasing a computer monitor elsewhere, not Staples. We probably won’t be buying much else there either if they continue to use Certegy. On a related note, we wrote a check that same weekend at a different store — one that uses TeleCheck — no problem whatsoever. Didn’t even have to show driver’s license or other identification. Check went through, purchase approved, we went home with our purchase. Sad to say the same did not happen at Staples. Not only did we have to use our driver’s license, we had to give our telephone number, etc., etc., etc.— still got declined. When we called Certegy, we wouldn’t give the bank account number — we just wanted to know why the check was declined. I must admit, we were less than pleased with the reason. We won’t be trading at stores that use this company to validate checks — just not worth it. There are too many other places to shop. We wrote to Staples to let them know why they will lose us as a customer — haven’t received a response yet. Perhaps they don’t care — they have so many other customers, what’s the difference if they lose one. That’s the attitude we got from the people at the store itself when we went back there on Monday. Judging from the number of those stupid little slips they have, this must happen often. I can’t believe a store with Staples’ reputation continues to use this company! As others have said, it does help to know you’re not alone and it would be nice if something could be done to make them stop mistreating people.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This morning I went to Publix to get some groceries and $20 cash back. I wrote a check and it came back declined! I was given the number to Certegy and their automated system came up with nothing. I then called my bank which they also came up with no reason as to why my check was getting declined. The bank had me call Telechek, which Publix doesn’t even use Telechek, of course, no reason there either. I called Certegy back again and was given a number to the “early warning” dept or something and spoke with one of their reps. Apparently my acct has been locked because of a check I wrote in January tried to clear my bank the first time, but ended up clearing the 2nd time, flagged my account. There’s nothing I can do to clear my name except to wait 180 days (which the merchant only looks at the last 93 days)..basically 3 months til I can write a check there again. It was extremely embarrassing that this happened. I have written checks there since January and had no issues at all.

  19. Brittany says:

    I went to walmart in TX and they cashed TWO payroll checks, but when i gave them my tax refund, they wouldn’t cash it. The number they gave me to call kept me on hold for 5 minutes, and when i called back it went to a dial tone. What should i do?

  20. Vicki says:

    Today I went to cash my paycheck at walmart which I’ve been doing for the last 2 months with no problem. I thought how great it was that Walmart had this service and for a great rate. I work with a large well known company and I had the proper ID as required. But this time, my check was denied by Certegy for Reason #2 so I called the 1-866 number and got an automated system that checked the info and responded that “This is no fault of yours and that your check shows no problem but that we will not be able to cash that check. I hope that Walmart and KMart are reading these complaints on this site as well as the many that are on the internet about this problem. Customers are being treated unfairly. Now, I’m just denied because of a statistical criteria? Walmart and Kmart please look into Certegy and have them explain why all these people on this and many other websites have been denied service. Do you want Certegy to alienate your customers?

    Customers we need to find a way to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau or some other agency that watches over consumer and business issues.

  21. drew says:

    I was declined because of my recent name change. I HAVE NEVER CHANGED MY NAME!!!!

  22. Mary says:

    I also had a problem with this company, Certegy, I tried pay by check to Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital in Houston TX today, the check was declined by this company due to code 2, which apparently states that although there is no negative information on record, they do not have enough information to OK the check. After calling my Credit Union who verified there was no problem, I tried to call Certegy to find out what their problem was, and could not get a person to talk to, they ask for all my personal information, which if they had all my info they would be able to see I do not have a credit problem. Something needs to be done about this company, they need to get their facts straight before they continue to embarrass people.

  23. carolyn says:

    tried to write a check to Lowe’s and it was denied because of code 2: i called and of course they couldn’t give me any information. i have bought massive amounts of material from Lowe’s through the years and i don’t believe i’ll go there again until they change check cashing companies.

  24. Crystal Miller says:

    I am embarrassed,and feeling harassed. I had sufficient funds. I’ve written no bogus checks. I can’t get any answers from certegy that satisfies. It’s as though they are deliberately intending to target certain people,and to leave those people embarrassed,feeling misjudged and untrustworthy. I want to know who runs certegy. ? Does anybody know. ? They have to answer to someone. The cases are piling up. I do not want to risk a decline happening again. It does not feel good.

  25. Lewis says:

    I recently tried to pay my insurance payment online because it was after hours and due that day, My payment was declined and I was given the number to certegy and just like many before me was told it was for no fault of my own I just didn’t meet the criteria, which is funny because both of my sons just received the same message at wal-mart. I am curious is there really a criteria or is it just a way to get you to sign up for their membership and give them all of your personal information?

  26. Daniel says:

    I have been cashing checks at walmart for many years now. This was not one of my personal checks but this was a check from the govt. Today they told me they coudnt cash it due to this company Certegy for reason #2. Seems like reading all of these complaints about this company, they need to be shut down for some type of fraud.

  27. Phyllis Bronson says:

    Same as all the above… Wal-Mart would not cash my husband’s payroll check after cashing many times. I called Certegy from the piece of paper that they gave him. Same as above – would not give reason, said it was nothing personal but that the check did not meet criteria. Wal-Mart wants you to use their Wal-Mart Money Cards but you can’t cash your check there to load your money on the card, and won’t give you a reason. I find this very discriminating. Nothing you did, but just don’t meet the criteria and the dude behind you and in front of you cash their checks with no problems. Seems this is very, very, very poor customer service in my opinion.

  28. Leo says:

    Tried to pay by check at Macy’s – Denied – Had manager verify with Bank of America that I had high five figure balance – Not one single bad check in 40 years – Certegy responds that I do not meet profile – I give the check info to telecheck and they were very cooperative and stated they could find no grounds for a check denial – Certigy should be required to state specifics.

  29. Ali says:

    I tried to cash my refund check from my college – a STATE college at that, and was denied for reason #2. I called the 866 number but couldn’t get a hold of anyone and the automated line disconnected on me. I have a 790 credit score and have never written a bad check in my life… again, the check was from a state college, not even a personal check!! I’ve seen so many complaint boards about certegy that I can’t believe anyone uses them still!!!!!!! This is outrageous!!!!

  30. Phillip Spataro says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I too, was a victim due to Certegy.
    I know they probably don’t care if their customer looses a customer, but their customer (Big Lots) lost a customer today because
    Certegy rejected my check. I had proper identification (D.L.) and anything else they might have wanted to prove who I am. So, in
    the future, I won’t be shopping at Big Lots or any other company that uses Certegy. I was given a little card with a phone number
    and a code as to why my check was rejected. I was informed that it was for my protection to prevent fraud and etc. I was standing
    with people behind me and people beside me and everyone could hear that my check has been rejected. It was embarrassing and cruel.
    There is a flaw with this system and it needs to be addressed and fixed.

  31. Greg says:

    Where to start. First – AVOID ANY RETAILER USING CERTEGY!!!!! I started using Murpay several months ago. It is a way to get a lower gas price at Murphy Oil locations by using their pay system and I can pay for my childrens gas without having to hand them their own credit cards. It involves making payments directly from your checking account instead of a credit or debit card. It sounded simple. You set up an account and link it to your checking account. When you go to buy gas you text their system and they text back a code to enter at the pump. It all worked great for 3 weeks, then one day my transaction was denied. Murpay tells me to call Certegy. Same story, they cant tell me why the transaction was refused, just it didn’t fit their “risk model”. It had worked fine for 3 weeks, account has at least a five figure balance all of the time, never had a bounced check and has daily activity. I pressed this issue for 3 weeks while I was denied a transaction verification everyday (stupid me). Finally 3 weeks ago after a long talk with a certegy supervisor that wasn’t at an Indian call center (as everyone had been up to that point), it started working again. Worked again fine for 3 weeks then again yesterday it quit working. Once again the transaction didn’t fit the “risk model”. It worked the next day then 2 hours later when filling up a different car, it didn’t work. Without anyone being able to tell you why these transactions are being denied, especially on an established checking account that has NEVER had any problem is absolutely crazy.

  32. Julie says:

    I have the same story as the rest of the people on here. I can cash my check issued from the State of California at my local check cashing service with no problem. But after trying two times at Walmart without success, I won’t even bother calling Certegy now that I have seen these comments. I have to pay more than double to cash it at an independent check cashing service, but that is my only option.

  33. TD says:

    We tried to cash an insurance check denied reason #2 at Wal mart! Called certegy and was told the check didint meet their criteria go cash it somewhere else! Walmart strikes again with cheap labor!

  34. Sherry says:

    Tried to cash check from work at Walmart on lunch. Got a Reason #2. Teller told me it maybe because of the amount on the check (3x more than normal due to an advance) called certegy & was told I exceeded my check cashing amount with that check. But yet in December when I get my x-mas bonus it had cashed with no issues…unless they got this company after then which I do not think is the case. I would go direct deposit on my WM money card but I really do not feel like paying $5 to get MY money out of a bank because WM does not have ATMs for cash withdrawal.

  35. Jeff says:

    No brains in place at this business….just BS as usual……idiots!

  36. Roger Wolf says:

    I had 2 cashier checks from a bank and wanted to add them to a WALMART card. CERETGY denied them for Reason 2.
    I then tried my retirement check from a different bank and certegy denied it also for reason2.
    Tried to call Certegy and you can’t get through to a live voice.

    I then Tried the Internet and they had no record regarding any transactions for me today!!!
    Any Attorneys out there want to start the Suit?

  37. Julie Darby says:

    I have cashed checks at our local Safeway for YEARS and never had a problem. As with the above stories one day thanks to certegy everything changed. I can no longer cash checks at Safeway and was totally embarrassed when I found out about this.

  38. Tyler says:

    Today I was at Walmart trying to cash a dividend check and as above stories, was denied reason#2 by Certegy. This affects not only myself and my family but two of my employees and their families…

    WALMART has lost a long time, loyal customer by using a company who cannot provide me with logical information on why my transaction was declined! I will make it my personal vendetta to share these stories with others

  39. jesse lopez says:

    I’ve shopped at Kroger’s for decades – around 1-2 years ago,I was denied check cashing services. After clearing this matter with Certegy, and receiving a letter clearing me of any wrong doing, I went back to Kroger to shop and was again denied from writing a check. Certegy has yet to return my call. Maybe I should get another driver’s license number. Duhhhhhh.

  40. kathy says:

    Everyone should file a complaint with the local BBB there in the county of Tampa Florida, I bet that will get certergy attention. It might even affect their getting license for business. Then they will give people a defined reason for declined transaction and other bs they give people.

  41. amy says:

    Went to gabriel brothers shopping for some school clothes took forever picking them having all 3 girls try them. Anyone who’s done this knows it takes awhile. After finally getting the right ones I try to pay a DENIED! I. get a 1-800 number to certegy on hold and hung up on over an hour later, they have no reason to deny me other than I have not wrote a check there in a while, and they were sorry for my inconvenience. That in 24 hours I should be able to write a check they might accept.

  42. Robin says:

    Today I went to Kroger to buy groceries. I have been buying at the same store for 1 Year now. I was so embarrassed when the lady told me My ck was declined. I called Certegy and of course got a robotic recording that simply told me nothing was wrong. So the story gets better I got payed same day went to Walmart to cash it and to my supprise they would not cash it.Can someone please give me a number I can call…

  43. Tami says:

    Went to Target yesterday to purchase a shower gift and my check was denied. Certegy denied the check as not meeting their parameters. No further information available. I called Target and spoke with the manager. She is taking this to her corp folks. I was very embarrassed by this issue. I am going to try to contact the BBB and Certegy to get a response.

  44. Barbara says:

    Man o man I so agree with most of the comments I have read about Certegy… I went to WalMart as well to cash my paycheck (of which I was told I could do without too much problem). yeh well I went to the MoneyMaker window there at Walmart and the guy was very nice but after entering my social a couple of times he said he could not help me and gave me a small piece of paper with Certegy Number on it and told me to call them. I did out in my car in the parking lot and did not get a real person – just automation… geeze… “exceeds established guidelines” was what automation told me – WalMart needs to change their sign in MoneyMaker about Certegy instead of handing people this tiny piece of paper stating what it did…… Not blaming Wal Mart but they do need a sign that says that instead of bursting people’s bubbles when they need money to live ! esp when banks are closed at certain times. I have a bank but it was closed and i was flat broke….. ok enough venting but it is pitiful pitiful pitiful…. agh

  45. Tom says:

    I purchased a mattress from Mattress Firm, wrote them a personal check, which they accepted, three months later, I received a threatening letter from Certegy requesting immediate payment again. They claimed my check had been dishonored. I took their letter to my bank and was told that the check had never been presented to them for payment and recommended that I call Mattress Firm and ask them for a photo copy of the front and back of the check in question. I did and they were unable to tell me anything except to call Certegy. My money was in my account when I wrote the check, it is in the bank today. What kind of scam is this? If they want their money, why don’t they deposit my check. Looks like I am going to have to seek the advise of an attorney.

  46. PETER GIBSON says:

    Got my federal tax refund Aug 22, went to Wal-Mart “Money-Center” to cash it and had it immediately denied by a company called CERTEGY. I was given an 866 number to call and was told by a rep thereto that there was nothing wrong w/my finances, but they couldn’t OK to Wal-Mart paying my check. Then I went to the internet to find letter-after-letter the same thing for multiple others. What can be done about this unscrupulous outfit as apparently they have “government-sanction” to get away w/this.

  47. Adam says:

    Tried to write a check at Bloomingdales in San Francisco tonight, which was declined by Certegy. I had never had a check declined before until tonight. I was able to get my back balance on my iPhone as the Bloomingdales employees (very nice, by the way) tried to get my check to go through. The check was for $1200 against a bank balance of $13,000, but bank balances don’t matter to Certegy. I don’t fit the secret profile that is developed by their trade-secret-protected algorithm. This is inexcusable behavior from a company that is charged with making important financial decisions that negatively affect businesses and consumers every day.

  48. thomas chance says:

    I tried to cash my payroll check today, immediately after 4 other employees cashed theirs,,,walmart did not have a problem, however this rinky dink outfit declined with reason 2. In reading over these other posts, I am seeing a definite trend here for fraud,,,they do not have the right to decline a payroll check (which are bonded) with all the proper identification provided to them. I have also noticed that this has caused several major name stores to lose business over this crap. So, why are these big names not going with someone else? Very bad marketing folks they have working for them. I personally will not shop at any of the above mentioned stores for doing business with them from now on. These accountings are very explicitely showing a trend for this company (or boiler room maybe?) trying to get more personal information than they are entitled to on folks. It is bad enough that identity theft exists in today’s society, let alone businesses we USED to trust seemingly aiding them in the process! I say we do some writing, complaining, threatening, legal action, whatever it takes to bring this chop shop type company DOWN,,,once and for all,,,let your merchants know at HQ level just how much business they are losing everyday!

  49. Unbelievable says:

    I just contacted someone at this place about my checks being declined and said it was due to their inability to get more of my personal information and he said he found the transactions and that was the sole reason cause he even said that i had no bad checks and that it was verified that there was sufficient funds in my account and wanted to send me an application to fill out and send back to them so they could verify my checks which to me from what he said that it was verified since he told me that they could tell there was sufficient funds in my account. Denying a check since they can’t get more of my information but can verify funds in my account is wrong.

  50. Melissa says:

    I am absolutely appalled at this companies policies. There were a number of low income individuals that were issued checks in an amount up to $500 and for some reason no one has been able to cash the checks at the usually outlets such as Wal Mart and other grocery stores. Certegy is telling everyone to go to a specific check business, which charges very high fees. I wonder if this is not being done intentionally

  51. Annonymous says:

    I left my debit card at home by accident and was running low on gas so I went by Murphy USA since they are about the only ones who will accept a check for payment of gas and for the first time was declined. I stood in line for over 5 minutes just to purchase it and then there a long line behind me. No explanation, just call customer service. The clerk did not have time to call them since she was the only clerk available. I barely got home because of being low on fuel. When I got home, I called Certegy and I got a lame excuse that I didn’t fit the “model” and she couldn’t over turn the decision. But I could fill out an application to be put on the VIP list. I said absolutely not! So come to find because I had written 4 checks within 10 days that was too much history of check writing. Jeez….very mad so the lady with a “foreign” accent finally told me to hold so she could do more research. Then she came back on the line and said all of my checks have cleared and no negative activity so therefore she would improve my level of acceptance. Whatever that means but I have to wait 24-48 hrs before writing another check. There definitely needs to be a class action law suit placed against this company!

  52. Ray says:

    Went to walmart to cash my payroll check that has been cashed many times before, after waiting in line the people behind the counter that see me every week were amazed that my check was declined, all I got was a reciept to call certegy check services, called them and they said there should have been no reason why my check wasnt cashed. It was embarresing to say the least and yet they can do nothing!!!!! this company should be put out of business!!

  53. Aaron Jergens says:

    I went to Kum and Go before work this evening to get a soda and a pack of smokes for work.. I haven’t recieved my debit card from my bank yet and I didn’t have any cash on me so I wrote a check and it was declined… even though i had wrote a check there the other day.. So I figured no big deal I’ll just drive to the other Kum and Go location across town. I tried to purchase the exact same items and i got the same thing. which is completly messed up because I know for a fact there is enough money in my account to make a purchase like that. I haven’t even tried to call the 800 number something needs to get done about this stupid company it’s rediculous

  54. Mark Hunter says:

    This company cost corp. America millions and provides shear heart ache and anguish for they;re patrons, because of these interlopers I will no longer go to store that allows these people to profit off the heartache of Americans. These people are scabs and maybe we can put them out of business

  55. Mrs. J. W. Hackson says:

    I think it is a shame and a pity when this company took a $50.00 fee out of my checking account when I told them and provided the documents needed to prove that this was a bank error. Everytime I call certigy, I get the run around. Why does it take so long for them to put it back into your account.

  56. bgarvey says:

    My husband had a check rejected at Big 5 sporting goods. I called certegy (number provided by Big 5) and was told there is nothing negative about the check or our account. Certigy applies their own parameters in accepting or rejecting checks. They will not disclose the parameters to customers because certigy feels the parameters could be used to commit fraud. My next question was, how can I prevent fraud if I don’t know the parameters I spoke to one of the supervisors who said that no one knows the parameters. I guess they make them up as they go along To add insult to injury, the comany is located in the Philllipines, although the have a Florida P.O. Box. They will not provide an address. The operator was VERY difficult to understand. HOW ABOUT BRINGING THOSE JOBS HOME.

  57. Traci says:

    I also tried to cash my check at walmart. same place i have been cashing my checks for years. now all a sudden this company that i have never heard of before is denying my check and marking it as fraudulent. the number they give you to call is useless. they only told me that my check is denied bc of the numerical value. whatever that is supposed to mean.i work commission and my checks are a different dollar amount every week. never ever had a problem until now. im a single mom, i need my check cashed and nobody will cash it bc of this place. the supervisor i spoke with wouldnt give me any information, barely spoke english and basically did not have a reason for denying my check that made any sense to me. they kept talking in circles. this is rediculous. i have medication that i need to pick up from the pharmecy and i cannot now.

  58. laura Kaplan says:

    On Sunday, 9-18-11, I went to ToysRus and I wrote them a check. I was humiliated and embarassed that they refused my check. customer service let me call them and they said that it had to do with Security to protect the account. I called my bank and there was no block on my account. I called Certegy and they said my check looked like it was terrorist activity and they didnt care that there were funds in my bank. They didn’t care that I was humiliated and embarrassed at the store. I asked how to repair the situation and they said there is not way to repair or guarantee me that this wouldn’t happen again. I called Toys rus and they didnt care about my embarassment and they only took direction from their management company Certegy. I told them what the reason was and they said they couldnt
    question Certegy. I felt that I was blackballed because this check was a reflection of my personal character, and they denied with no justifiable reason.

  59. Tom says:

    went to cash a check at a local safeway where i have had no previous issues before with cashing checks from mc. donalds today they said the system was down and to go to wal-mart, i do so and i am told that my transaction has been previously processed..but no money so i call and they are kind enough to tellme that its been approved and will go through at any place that does not use certegy..so i try another local place and same thing happened..this is not good for the working community and this is not good for buissnesses i hope…if i go somewhere like a bank this better go through if not im complainging here again and taking further action.

  60. Rene says:

    Today, I went to Murphy’s Gas (the station linked with Walmart) to buy a carton of cigarettes for my husband. The cashier ran my check and told me in front of 5 other customers that my bank would not honor my check. I said “WHAT? You’re mistaken. Run it again.” She said she can only run them once. I said well I guess I’d pay with my debit but considering it comes from my bank account it probably won’t go through either. She told me my debit card doesn’t go through them. So I paid by debit card. I went to my car and called my bank. they told me they have been getting alot of complaints for the same thing. She told me there is no reason that my check should not have went through. So I went back in and asked the girl for the phone number and the code that she gave me (a Code 20). I went back to my car and called the 800 number. After several minutes and an interrogation to obtain every piece of possible information about me, this is what I was told “Your check was declined because we put it through a risk model. Your check fit certain patterns that deal with identify theft and unauthorized use”. So I ask “What are the patterns?” “Ma’am, I will re-read what I just explained.” I told her she didn’t need to, she needed to tell me what “the patterns” were that made my check declined. She couldn’t tell me. I told her that I wanted a letter stating why my check was declined and it needed to be very specific. I also told her that I refuse to patronize Murphy’s or Walmart because I will not be unduly humiliated again. Did I mention that my check number is ELEVEN THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE and I’ve banked at the same bank for almost 25 years?????? If I wrote bad checks that would be one thing, but I don’t and I haven’t. Honest people don’t reach that high of a check number if they are writing fradulent checks. Banks won’t keep them!!!

  61. xXnevermoreXx says:

    I have been cashing my Workmans Comp check at Walmart and Payless Supermarkets for a couple of months now and all of a sudden this weeks check was declined by Certegy. I have been to 11 different places to cash my check, and declined every time! I have a crushed right foot and I was getting in and out of a ’94 camaro with crutches and crutching it in and out of diferent stores to try and cash my check! This is complete and utter BS! I think we all need to report this Certegy company to the BBB(better business bureau). Only thing I know to do. They had said something about the check pattern wasn’t rite. WTF does that mean?

  62. JP says:

    I tried cashing a payroll check at Walmart, twice. The first time I was denied because “the check was over $500”; the second time I was told “there’s a problem with your social sercurity number”. Both times the clerks were loud; both times they handed me a small paper with a phone number to call. So I called Certegy. The auto system they have was no help so I hit ‘0’ hoping for a real person. The real person told me that the check I tried to catch was “of a type that we have found to be used when someone is trying identity theft” so they won’t accept it. I work for a college that’s been around for almost 100 years! And should I ask the college to change their checks because Certegy doesn’t like the way they are printed? This was embarrassing as well as inconvenient. Who are these people?

  63. Greg says:

    Hi all, my check was denied at Safeway this week. Certegy gave me a reference number and a phone number for CCV collection agency, who I called today. I found out that when Certegy merged with FIS, the database was updated with old information, so reviously PAID items are now showing as UNPAID. CCV said to call Certegy back, ask to speak to supervisor, and demand that the old record be removed (or shown as paid in full). They also said to threaten legal action if necessary, as in your state’s attorney general.

  64. Eric says:

    I went to my local Wal-Mart to cash my payroll check as I do every week but this time was different. The cashier ran my check through the machine and Certegy declined it for reason #5. I tried calling the number on the receipt and the automated system told me my check was find and I even tried there website where it said it couldn’t even find where I tried to get the check cashed. Certegy needs to get the problem fixed or Wal-Mart needs to find another check cashing service.

  65. Harvey Cotham says:

    I went to Murphy Oil to get gas for my vehicle, and it was refused for the 2nd time. I called and talked to someone who assured me they would take care of the problem, the problem was not resolved. I feel like I am being discriminating against. I have good credit and never cashed a bad check, I am being punished for something I didn’t do.

  66. anthony says:

    this company is terrible. i get my check cashed every week at the same local grocery store and it always goes through. well this week i absolutely needed the money from my payroll check and it denied it based on a code 2. they told me to call this company for more information. all the automated message at this company told me was there was a code 2 on this check. code 2 apparently means not enough information or positive info on the person writing the check. so why is it that it was already approved every other day four the last four years. Needed to pay rent today. very dissapointed

  67. Robbin S says:

    I would be more than happy to join in on a class action law suit against Certegy Check Servives. I too am tired of Reason #2 and no real person to speak with. It’s embarrassing to be turned down for no reason what so ever.

  68. Melanie says:

    Just got off the phone with Certegy. According to the automated recording the reason they could not authorize my Tribal check to be cashed was that my S.S. # did not match their records.? So I stayed on the line to talk to a live person. I asked this gentleman about the issue of my S.S.#. He stated that was not why they were not able to authorize my check, but that “it did not meet the parameters set by Certegy.” Asked a few questions. If the other 2400 tribal members would have this same problem at Wal-mart, if I could take the check back in a few days, if I will have this problem when I get my next check in Dec., if I needed to contact my Tribal Government office and have them “register” with Certegy, maybe go through the Michigan Department of Indian Affairs, or the Michigan/Wisconsin State Attorney’s General or maybe the Federal BIA should register with them to make sure that these checks will meet that “criteria” in the future. His response was that “we are a risk management company, and with this being the beginning of the month, and there are a lot of checks being cashed right now and they need to limit the risk to this company. This(Certegy) is a national company and there are a lot of checks being cashed at the beginning of the month, especially at Wal-Mart, you see.” Unfortunately for this guy I have a fabulous memory, and it gets better when I am mad. So, essentially, he was saying that the check amount, number or institution of origin did not matter, my check was going to be denied just because Wal-Mart had already cashed ‘a lot” of checks already. Don’t want them to run out of money. I am so stinking mad right now. I do not know what to do. I really need this money right now, I promised my kids hair cuts and that we could go out for tacos tomorrow night. I can’t get anywhere to cash it until Saturday, 40 miles away and another $15 to cash it. Anybody know what to do with the information I got?

  69. Barbara D. says:

    What is with this company. Tried to cash a gov’t check at Walmart like I do every month and this time it was declined because it didn’t meet their criteria. Called the number and tried to speak to someone that spoke with a foreign accent and I understood about every 3rd word. Won’t give me an answer, just told me to go cash it somewhere else.

  70. Susan says:

    10/5/11 I have over $3500 in my checking acct. Went to TJ Maxx store about 50 mi from my home. Wrote check for $330. Check was rejected by CERTEGY system. Store mgr was nice & gave me a peach card with 1-800# I tried calling from the store but only got automated phone answering system – no resolution, no answers, no human. Next day I went to the website as the 1-800# suggested. Again put in personal info but no resolution, no answers, no human. So called 1-800# again today. Nice gal named Dana talked to me but could not explain why my check was rejected. I have house hold income of over $200k annually & credit score of 768. And I can’t write a check for $330? I got a lot of ‘high level scripted’ explanation about computer models, risk avoidance, potential identity theft & so on. “So how do I avoid this situation in the future?” She could not tell me as she said even CERTEGY employees don’t know what the triggers are or how the models are set up to detect ‘suspicious’ activity. Glad I was not trying to buy an airline ticket to get to a dying parent’s side. This is ridiculouse

  71. Gayle says:

    I’m having issues with Certegy trying to cash a check at Wal-Mart. I’ve cashed payroll checks, and this check is a student loan check that is only a few hundred dollars more, but they tell me that it’s over the limit they are able to allow, yet they put me on “VIP status” but still no guarantee, and they can’t give anymore info than that but they take all sorts of personal information from you. WalMart needs to use a different company – this one is now approving their limits they say they have up to $5,000.00.

  72. Chuck says:

    This is insane, how can this company do this to people.

  73. Marvella says:

    Ive learned today that.. I couldnt cash a moneygram check from one Walmart location in one state, and the one here in AZ. I was ready to pay some BILLS and do some grocery shopping, when the lady at moneygram ctr in SuperWalmart tells me–They couldnt cash it!!.. Now wth do I go to cash? If most of all these businesses run on Certegy; and I know Banks take away the moneygrams. They suck! Cant Certegy fix their problems, or the check makers? this is totally stupid..:(

  74. elizabeth says:

    I had a check not clear my account do to my direct deposit not being done correctly… I wrote one check to a grocery store that did not clear but was then redeposited and paid off. A week and a half later I had a preapproved check go threw my account for Certegy for the grocery store check. While I do not have a problem paying the check fee it was the way this company just went into my account without have to tell me. it ended up costing me another $35.oo overdraft fee because I was not expecting this to happen. I do not think they should be able to do this to people.. I am living off of unemployment right now and cannot afford to play their foolish games

  75. Michael says:

    I guess that my story isn’t much different from all the others and I’m sure many more that don’t know what else to do.
    Sent my son 3 money orders to pay bills for me. Purchased them at a Walmart, he went to a Walmart. They cashed 2 of them denied the last one, said it was a phony money order….even the Walmart worker stated that it was a good money order. They gave him the number told him it was #2 whatever that means. Told him to go somewhere else that doesn’t use certegy…..guess what! On a Sunday in a small town and state… that is ridiculous and asinine. Why can’t something be done about businesses like this and why does Walmart sit back and watch it happen. Oh ya, because they have all the money they need and loosing a few customers really doesn’t bother or impact them!

  76. Evelyn says:

    I attempted to write a $50 check today and was declined. The cashier told me to call Certegy which I did, I got someone with an accent that was thick until it was hard to understand. I finally called again when I got home and got a rep I could undertand, I was told the DMV in Illinois is reporting a different name than the one that appears on my DL? I told the woman they have false info in their files and I’ve been who I am for 51 years, still I was told to order my credit report to make sure everything matches? I don’t have a negative balance in my account, no NSF checks and nothing negative in their system.

  77. Carina says:

    I have been cashing my checks at walmart for the past 6 years. For the last 4 months all I have been given is a small piece of paper and my check back. The teller tells u to call the number to work out the issue and you get a recording. At the end it tells you the issue has been reported to someone who will solve the issue but never does. Now i cash my checks at ace and pay 30$. I no longer shop at walmart . Certegy is truly the most lowest type of bussiness. There is no point for a third party company and interfer with costumers who have cashed checks at walmart for years.

  78. Natalie says:

    I received a money order that the purchaser paid for in CASH at Wal-Mart. I went to Wal-Mart to cash it today and it was denied for reason #2. I too received the piece of paper with the number to Certegy. When I called they couldn’t tell me why it was denied. I called the number on the money order and they said that there were no holds and nothing is wrong with it. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! How can they deny something that was paid for with CASH?!?! Insufficient funds was completely impossible. Something needs to be done. I have every intention on contacting a news organization on this matter because this is unreal. Hopefully something can be done. A money order is supposed to be considered liquid cash, so how is there a problem?!?!

  79. Mpierce says:

    so i got to my local walmart to cash my payroll check my employer is THE STATE OF WASHINGTON keep in my i used to work at this walmart a few years back so there are at least 30 employees in the store who can verify my identity i get declined for reason 2 this so stupid i have dl ss card people in the store who know me personally and the check is a govt check issed by wash state treasury so what is the problem these people really just need to go away

  80. Tom says:

    I went to cash my state check at Walmart today like I do every 2 weeks and I was denied for reason #2 and was told I could call the number on the reciept if I recieved. I did this and after a long struggle finally got someone on the phone. They proceeded to tell me NOTHING! It was all double speak. Walmarts the one that loses because by doing a little footwork I found a local liquor store thats closer to my house and that will cash it for the same price and I will not shop there until they change there check approval company.

  81. steve chambers says:

    went to publix to make purchase and was told i couldnt write a check because of certegy… tried to call them and got hung up on 5 times..

  82. david says:

    My wife tried to cash check at Ollies in Hanover, Pa the store manager said this was a unique situation because of Certegy. Called Certegy and talked to woman in the Phillipines, who stated everything was alright with account but they could’nt authorize check. What!!!!

  83. Fleming says:

    I tried to cash my payroll check at WalMart today and got denied for reason #2 by Certegy. I would’ve gone to the bank, but it’s Veterans Day and they’re closed. I found an alternative that didn’t use this Certegy service. WalMart should really look into this. I had my grocery list with me as I was going to spend a large portion of my check at WalMart. I’ll shop elsewhere until they can get this resolved.

  84. Sherri says:

    Banks closed 11/11/11-went to Walmart to cash payroll check. I was declined because of #2. What?! Called number to find out why and it forward me to a call center that advised I was making a collect call that would be billed to my phone!!!! I hung up. Did not need the money from my check, as I have other means, but I did not purchase the items at Walmart, because I did not want to use my credit card! I wanted to pay cash, but they declined to cash my check. Their loss,not mine. I will get my check cashed at my bank and spend my money somewhere other than Walmart. First time declined ever..anywhere. By the way just who the HEck is Certesy anyway???

  85. Jenifer says:

    Cashed my checks at Wal Mart every month for YEARS…I’m in the system. Cashing was denied due to reason #2. I called the number and was informed that their system showed no problems with me or the check, but the amount was more than my usual amount so they had to refuse to cash it. No problem…I just spent my money in a store nearer the bank.

  86. Pete says:

    Bad company made my life misirable on a rainy day. They refuse Walmart to cash my check while my car was disabled. Why are they holding our life back. Yes I got the the sdame thing I hjave been cashing my checks at walmart for a while and I was denied ask to call this company;for what i do not know ans even when I called the lady don’t make sense.

  87. john doe says:

    My husband tried to cash his payroll check today and was denied for reason#2!! I work for walmart and am ashamed to even admit it now. WALMART you need to quit this company NOW THIS COMPANY IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU NAME>

  88. SHEILAMorse35 says:

    I received my first personal loans when I was 32 and this aided my relatives a lot. Nevertheless, I need the credit loan as well.

  89. Mark M. says:

    I went to the web-site for Certegy at the top of this page, and it pulls up the “ASKCERTEGY” page. … So I clicked to the “declined check lookup” button….. There I discovered that the small partial stock distribution check from Biogen Idec, Inc. was declined because “Our records [indivate] (I know, I’m just quoting them) that the check you have presented cannot be found on the file provided to us by the check issuer.” …..I notice that they are unable to fit my CHECK NUMBER into their system, because they can only fit 9 of the 10 digits into their ‘box’. It will not accept the 10th digit, so I’m screwed — this check has been flagged now.
    By the way, when the this site ‘Submit Comment’ section asks for “Title” after it asks for your name, they really mean “subject”; clearly misleading for many above. [but I really liked ‘Mr. I can’t cash a check’ ‘s title!]

  90. Paulette Brown says:

    This company must be stopped!!!!! Its not only embarrassing to have a good check declined, but its unfair as to the response you get from Certegy’s representatives. Code #2 has a lot of ridiculous meanings or “parameters”. I wrote a check to purchase tires at NTB. My check of course was declined. I called certegy and they told me, like they told so many others, I didn’t have anything negative on my account and they didn’t have enough information to “validate” my check. Why the hell would they need to validate my check if my bank issued me the checks in the first place. i just opened this account at the beginning of the year and hadn’t written any bad checks ever!!!! The representative then told me that it may decline the checks randomly and that I should to write another check and it should go through. I went to purchase furniture at Ashley’s at to my surprise the damn check was declined because of Certegy’s code #2. What the hell!!!! I called back and talked to a supervisor this time. He told me he would send me an application to get on the VIP list so my checks wouldn’t get declined. This was two weeks ago and I still haven’t received it, although he said I should receive it in two days. There’s no way I’m sending them my info, they should already have it…. and you can’t even get information off of their website.

    Certegy is a joke and they have pissed me and the rest of you off. I’m not familiar with legal actions that can be taken against them, but if any one does and wants to get something started, please contact me. I want them gone!!!!

  91. KC says:

    I went to Walmart last night to cash my payroll check & was declined by Certegy. I was surprised because just last week I cashed my payroll check for a partial pay period. HR made a mistake on my previous paycheck. The Walmart clerks were really nice about it & they remembered me from last week. So they offered to dial Certegy to help out. I was curious to find out why it was rejected. The clerks thought it could be the amount possibly, it was a little over $2K. The amount was not the issue. I got through to a very helpful customer service rep named Sean. He gathered my info & found a solution fast. I mentioned to him that I cashed a payroll check last Thursday. That was the reason I was being rejected. Apparently, Certegy has a 7 day freeze on check cashing. I got paid early this week due to Thanksgiving being today. So my check can be cashed today after 7:37pm. Not a minute before. The rep at Certegy went above and beyond to tell me this. I am usually paid every 2 weeks, so this shouldn’t affect me in the future. If you have more than 1 job this might be helpful to know.

  92. nameless for now says:

    I’ve had a checking account at the same bank for approximately 10 yrs & a checking acct & savings acct for 10 + yrs. I’ve written checks for most things for most of those years.
    I’ve had a check declined at Best Buy – certegy is their verification vendor.
    I’ve had a check declined at Kohls – I think certegy is their verification vendor as well if I remember correctly.
    Today, I’ve had two checks declined at Macy’s – not sure who their check verification vendor is.
    I have overdraft protection on my account & have had it for years.
    I was humiliated & very embarrassed today at Macy’s because I never in my life have written a bad check & never intend to if I can help it.
    Yet…I find myself in this situation I don’t quite know how to fix.
    Can anyone out there reading this help us consumers figure out what to do to stop this from happening?
    When it happened to me the first time at Best Buy, I called certegy & received the same response. I did not meet the criteria. They then offered me some trite service for a fee which I never took them up on, and asked me to mail to them all my information. If they already have all my information that they are using against me, why should I bother to mail them my information?
    What is the criteria? Someone please tell us so we can stop this humiliation.
    If they do not want our business, they should go out of business.

  93. norm wagner says:

    I am 62 yrs old –have been cashing payroll & ss cks for over 7 yrs at walmart
    my monthly federal gov’t ck–no problem–went back at nite
    with computerized payroll ck
    denied–call ###–their answer
    your employee’s bank sequence
    # looks funny– ‘LOOKS FUNNY’
    ARE U KIDDING ME– what a
    shame this company is getting
    away with–& walmart is allowing
    this to happen– ye theY care??
    a VERY stuned ex loyal customer—

  94. Kate Kinman says:

    Recently changed banks. Went to a Petsmart where I have done business several times a month for 11 years but when I tried to use a check to pay for my purchases, it was declined. This has never happened to me before, I have no outstanding debt of any kind and a clean bank record. Absolutely asinine way to conduct business; no wonder people hate corporations! I can’t shop there again even if I wanted to, they won’t take my money – can you say “clueless”?

  95. Tina says:

    Today I went to Game-type store and was so shocked when I was told I was ” CODE 2 “. like all of the comments before me, one might notice this has been going on for quite some time with this certegy company. It doesn’t do well for the business using this service. After a long phone wait I spoke to someone who sounded as though they were reading a prepared stock answer which made absolutely no sense. However, I was told I was upgraded in some way and hopefully the next unsuspecting time I write a check I won’t be embarrassed or put out with this ridiculous ‘non’service!

  96. TJ says:

    12/10/11 Short and simple! This crap sucks,your company sucks and is causing all kinds of difficulties for thousands of people! I for one can only thank you from the pits of hell!!! Why…couldn’t cash my PAYROLL check at Walmart,a bank or at a casino when I was told they could cash them. So, when to another location on hopes of cashing it so I could get fuel! NOPE…couldn’t cash it due to your F-ED UP B.S. Yep,ran out of gas at 11:45 at night trying to find a place to cash it and had to WALK home! THANKS you morons at CERTAGY!!!

  97. Mike D says:

    Don’t shop at Big Lots. Big Lots uses Certegy. Despite great credit and never having a bad check in my life. Big Lots turned down my check, they said Certegy turned down my check for reason number 2. Spread the word, don’t shop at Big Lots.

  98. josephine says:

    I totally agree with everyone bad comments about Certegy Check Services. My husband went into Walmart to cash a check and was denied by Certegy Check Services.I

  99. My Two CEnts says:

    I too was declined by Certegy, for a 50.00 purchase, i had to pay with my VISA.(which i was trying not to use) i will admit i usually use my debit card, but i misplaced it and was forced to checks. I do believe we need to complain about them. one website gave this number to the Fair Trade commission FTC at 1-877-382-4357. in Georgia we have a public service commission, Your state my have something as well. Start with your state’s webpage and look for public servcie commission or just the info. number. I’m going to let the GA public service commission know and I’ll complain to the FTC. Something needs to be done, how do they take you out the check writing system when you have a valid checking account. In my case it was a local credit union acct. Let’s work together to stop unfair business practices. SideBar- stop giving Wal-Mart money to cash your checks. A credit union will love to have you. :)(my personal rant, I hate Wal-mart)

  100. My Two CEnts says:

    I too was declined by Certegy, for a 50.00 purchase, i had to pay with my VISA.(which i was trying not to use) i will admit i usually use my debit card, but i misplaced it and was forced to checks. I do believe we need to complain about them. one website gave this number to the Fair Trade commission FTC at 1-877-382-4357. in Georgia we have a public service commission, Your state my have something as well. Start with your state’s webpage and look for public servcie commission or just the info. number. I’m going to let the GA public service commission know and I’ll complain to the FTC. Something needs to be done, how do they take you out the check writing system when you have a valid checking account. In my case it was a local credit union acct. Let’s work together to stop unfair business practices. SideBar- stop giving Wal-Mart money to cash your checks. A credit union will love to have you. :)(my personal rant, I hate Wal-mart)

  101. NN says:

    You can add Fashion Bug to the list of merchants that use Certegy. I tried to write a check for 120.00 and it was declined. I actually got through to customer service and had my call esculated twice all the way to the corporate office. I too, had plenty of money in the bank, no bad check history, stellular credit, never been arrested, employed, pay my bills on time, own my home and have lived there for over a year, and have never had a check denied before. Nobody could tell me why it was denied or how I could correct it. I was advised not to take it personally…I told the rep it was personal as I was humiliated in the store. I will not go back into Fashion Bug. If someone is planning a class action suit, count me in.

  102. debbie says:

    I work for a major company and have been cashing my checks at Walmart for 4 years. All of a sudden last month they have been denied by Certegy. Called and no one could tell me why.

  103. Fed Up With Certegy says:

    I went in to Wal-Mart to cash a loan proceeds check written from One Main Financial (formerly CitiFinancial). The check amount was $2, 034.92. The check was declined by certegy on 12/20/2011. When I first phoned the 866-278-5478 I was told that no personal information was used in the determination not to approve the check cashing. However, I called later and pressed “0” and got a person. I was told that my check was over the “approved” guideline. When I asked what that was, the rep told me that it’s in the computer and they don’t tell ANYONE this information. Today I read a post from 11/24/2011 that stated that a check of just over $2k was decline, but the amount WASN’T the issue, it was timeframe. How just over $2K NOT be an issue for one person but $2034.92 be too much for another. Why can they NOT disclose their guidelines to the public? WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE HIDING?!?!?!

  104. EPS says:

    We have had a checking account for almost 40 years; have written almost 15,000 checks,none of which have been returned for insufficient funds. However, our check for Macy’s was declined on 12/21/11 although there was more than sufficient funds in the checking account to cover the purchase. I tried to reach Certegy for an explanation but could never get through. This has happened several times in the past with several other retailers, and it needs to stop. Certegy should be held responsible for their actions.

  105. Josh says:

    I went to a local Wal Mart today to cash my payroll check, something I had never done before, but because it was Christmas Eve and my bank is not open I needed to utilize this in order to finish up some Christmas shopping. I waited in line for 30 minutes only to be told that I my check was denied for no apparent reason. I called Certegy and was told a bunch of BS. I already avoid Wal Mart at all costs but if they are asscicated with this joke of a company I will make sure I let as many people as possible know to stay away.

  106. Maureen Friedland says:

    I went to Walmart on 12/30/2011 had a money gram I needed to cash my father sends me every so offten, on this day had no problem getting the money gram cashed at Walmart, then I had two more I received the following day 12/31/2011, went to one Walmart had two separate cause it was a large money order one for 1000.00 and the second for 700.00. the lady working behind the counter, she had no problem cashing them for me, always go there and another Walmart to cash any of the money grams i receive , so she runs the first one for 1000.00 twice and told me wouldnt go through and handed me the number to call on receipt, as I was doing so she was working on running the second check through for 700.00, had no problem cashing that one , so as I’m on the phone with this Certegy discussing the 1000.00 check that didnt go through ,the lady over the phone was telling me some reason but I never got a straight answer just that their system can deny anytime, so asked the money gram is good and a few other questions and she told me everything looked fine and the money is available, but could not go to any company that uses Certegy that I can cash the money gram at any other check cashing place, just didnt make any sense to me when I just cashed 700.00 right after the 1000.00 was denied and i cashed a 650.00 the day before. So I asked the lady working at Walmartabout the info I was told over the phone with Certegy, I asked maybe, I can go to the Walmart closer to my house cause they had a different system she said that could be a possibility, cause i noticed that the one closer to my house always calls the money order to verify that it is good. So i went there the same one that had cashed the 650.00 on 12/30/2011, and hthey did handed them the money order and they did everything like they always do to cash it for me, everything was good got a confirmation number that walmart wrote on the back of the check, it was signed and everything was looking good then after nearly 2 hours of working on getting my money from this money order Certegy stepped in and declined it, so we call them again my Husband spoke with a man from the company he said he was the manager and they can deny anytime for any reason, told him we had rent to pay that we are behind on and we had til the morning to pay, he had no reason to hold the money order,didnt make sense my father took money out of his bank and went to Walmart to get this money gram to mail to me but yet they treated it as if I was wriiting a bad check or trying to use a bad credit card! We told them we will be getting a laywer and sue them for any extra charges that our apartment will be charging us and etc.. All he could do was ask for our address so they could send us a letter explaining the reason they couldnt cash my money order. For god sakes who are these people to hold anyones money and not except a money order or a goverment check! This is money that is ours and they hold it hostage and against from us receiving what is rightfully our money! This company needs to realize that they have no right to do this to consumer, yes may be easy enough to tell the person to go to another check cashing place but when Walmart is the only place open late to cash these checks it is just wrong,for them to deny or have any say what is their business this should be between the consumer and the company we are at. Not have a 3rd or 4th party involed in our rights to receive what is rightfully ours! It just amazes me that they deny a money oder of all checks! load of crap this company is and yes indeed they shall be put out! Why would big companies even consider having this crap in their store? Certegy keeps this up they will be out of business , For everyone that has been through the harassment and very poor experince from Certegy! deny a money order how RIDICULOUS! worst company I have ever delt with!

  107. LB says:

    I went to LaZBoy furniture and wrote a check for $138.00 my check was denied they ask me to pay for it another way. I asked to speak with Certegy first of all the person I spoke with I could barely understand but he said something about my account was fine but my check met certain criteria for being denied. I asked to speak with a supervisor he hung up on me I called back got the same person asked to speak with supervisor again asked her what the problem was with the check she said she could not tell me their system just denied me I said if you have the right to deny me I have a right to know why she said there was nothing else she could do to help me all while customers and personnel stood and listened to this conversation while I was very humiliated. I was also told I could send them all my information and in the future it MIGHT keep me from being rejected they ALREADY have all my information what is up with this company and how did they get this much power!!!!

  108. John! says:

    Wow I had never even heard of Certegy until today! My wife just came back from a local grocery and was upset after our check was declined. We couldn’t figure out why so I called to find out what was going on. The crazy thing is that we wrote a check at the same exact store less than 24hrs ago! So I call and speak with someone who I can barely understand! I then demanded to speak to an supervisor, who wasn’t helpful at all. She told me that there were no problems with my account or my check but it was declined based on a formula they use. Of course she wouldn’t tell me what the formula is. She said they couldn’t give it out because potential identity thieves or bad check writers would learn how to over-ride the system. I’m a retired cop and told her that would sort of be like me having arrested someone and telling them that I couldn’t tell them why they broke the law. I cannot believe that they are able to get away with garbage excuses like that. And she also said that it may have matched patterns that they use to determine possible problems based on the area I’m in. Ok, so I’m penalized for other peoples activities or patterns? I’ll definitely start looking for ways to bring fruitful complaints against them for their business practices. What an absolute joke!

  109. Esther Gollaher says:

    I paid my At&t internet bill there and it want thought but at&t said they never got it. So i had to go back to wall-mart and tell them they said it would take 3 days but its taking longer so i don’t know what they are doing. All i was told there still working on it and that all they tell me so i know know what going on they won’t tell me 🙁

  110. vickie says:

    I wrote a check at Dollar General when I recieved my bank statement it was ran twice same check number same amount was deducted from my account twice.Went to bank and got one of the checks with same number/same amount deposited back to my account.Who do you think I recieved a call from, Certegy said they trying to collect a debt they wanted me to approve them to collect the amount of the check, plus a 25.00 fee for returned check in which this was not a returned check it was a error on Certegy/Dollar General/who knows can’t get any answers now I have had checks declined also for an error that is not my fault. I also have an excellant credit score money in the bank and can’t cash one.

  111. Shannan says:

    I went to Wal-Mart tonight to cash my student loan pell grant check, which just last November I cashed my unsub loan at Wal-Mart with no issue at all. Tonight I get a reason number 2. I did get a rep on the line, and he said that Certegy bases of computer generated information, and that they are protecting the consumer and the bank, from any fraudulent activity!!! When I asked him to explain what this information is based off, he could give no reason, said I could even try to cash my check again, because tomorrow it could be different! This is not only insulting, that basically they are saying I am possibly committing fraudulent activity, but I have books to buy and things to pay for and can\’t even cash my pell grant!

  112. dan says:

    Ive been cashing my pay checks at Wallmart for years. This past 2 pay checks have both been declined by certegy. I called them and they only say my employer needs to contact them to verify it. I work for a global corp. who said thier money is good and they felt insulted at such. They will do no such thing as call certegy. The corp. I work for is traded on the exchange board and its an insult. Now I read that my check has 10 numbers and certegy can only process 9, so It thinks my check is a fraud. I told Walmart and they said I need certegy to fix the problem before I can cash my checks. Problem solved, no more Walmart.

  113. Angry mom says:

    I am completely amazed at how a company like this can still be in operation. I too, went to Walmart on 1/18/2012 to cash a check, and lone behold it was declined for reason #2. Now I was just there on January 7th and cashed a check with no problems! It’s very disturbing when you have money that you cannot access. When calling Ceretgy they cannot provide any information which I find hard to believe. I’m very angry and frustrated as I need this money to get my car out of shop!!!

  114. William Brink says:

    They’re taking everybody for their money just like Enron…watch…2 months they’ll be shut down.

  115. Upset business man says:

    i step into wal mart and picked money order by Money gram. after few weeks i came to the same Walmart to cash this money order. Walmart said they cannot give me the money and refer me to called Ceretgy and the lady there told me that i cannot take my money because they lost money in the past. I sep in to Walmart in order to feel safe and now Walmart cannot help me. I am looking for strong strong attorney to proceed against Walmart and his affiliates.

  116. Furious says:

    I wrote a check for $184 purchasing several pair of shoes in a shop. I was stunned when they told me my check was not good. With over $5,00 in my bank acct with nary an overdraft on record? The store manager called Certigy and “support tech” told me this was for my own “protection & privacy.!!” What?? Where do they get off doing such a thing. There is a 900 number on their site but they don’t accept calls. “What?” I plan on contacting Consumer Reports and the San Francisco Consumer TV station as the embarresment, standing in line with everyone else listening while, I, I disabled person unable to walk was trapped. Please???
    S, Landman

  117. mbt says:

    I went to target today and have never written a check there before because I aways had my ATM but this time I didn’t have it and I don’t own a credit card and My check was denied. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. How can they get away with this?

  118. MAD says:

    I too, like others wasnt able to cash a refund check today. Ive cashed many checks with Walmart including a big check six days ago from the same bank on my refund check. What is being done about all this foolishness?

  119. David A. says:

    What bad and unexpected timing. I got my first big paycheck from my new job. Being completely broke and out of cash I immediately went to walmart tonight after work and could not cash my pay check issued from Bank of America. The reason #2 from Certegy Check Services says that the decision was based on information found in my “check transactions file” It says I have a right to dispute it with Certegy. This is really crappy. I have never written a bad check or done anything fraudulent with checks yet I am being treated as if I am some high risk profile person. This is a good check from my employer and I cannot cash it to get paid. I have been paid but its just a worthless piece of paper if nobody will cash it because of what Certegy is telling them! I’m very upset.



  120. stucked says:

    my husband has gone twice now to try to cash his VA check and they gave him a reason number 2. I’ll be getting my disability check and I pray not to have the same happen, because these are the only income we have. what stupidity!

  121. kenneth branch says:

    I received a Moneygram money order, and try to cash it at walmart in WV., to find out they cann’tash it and gave me the reason #2, I called the number they gave me was to a company “Certegy” which wasn’t any help. This company that verifyed the money orders or checks is awful.

  122. Angie G. says:

    First time I had a problem with Certegy, my debit card had been stolen and I immediately cancelled it. No one was able to collect any money as my account only had a couple cents and my check wasn’t going into my account until 8:00 am and I realized it was gone at 6:00 am. I had over $2600 in my account. It took five days to get a replacement card and I only could write checks. I go to write a check for a prescription at Walgreens and Certegy denied it. I called and it was because I’d recently written FOUR checks that all cleared without a problem. Because I don’t normally write checks, my fifth was denied. I had to go to the bank, have them withdraw from my account, and go back to the store. I halfway understood that one.

    I’ve been off on FMLA after the birth of my daughter and finally got my short term disability check from my insurance company. I went to cash it, needing formula for my baby. It was denied. I called Certegy and was assured the check was good and my driver’s license was good…but they were “protecting merchants and consumers from possible fraudulent activity.” As I had a state driver’s license, voter’s registration, four insurance cards, and a local government picture ID (I’m a city employee), obviously I’m exactly who I said I am.

    It’s humiliating to go to cash a check and have it denied based on some ignorant computer system. I had two checks bounce over 12 years ago because my exboyfriend wrote a check from my account and I immediately resolved it… Twelve years ago. This is ridiculous.

    Can we say class action lawsuit?! This is evidently a problem with the company and is going to continue to reoccur until they’re stopped.

  123. upset says:

    Had money order got from walmart didnt need they wouldnot take back cause of this company what the heck some scam going on somewhere

  124. Olivia says:

    Judging by all the complaints of poor customer service this ridiculously bogus company needs to be shut down. They also owe us! They owe every person that has been wrongfully rejected and turned away! They owe us for our time and inconvenience and Walmart along with all the other companies that use Certegy must compensate its customers accordingly due to the false advertisements of “ALL CHECKS CASHED”, and “PAYROLL CASHED”, and many more false statements posted on Walmarts wall inside their store! This is misleading and therefore is a hazard to customers. Just because these are big companies doesn’t mean that we have to be pushed around because without CONSUMERS none of these companies would exist and now we’re being treated like garbage by our own product. Don’t worry. I never encountered this company called Certegy before but they have also never encountered a person like me! I will not give up! I’m taking this further and Certegy is going down!

  125. another one says:

    02/03/2012 I went to walt-mark to change my pay-roll check. Cannot cash my check they give me reason 2, I don’t know why, them I try my expense chech was 205 and the pay that one I don’t know why they don’t pay for the big one, I try to call them but is today an I can reach a people, i ‘ll find out Monday. See yaa.

  126. So disappointed in Certegy says:

    I was also turned down which I dont know y.Called the 866 # and wasnt told anything either,I really do believe there is a glitch in there system.

  127. Student says:

    Went to Walmart to cash moneygram money order sent by my mother for school. I gave them my license, social security number and the checks. She said she couldn’t cash it and handed me a slip with a reason #2 stating that I had to call Clergy crap… Haven’t called yet, but I’m sure it won’t turn out to well after reading everyones post.

    Was I suppose to give Walmart my SSN when I went to go cash my money order????

  128. Bali Villa says:

    Amazing post with amazing information you provided here. thanks
    Villa Bali

  129. Cora says:

    My fiance’ and I went to Walmart this evening, 02/09/2012, to cash his tax refund check. Low and behold, they say they cannot cash it because of reason code #2! We called the number, which pretty much tells you NOTHING. I called Walmart and they told me to try to come back later, or try a different Walmart. I like how Certegy can just pick and choose random checks to deny. Some of us actually need our money.

  130. Stephanie says:

    Like most everyone here we had a similar incident where we cashed our payroll check at Walmart for months. A business payroll check on Wells Fargo Bank and wow darn it if we can’t get it cashed for no reason. they just didnt like the sequence of numbers on the check????????????

  131. Michelle says:

    I will join your class action lawsuit. 1st denied a payroll check 3 months ago for reason #2. I worked for a bank, a very popular bank. I shrugged it off and went somewhere else after Certegy could not enlighten me with their automated system. I received my Federal and State Tax Refund checks today, I have no vehicle but was finally able to get a ride from someone this evening and again denied for reason #2. Check criteria? What criteria? 3 completely different entities and 2 completely different types of checks. So what their saying is the bank I worked for wrote a fraudulent payroll check and the state of California wrote a fraudulent tax refund check, and the federal government is also writing fraudulent checks…really?

  132. craig says:

    Went to cash an “United States Treasury” check at Walmart, and they would not cash it. I have my payroll checks cashed at walmart all the time. Why are they declining a government check? I would really like an answer!!

  133. Lali says:

    I went to walmart to cash my federal refund check, and it was denied for reason 2.. what does that mean? I go there to cash every check every week, I waited in line for about 20 minutes,i was embarrest the saddest part of this is that when i called the criteria number they gave me i wasnt ablr to speak to a real person, and it only said its to protect me from fraud? but protect me from who? i gave them the right social and Id its me..omg this was just so embarrasing, and a total waste of my time..ggrrr

  134. phillip says:

    i went to cash my federal tax refund check and certegy declined reason 2 at my local grocery store , walmart ,and both of my banks i though i was saving time by going to my local stores before my bank because of a heavy snowfall and i get this is no fault of yours and will not stop you from furture check transactions when i try to call their service i get a automated service with no answer they i attempted to contact their office in fl and was on hold for two hrs and yes i did time it they the phones were shut off and said we were closed for today tryed to call the next day as well to no avail i will happily join a class action as i have not credit issues never written a bad check or have and collections under my name and ssn

  135. GrandfatherTime says:

    Tried to cash my refund check at Wal Mart, like so many of you. I cashed it there last year and had no problem. Also cashed payroll checks there with no issues before. Today I get reason #2, like so many of you. Are they implying that the federal government is passing fraudulent checks? I don’t get it. How can I have cashed my refund check there last year, and then I cannot this year? Is there a guy sitting in a small room somewhere pressing a button at random to deny these checks? What’s really going on here?

  136. mary labs says:

    I went to cash my fed check to be able to get my meds from the pharmacy and was reasoned 2 also.Made me feel like I was trying to do something illegal.Had to ask friend if the check I had was real ! Very unhappy ! Something needs to be done about this company.

  137. Winona says:

    I also was denied cashing my federal refund check because of reason #2. I agree it is embarrasing being told in front of the other customers who have waiting in line forever behind me that “we cant cash your check because it has something to do with fraud”. It would make sense if they were out of funds or at least inform the service people not to freak people out by telling them their check could be fraudulent.

  138. Aaron says:

    Was just turned down from cashing a student loan check at Wal-mart, via Certegy, for Reason #2. I cash my paycheck there every week! Certegy also seemed unable to give me a straight answer, other than the amount of checks I’ve cashed there, and the dollar amount of those checks, makes me unable to cash this check.

    The first CS lady I spoke to made it sound like it was because I already cashed a check that week (a payroll). When I asked when I could cash this student loan check, from a State Treasury Dept., the issue seemed sidestepped, and they raised my “elevated my status”, with no guarantees. This did not work, and a second CS rep was even less help and more rude, rushing through a script.

    Basically it sounds like they’re telling me I cash too many small payroll checks to cash a larger check. But at the same time, they didn’t actually say this. This was embarrassing.

  139. Megan says:

    I went to cash my state tax check today at walmart. The cashier ran my check three times. Each time it was declined. I received a receipt with a phone number to call for more info. I received the same info. as all of you. This is crazy!!! What good are checks if you can’t cash them? Wal-mart, K-mart, Walgreens, and hundreds of other stores use this so called company. They should be sued!!! This should not be allowed to happen. There’s nothing I can do about this. I feel very helpless right now. It’s Feb. 18th. Monday is Pres. day. I hope there’s a check cashing place open that doesn’t use Certegy, if they all use that comany I have a 2,000.00 check that is worthless. My dad said that he should be able to deposit it in his account Tues. but I shouldn’t have to wait until Tues. The check is just as good today as it will be Tues. and more than likely they’ll put a 5 day hold on it so it won’t be good for 5 days after Tues. Well, I hope he can deposit it in his account. If his bank uses this company then it will be declined there also. I wonder if it would do any good to complain to the BBB? My dad did call and complain but didn’t get anywhere. He asked the person he spoke with if they read all of the complaints against certegy that’s online and they said no. He gave them this website address but you know they’re not going to check it out. I think some lawyer should read the countless complaints and sue Certegy for every penny they have!!!!! As far as checks, I never cash checks at walmart or anywhere else. I’ve never had a bad check, never written a bad check in my life. I don’t know why my check was declined. Shame on you Certegy!!!

  140. Alicia says:

    For the past couple of years I have used Walmart to cash my payroll checks from time to time and even cashed my tax refund check there last year. Thinking it would be the best and most convenient option I decided to cash my return there this year as well. After waiting for over an hour for someone who works at the money center to finish up her conversation with her friends… they tell me they are not able to cash my tax refund check because of reason #2. They then give me a piece of paper with a phone number to call. When I call the number Certegy Check Services informs me that they cannot cash my check. They say this is not because of anything I have done or because of my credit history or anything about me. They tell me it is because “it did not meet our check cashing criteria based on our risk models”. So cashing a check the federal government not only approved but sent to my house is risky? Huh. that makes sense right?
    It seems that Certegy has some sort of error or flaw in their system and terrible customer service representatives when you try and ask about the problem.

    Thank you Certegy for wasting my time, my gas, and for causing me public embarrassment. Do not worry my “risky” self will avoid future business with you.

  141. robert says:

    Took my check to wallmart to cash and was denied(reason#2)Terrible service,I thought that wallmart was better than that.

  142. Sandy says:

    I too, took my STATE tax return to Wal Mart to be put on my debit card, was denied for reason 2. This is an outrage!!! The final reason needed for me to avoid ALL stores that use this sorry service!

  143. Matt says:

    I can’t cash my tax return check at WalMart IN WHICH I WORK AT due to possible fraudulent activity. I dont have a bank account because I don’t believe in federal banks after multiple negative experiences with banks. There is no reason for this to be unable to be cashed.

  144. leslie says:

    I too tried to write a check at albertsons and my check was denied,I just wrote a check there 3 days ago on the 19th of feb 2012 and it cleared just fine,as always. I have never had a bounced check nor do I write checks without funds to back it up. It was very unsetting to be denied after I had just spent an hour shopping to have to leave the store with no groceries. To say the least, I was dumb founded. I asked them to keep my food in the cooler because I would be back, thinking somebody made a mistake. They gave me a card with certegy number to call,I called them from my car, I was told that they could not find a reason why my check was declined accept that I did not meet their check cashing critera, that there was no negative history at all, I asked if they could remove what they did so I could get my groceries and they said they could not over ride the system and that I would have to wait 24 hours. I called the store and told them what certegy said and asked if they could over ride it and they said no, that certegy controls them. What is with these chains giving there buisness to a company THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, Who is relatively new , who\’s customer service knows nothing about whats going on accept to say you dont fit into our critera, when asked what that is, they can\’t answer. Really, is the money they save by farming this service out worth the customers they are losing.

  145. Lisa says:

    Like most of you on here, I went to wal-mart to pick up my check from jackson hewitt and took it to customer service to cash it. the lady there had called to get verification on the check first. after she found out that the check was good she ran it through her system and cergegy denied it with a reason 2. the lady at te desk had asked if i had cashed a check in the past week and I said I had cashed a check with our grocery store about 3 days ago. She said that cergey only allows someone to cash a checks equalling so much money in a short amount of time. I was so mad. She said that I could take my check somewhere else to get cashed. I took it to a check cashing place and they said that because walmart had already got the approval for the check that they HAVE to cash it. I took it back to walmart and fought with them. They said that they can not override the system to cash my check. I got on the phone myself to cergey and got through to someone and they said that they had to answers for me. But off record she did say that I could take the check back to jackson hweitt and have them void the check and issue me a new one and take it somewhere else to be cashed. I tried doing that but unfortunitally the bank that issued the check is closed on the weekends. Im going back to walmart tomorrow to talk to the store manager. Was told that he is the only one that can override the system and give the approval. Im not giving up on this one. even after I get my money, I will still bring down this company certegy. Who do they think they are messing with someones money and waisting someones time by denying these checks.

  146. Chad says:

    Why are all you people still writing checks? What century are we living in. It’s getting more difficult because it’s an antiquated system. Use a debit card like everyone else. And for those tryin to cash a check, get a bank account like most other adults. Walmart doesn’t exist to cash your checks.

  147. Dee says:

    Bought a money order from walmart two weeks ago, went to cash it today and got rejected. Was told to call the number and #2. Hmmm, it’s THEIR money order!!!!

  148. Linda says:

    Went to Walmart, and like all the other posts got a #2 Certegy ordeal. I tried to call their number and consistently got a recording trying to get me to register for a $50K give-away! Ha! What a load!!! You know…there are other places to shop and Walmart and all these “crooks” and stick it!

  149. Ccat says:

    I went to walmart to cash a state tax refund check. I was not able to cash ot due to certegy reason #3. Called the stupid 866 # & they said it was because my social was not in their system. Why is this my problem? So pissed right now!!!

  150. Andrew says:

    Just got back from walmart tried to cash my state income tax at two different location to be denied this is my first time cashing a check at Walmart what is the problem you see my id my social number whatis reason 2 certegy up yours n the people behind it

  151. Suzy says:


  152. Jim in Va Beach says:

    I just got back from WalMart where I tried to cash a MoneyGram money order. I was denied for good old Reason #2. The clerk tried it twice and got the same denial. I don’t understand why a money order should be denied for any reason whatsoever. After cruising various sites, I landed here and am glad to see I’m in the same boat as a lot of people. I will just deposit it in my credit union Monday morning. I can see, however, where this can be a problem for others who don’t have checking accounts. Looks like WalMart hooked up with these bozos to save a buck or two and wound up with a very poor service.

  153. April says:

    I took my son to Walmart tonight to cash his income tax refund check. After he showed the clerk his ID and entered his SSN in the keypad twice, he was given a piece of paper with reason 2 on it. She asked if he had recently cashed a check there and we told her no. She acted as if she really didn’t care. We called the 866-278-5478 number on the paper and felt as if we got the run around. Then we went to askcertegy.com and that was a big joke. I will just take him somewhere else to cash his check. I mean, seriously, it’s an income tax refund check! How can they honestly decline it?

  154. April says:

    So, I called the number that was on my white little piece of paper…866-278-5478 and went through the automated process but was not satisfied. I was able to speak to someone who was extremely rude and asked me “what do you want?” I explained to him what happened and he said that he doesn’t know why Wal’mart gave me this number. See, my son’s income tax refund check was declined. He has a valid ID and a social security number. The man then told me that the check was a fraud and the machine couldn’t read it because it didn’t have the correct markings. Seriously??!! It’s an income tax refund check…it’s not a fraud. He then started reading from a script and I told him that I knew he was reading a script and to “talk to me and help me with this problem.” It’s like he was a robot…he just kept on reading and starting from the beginning. He was extremely rude and kept telling me that the check was a fraud. I then asked him if the government was broke and couldn’t handle the amount of the check…which is a small amount but my son did work and he deserves to receive a refund. This company is a FRAUD.

  155. Chas says:

    Yesterday I went to Wal Mart to cash my Federal Tax Return Check and it was denied. Never had this happen before! I called the Certegy number they gave me after giving them all the information they wanted they said nothing was wrong with my ID or the check but I would have togo somewhere else to cash it. Gets even better couple weeks ago I bought my niece and nephew wal mart gigt cards for birthdays when I took them to use them the employee told me they dont except the cards and was denied. THEY ARE WAL MART GIFT CARDS! I’m going to post this everywhere I can.

  156. E NELSON says:


  157. DL says:

    Does anyone have a valid phone number for Larry Towe, CEO of this venal empire?

  158. Eric West says:

    I will be creating a facebook page to get the word out the CERTEGY randomly denies checks to make it look like their system is worthy to such big names as Wal-Mart, Target and other organizations that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for Certegy’s systems. In effect, all of these complaints ARE PROOF Certegy DOES NOT protect anyone but their fake theft deterrent system. I will also be filing complaint with the FTC. This company has to be stopped. It is not fair that they tell you the check you are given is FRAUDULENT or ‘matches’ a fraudulent check yet they refuse to give anymore details. They are so quick to use legalese (fraud) but almost instantly say that the check is not actually fraud, they just say it doesn’t fit their parameters. The company is SHADY and I do not appreciate having an US TREASURY CHECK denied (a refund check) because they think it is FRAUD. The US Treasury is NOT GOING TO SUBMIT FRAUDULENT CHECKS!!

    • Angry says:

      Walmart and Certegy are still at it in 2016. Now its social security checks and Certegy is saying Walmart has a 1000 dollar limit, when the Walmart supervisor told the guy from Certegy the limit was 5000. Walmart claims they want to fix it. They haven’t called me back like they said. Walmart is in on it. I think somebody is getting kickbacks from Certegy to keep using Certegy.

  159. Heather says:

    Have been cashing paychecks at Walmart for months, Yet went yesterday to cash my state refund check and it was denied for reason #2, called the # and didn’t get a real person, automated line that took a long time to tell me nothing.

  160. mm says:

    denied-reason 2 -told to go back after calling the number on the little piece of paper- was told I was elevated to VIP status to cash my work check- went back and was denied again. I have been discriminated against. I was willing to pay the fee for a certain service and was told no. Funny thing is I cashed numrous checks for somewhat larger amounts and there was no problem.

  161. Reba says:

    I was talked into a Target/Red Card last year and would like to cancel it but can not reach anyone (living) at Target. I have called every telephone number listed for their company.Their computer says my red card # is incorrect so I can’t pay my bill. My nearest Target is two mountain ranges away.Help!

  162. Ryan emans says:

    Like many whom posted on this site, I went to walmart to cash my check, like many I was also declined. I am in my second year of law school and never had any finacial problems, I use walmart for the convience rather than dealing with banks. This check I am trying to cash is my tax refund check from the United States government. I do not know the reasons behind being denied but I do intend to find out.

  163. Robert says:

    I went to Toys R Us in Paducah, KY today to pay the balance on some items we had special ordered. I wrote a check to pay for the things, and they seemed to be having some trouble with my payment. I didn’t know what was going on, so me and a couple employees went on and loaded the stuff into my truck. I came back into the store, and they were still at the phone pushing buttons on the keypad.

    After a couple more minutes, they were clearly frustrated and told me the check had been declined and they didn’t know why. They gave me a number to call, which they let me use their company phone to call. I got “talked to” by Certegy’s automated system which proceeded to inform me that there was nothing wrong with my account or my check, but that it had been declined for security reasons. Something about this purchase falling outside normal activity for my account. I was never given the option to speak with anyone. In fact, the voice made a point to inform me that a customer service person would not be able to tell me anything or override the decision to decline my payment.

    The Toys R Us employees were very kind and helpful. They apologized and asked me to pay for it with 2 checks for 1/2 the amount. The smaller checks were declined also.

    I proceeded to pay with my credit card. Chase Bank has never let me down! I’m going to pursue this further because I don’t want this to ever happen again.

  164. cesar says:

    I went to walmart to cash my check they had cashed my other checks before any i got my check late I could’nt deposit a really needed the money but got some stupid reason #2 and I called the number and got nothing don’t know why they even offer the service why even bother giving you a number where you can’t even talk to a person

  165. Megan says:

    I went to walmart (not going to capitalize, im so ticked) and attempted to cash my paycheck. It didn’t work. Two weeks later, again I attempted. No luck. I asked my friend about it and she said if they have my SSN and birthdate then I’m a sure victim of identify theft. All I can say is I’m freaking out. I thought I could trust Walmart. Now I REFUSE to go there. I’m warning everybody else about these services.

  166. Frank Siskey says:

    I attempted to buy something at Target on 04/07/12 in Fresno, CA, with a check and to my embarrassment, it was rejected by Certegy. My checking account has a middle 4 figure balance, and I’ve never written a bad check in my life. Target told me to call Certegy, which I did, and got an automated answering system, with no chance of speaking to anyone. As consumers, we should stop buying anything from all these companies, such as Target, Walmart, Lowes, etc, that do business with this fraudulent company called Certegy, until they rid themselves of this scourge. The very least we should do is stop buying the items we were purchasing when our checks are refused. Just walk out the door and leave it on the counter. Surely the companies will get the message when they start loosing sales. I will attempt to speak the the Target manager, also.

  167. tony says:

    I just got my first ssi check after waiting for 5 months am behind on my bills so I went to Walmart to cash the check and was declined they gave me a number to call waited and talked to someone who barely spoke English who wanted my personal info this has to be a scam worst part I could not pay my back bills these people need to be shut down

  168. Shannon Stanley says:

    My husband went to Lowe’s in Johnson City, Tn yesterday and made a purchase or I should say “tried” to make a purchase. He wrote a check as he had just done last week, and was told it was declined. He said they couldn’t give him a reason and gave him a print-out with the Certegy Check Services name and info on it. He was holding our youngest grandchild and there were about ten people in line behind him, so he was quite humiliated, and for nothing because there were sufficient funds in the account to cover the check he had written. When he got home, I immediately went online to check my bank account and as I had suspected, there was more than enough in there to cover the check. I then called the 866 number on the slip of paper. Was then told by a computer that there was no previous reason why it was rejected, but that it was done so for the protection of the customer. What Bull!! It then asked if I wanted to get an application for something that would prevent that from happening in the future, and I said “yes”. It then asked me to spell my last name, and I did, FOUR TIMES, and then it asked again. I literally shouted to the computer on the other end of the phone “SERIOUSLY??”, and I hung up. If this is who Lowe’s wants to use as their check cashing overseer, they should be prepared for a lot more letters like the one I am going to write. I hope someone investigates this company and soon.

  169. tara says:

    My husband and I went to walmart the other day to cash our tax refund check since neither of us have a bank account. We both gave our id’s and put in our ssn. We were denied as well and were given the paper with reason 2 and a phone number. we both called and were told that out check had a pattern on it similar to a fraud check. i asked the lady what the hell was that supposed to mean, it’s a government check, it’s not a fradulent check. She told me to go elsewhere that did not go through them and i asked her who would that be and she didn’t know. i asked her why walmart says they cash tax refunds when they didn’t cash mine. she kept appologizing and i told her it was a bunch of bs and thanks a lot. i’m glad i’m not the only one but baffled at how many other people have gone through this.

  170. Kelli says:

    After reading all these comments I find a little solace in the embarrassment I too experienced at Target on Monday April 9. I have been shopping at that Target store for 17 years and have ALWAYS written checks, and have never had any issues. I have never written any bad check to any company, and it was appalling to me – not to mention embarrassing – when my check was denied while buying groceries. I am at that store ALL the time and have never had issues, but I agree with all the other consumers out there that are disturbed by this growing trend of “randomly” finding some sort of idiosynchrosy in the check itself in order for Certegy to validate their worth to their customers (Target, Walmart, etc.) What a sham at the expense of the helpless consumer who either has to pay in some other fashion while being embarrassed, or choose to walk out with the items they came for at a store they normally held in high regard. Target Stores I implore you to take a look at this shady practice and worthless check verification service.

  171. Kelli says:

    I went to Kroger to cash my Federal Student Loan check, only to have the clerk tell me, she could not cash my check because of the approval code from Certegy, she call the 800 number when a lady, tells me your check is good, Remember it\\\’s a Government Check, but she could not approve it, and that I should go to check cashing office. Needing my money I went to ACE who wanted $65.00 to cash it. I took it Walmart,who cashed it for $6.00 with no problem..

  172. Lily Thies says:

    I feel so much better! I drove all the way to Walmart to cash my pay checks. I work for the state of California and get paid per client I see. I had 6 checks. I ran 3 of them through the system, got my money no problem. The fourth check was DENIED!!!! Unbelievable!!! I have 3 checks left, and I have to go else where! I am angry. Class action suit it is, this is so ridiculous!!!!

  173. jennifer says:


  174. Marilyn says:

    I went to Carson Pirie Scott today to make out a check for a purchase I had made and my check was denied. I called Certegy at 800-237-4951 and they indicated that in their database that my driver’s license no. and my name do not match. I informed them that I have never had that problem in the past. they said perhaps I needed to call the Driver’s License bureau (when I got home called the Driver’s License Bureau and my information was as I had indicated to them.)They finally agreed for today to put the information of my driver’s license in their database so I could make out the check, but I would still have to send them a copy of my driver’s license. The worse part of this whole experience was the embarrasement and also have to say my driver’s license no.; just hope that no one could hear what I said.

  175. Natasha says:

    I tried to cash my Wisconsin Unemployment Check today at Wal-Mart. I just cashed one there the day before with no problem, but today was a different story. It was declined with a Reason #2. I was told the same thing regarding Check Fraud and I was like HELLO this is a State of Wisconsin Issued Check so you are telling me the State of Wisconsin is sending me fraudulent Checks? After talking with a few people I was finally told this!

    The issuing bank of the check did not supply Certegy with the validation for the check it requested in a timely manor, so Certegy will then DENY all checks from that location until they comply withing their set timeline of request. So now I was told they will NO LONGER CASH MY UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS!

  176. Melissa says:

    Some advice for you folks on here, get a savings account with a credit union. It will cost you next to nothing. With mine for example as long as I keep five dollars in my account, it stays open and active. Plus you can also apply for a atm/debit card. Trust me, it’s alot easier than standing in line at Walmart or any other place and getting frustrated that you constantly get denied. Besides the folks who work at my Credit union are nice and understanding. They won’t treat you like you are a criminal trying to pass off a bad check.

  177. Kimberly says:

    I have run into this problem now. I too have funds and bank with a credit union….however certegy for some reason has flagged me. I tried calling and couldn’t get a person either. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been reading this and its all over the internet how it’s all just a huge fraud ring basically and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do now.

  178. kim says:

    I went to my local Wal-Mart to cash my payroll check, being that I work the same hours as my bank and do not have direct deposit. And thought,I’ll just cash it since I’m there already…I was told they could not cash it for Reason #2 and I was told to call the 866 number. I called and really didn’t quite understand the reasoning, but it mentioned Fraud. I work for a large well known company and never had problems cashing it elsewhere. Certegy needs to get it together. I was embarrased and stood in line for 15 mins for nothing.

  179. Greg Peterson says:

    I had same trouble – and I had over $200 groceries in my basket at Walmart.
    Ironically Walmart had cashed my payroll check two times prior.
    Called this company and only got computer voice – after 15 minutes I gave up.
    So I left store – and the poor Walmart employees had to put away (put back) my huge basket of groceries that included a lot of perishables.
    I complained to Walmart manager – and they gave me $25 gift certificate for my trouble.
    I have a perfect rating, never been in trouble – and think Certegy Check Services is losing Walmart a lot of business.
    Walmart had better consider getting a new company to cash their checks because they will suffer not Certegy Check Services.

  180. Eloise says:

    I went to Murphy gas at Walmart today. I go there all the time and write checks there all the time. well my check was declined. I told the clerk that I would not accept that and made him put the numbers in manually . Lo and behold my check was approved as fast as it was declined. Im not one to accept what a machine dishes out. The clerk wished me a good day. There’s to much mechanical/electronic nowadays and not enough personal common sense.

  181. Eloise says:

    Its not just Certegy its all computerized systems even on line.

  182. Pam says:

    I went to Walmart today to cash a payroll, and I was surprised Walmart would not cash my payroll check. My regular bank was closed and I needed gas. The walmart cashier gave me Certegy Check services information, I called, got an automated services. Walmart can do better than this. I am so upset!!

  183. Kelly says:

    If you want to call CERTEGY and get a live person to answer the phone…here is the number. No automated system on this number. I recommend you call here. 1-866-740-3276

  184. DeeDee says:

    What all of us who are posting on this subject about Certegy Check Services need to do is this….we ALL need to inundate the Better Business Bureau AND Wal-Mart, Lowe’s (who, by the way is owned by the same people who own Wal-Mart) Murphy Oil (owned by Wal-Mart as well) we need to write them. I am constructing a letter along with a form of a petition. If ANY of you on this site wish to participate in getting this Certegy Check Services OUT OF BUSINESS send an email to me at: christmasdreamstreefarm@gmail.com It’s time we, as American citizens, take back our rights and our jobs. This company uses people in India and China. They outsource jobs to India and China. And then they will not tell you WHY your check is being declined. I am the owner of a very large Christmas tree farm. I had to go to Wal-Mart for a few groceries and while I was there I ended up getting an iPad that was on sale for an unheard of price. I didn’t have my checkbook or my debit card with me and I sure wasn’t going to charge groceries. I did have a rebate check from a vacuum cleaner I had bought and went thru sheer hades even redeeming my receipt and paperwork for this $25 rebate check, and when they ran it thru the machine at Wal-Mart in the Money Center, it spit out a little paper with REASON #2. Said “We cannot cash this check”. I called the number on the paper as soon as I got outside and spent an unusually long amount of time on hold and when I demanded to know WHY I was declined cashing a perfectly valid check. I did not meet their parameters is what I was told. PARAMETERS? I am just so sick of this country and what we have stooped to people. I’m ready to do something about it. Who’s with me? Write me and I will send you a copy of my letter and the site where you can go and sign an ePetition online (free of charge completely) and this petition is going to be sent to Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Murphy Oil, Target and the Better Business Bureau.

  185. Rokie says:

    Doing business with HEB for 30 years in Austin, TX. Never had any issue using any form of payment. Had my check declined yesterday. Given the Certegy slip. Reason: “No negative information.” BTW Certegy and HEB ….no negative information would indicate it is a good transaction.

    Hold the phone though. I feel so honored that after I had been extremely humiliated in public, traumatized at my neighborhood market in the community where I live, had this refusal defame my character by representing me to be a deadbeat that got their check declined…

    Certegy offers me a VIP membership? This involves voluntarily providing personal information about myself to include DL number, SS number, DOB, Employer, address, all phone numbers, bank routing number and bank account number. Basically, everything but my blood type. This will not insure approval of my future transactions but it might?

    After considering this invitation for about a nano second…arriving at a resounding NO; I began researching Certegy. Deplorable reputation….ummmm consumer protection help already. I mean I do realize the 3.5 million dollar class action law suit was won this past August is a star…we will see what this changes.

    Shocking anyone would choose to do business with this company. http://www.girardgibbs.com/blog/certegy-class-action-lawsuit-press-release/

    Does Certegy intentionally choose to decline and embarrass customers so that out of fear they will become VIP members? Providing more personal information willfully than can be gleaned from scanning a check? Seems a little bit like blackmail does it not? If you don’t want to be humiliated again….willfully provide us all of your personal information as VIP status could prevent this….

    It appears to me weather it is transacting your own personal checks or payroll checks, government checks, retirement checks, etc…I even read where one gentleman was provided a refund check from Delta Airlines and attempted to cash it. It was declined. Certegy denied this transaction based on the file information on Delta Airlines being negative…indicated it had nothing to do with him.

    This is another layer of oppression to control how you spend your money and now much information you have to provide to entities about your transaction that is none of their business. We are being profiled. An extreme desire to trace and profile every transaction you make.

    What I don’t understand is most checks these days are converted to electronic transactions that are processed just like debit card transactions…I also read where some customers have had their debit card transactions declined by Certegy? I have no idea how this is possible. Is the actual message no more checks, no more paper money, only electronic transactions?

    We need to wake up folks. I have visited with people that fled Argentina. They have indicated that they are beginning to see the same practices being put in place that they experienced in Argentina that led to what the country has now.

    The credit reporting agencies and companies like Certegy need to be stopped. Our personal information is just that and anyone or any entity should have to have my permission to retain it and to make money off it or to provide it to anyone for anything.

    You barely have to provide anything to place something derogatory on someone’s credit report. Ever have to work with one of these credit bureaus to fix an error? Their dispute process is an absolute joke not too mention incredibly time consuming.

    Sorry folks this is not consumer protection and their is nothing at all that is fair about the credit reporting industry.

    I come from a time where paying all you bills on time for a period of time was your credit worthiness. Now I live in a time where if God forbid you become injured or lose your job due to downsizing…your credit score drops….your car insurance will go up.

    Why? Apparently people with lower credit scores are more likely to make insurance claims and more likely to be involved in car accidents? Of course, when credit scores drop otherwise hardworking good people, over night become bad drivers and thieves? Curious who funded this research..

    There must be something done to stop creating obstacles in this country that are deteriorating our quality of life. Given the United States of American imprisons more of its’ citizens than any other nation in the world….well there are all kinds of prisons but how does that remotely represent liberty.

    Protect consumers!! I realize minimizing risk….but this needs to be very specific and regulated as to what and how we maintain this type of information on people and most importantly… a streamlined dispute process that is real when there are errors that provides proof of derogatory information with the real opportunity for the consumer to make corrections.

    Writing two checks a year is not derogatory. Checks out of sequence coming through Certegy is not derogatory, someone cashing their payroll at a different location is not derogatory.

    A business needs to accept checks, and cash checks if they are advertise that they do. If the third party they engage, at times unbeknownst to the consumer, prevents them from providing fair services to all customers, this is damaging, and the customer should be able to hold the business liable in the absence of no reasonable proof to decline any transaction.

  186. Karon says:

    When did Walmart begin using CERTEGY? I’ve been told that they use Tele-A-Check. Have never had an issue using a check at Walmart, but have had an issue when paying by check with confirmed businesses who do use or have used CERTGEY: Target in 2009, Southpaws Emergency Veterinary Hospital (Fairfax, VA) in 2005 and 2013, CompUSA 1997. One check was for a small amount ($40 to $80 at Target), the other checks were rather large ($900, $1,250, and $1,800).

    I finally got a check to work through Target ($28) using an account number containing no special OCR characters, other than numbers. It happens to be the checking account with the least amount of money in it and the newest that I have.

    I can confirm CERTEGY does not check account balances. Most banks do NOT allow this because of privacy laws.

    I believe their logic is similar to Tele-A-Check. You have to successfully process 6 or more checks within a given amount of time. Dollar amaounts written should be low. (Target suggested to me this past weekend, under $75).

    Can anyone confirm what CERTEGY’s computer logic really is for accepting and processing checks?

    My goal is to be able to meet the minimum criteria for CERTEGY, so that I know longer have issues at businesses using CERTEGY as their “electronic check processor” for THREE different checking accounts.

  187. Nick says:

    My car was totaled by Geico and I got an official pre-printed check from them for what they owed me. I immediately went to WalMart to cash the check and it was DENIED REASON #2!! It was for less than $450! Not only was it embarrassing but it’s inconvenient. I’ve never written or passed off a bad or fraudulent check in my life!

  188. John Daley says:

    Please contact me at john.daley@frontier.com to join a class action lawsuit against Telecheck and Certegy. Both of these companies are denying checks using discriminatory approval systems and when you are denied, they are defaming you. If you have been denied writing a check anywhere using Telecheck or Certegy, now is the time to end this madness. We do not have time in our lives to be going through this shame and humiliation for a few dollars. If they are in business to approve checks, then the risk is on their plate, not ours!

  189. Dawn Higgins says:

    Dawn Higgins
    17602 N Cave Creek Road 134
    Phoenix, AZ85032
    Certegy Check Services, Inc.
    P.O. Box 30296
    Tampa, FL 33630-3296
    Phoenix – Cave Creek and Union Hills – 985
    18411 N Cave Creek Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85032

    To whom it may concern:
    Today I went to Albertsons to get some groceries and my check was rejected. I am a good customer of Albertson and also written 3 checks to the store in the last month. I always make sure there is enough in the account to cover the check.

    I am upset with your company and also Albertson. I was embarrassed and upset with all that happened. This should have never have happened.

    This is the disclosure I got from your website:

    Thank you for your patience while your transaction was researched. The transaction was processed correctly and is not a result of negative information. When a check is presented, the transaction goes through Certegy’s computer based models. Each transaction is reviewed for patterns that might appear different to a customer’s normal check writing habits – such as the location of the transaction, check series, dollar amount and check writing history. This is in addition to the security guidelines that are set in place for each particular merchant on our service. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. What we can recommend is you use another form of payment at this time such as a debit or credit card, or cash. Please click here to download the free and confidential enrollment form for our Certegy VIP program. This free enrollment allows us to add your information to Certegy’s VIP status. Although we cannot guarantee every check will be approved, the Certegy VIP will greatly reduce the chance of a decline.


    Dawn Higgins

  190. Lark Bea says:

    I find it ironic that one of the first comments is from a Best Buy employee who could not cash her payroll check. My husband and I were extremely embarrassed the other day at a Best Buy when we attempted to purchase a TV with a check and it was rejected by Certegy, “reason 2”. We knew we had more than enough money in our account to cover it and we were reluctant to use our debit card with all of the problems retailers have had with database breaches. So anyway, after our check was rejected (we assume it was because our checking account is new having moved about a year ago to a new state due to a job transfer), we were invited to apply for a BB credit card and put our purchase on that. We declined. Anyway, after numerous phone calls, we found out that Certegy uses some arbitrary algorithm to determine whether or not to accept a check, not anything to do with having a bad check out there somewhere or not having enough money in the account. They offer a “VIP” status to reduce the chance of having a check rejected in the future. After reading over the criteria, they seem to want way more personal info than we feel comfortable providing, social security numbers, for instance. We wound up purchasing the same TV on amazon.com for a lower price and that website actually encourages linking a checking account to pay for purchases. Right now, I am trying to figure out which retailers we frequent use Certegy in order to avoid them. We don’t write a lot of checks but when we do, we want to avoid having them declined for no good reason.

  191. I just tried to cash my Alaska State check at two different locations and was denied by both. I have been cashing these same checks each month for over 4 years now and suddenly I’m being denied! Both places, which were Safeway and Fred Meyer, have been cashing these checks for me every month without problem.

    Fred Meyer gave me a paper with the Certegy number and told me to call them. I did and was told there was no reason for the check to be denied. So, I went back to Fred Meyer and tried again. That poor woman at customer service tried and tried to put the check through, but it wouldn’t go. She kept apologizing and kept telling her it wasn’t her fault.

    I use this check to pay my rent. What the heck am I suppose to do now? Certegy sounds like a scam to me. I’ve been reading all the complaints about them and something needs to be done!

  192. Diana Lynn Artman says:

    I received a settlment check from a well known company in this area. I went to Wal-mart to cash it. I asked one of the managers if you load any check onto their cards and was told no problem(yes). When they went to load it, I was told it was denied for reason code 2. When I called the 800# was asked my name, Drivers Licence#, the routing # on the botton of the check. I asked if there was a problem with the check. She said no. She could barely speak English, so I had a hard time understanding her and had to have her repeat things several times. The check was the amount of an average income-tax check. I tried to get her to tell me the reason, she said she couldn’t tell me. She said you are sometimes flagged for moving to another area or state. I have lived here since I was born. Exhausting!

  193. Chris says:

    Today, 12/15/2014, I tried to cash a student loan check at WallMart. It was denied and I got that stupid little piece of paper with a number to call. So I called. After 10 minutes of automated crap that gave me no info at all, I finally spoke with a person. She said that she didn’t know why the system rejected my check, but that the computer itself made the determination. I asked to speak with a manager and was told “our computer uses an algorithm that determines whether to allow the check based on the trending of finances and financial institutions.” For anyone who doesn’t understand that sentence, it’s because it doesn’t make any sense. Basically, their system is broken and guesses whether or not to allow a check to be cashed. It supposedly doesn’t have anything to do with you, but instead uses market research (from where? how? where does this computer get it’s info?). How is this even allowed? How is this company suckering in places like WallMart? I’m simply astonished. My lack of faith in our economic systems and the people running it has once again been confirmed.

  194. Robin says:

    I went to my local Hibbetts store on July 14, 2015 to purchase some shoes. Both my husband and I have been in the store before and purchased items with no problem. My husband was just in the store back in March of this year (2015) and bought some shoes and weights. HE PAID WITH A CHECK and had NO problems.
    When I asked the assistant yesterday if I could pay by check (and he was the same one that helped my husband back in March)he said it would be okay. I showed him my Driver’s License and he entered stuff and then just left to go talk to the manager. I waited for quite some time and finally the manager came up to the sales desk and asked me if all my info was correct. I showed him my Driver’s License “again” he entered it and then said there wasn’t sufficient info and it was declined due to a reason code. I told him I’d just go over to the Bank across the street where my checks where issued and get the CASH. Hey, the minute I walked in the door at the Bank a teller recognized me and I told her the whole story. She was kind of incredulous, and I just wrote out a check for cash and GOT IT “no problems what-so-ever”. When I went across the street to Hibbetts and plunked down my cash I told the manager, “They KNOW ME at the Bank”. He just handed me a Certegy card and told me to call them. I tried several times when I got home and only got automated messages saying, “due to circumstance out of their control they were not able to take calls and to call back at a later time”. BULL! I researched Certegy on the computer and found another number and this time got a “real” person. Oh, she told me I was a risk factor and I told her I have been cashing checks in this town for years and never had any that bounced, etc. I also asked her “where’ Certegy gets their info on people and did not get a direct answer. She just told me Certegy is just “protecting” our merchants and you as a customer. Well, how are they protecting me by making me appear to be a “risk” when I had sufficient funds in my checking and have never written hot checks or had any that bounced, plus been doing banking with the same bank for over “30” years and none of my personal info has changed. Thanks to websites like this I see I am NOT alone!

  195. Amy says:

    I tried to use a check to make a purchase at Target today and was declined. I do not like to use credit cards, especially at places that have already been hacked. I contacted Certergy, they just kept saying I do not meet the criteria set by Target, yet I have never had hot checks. They said they can see that I write checks with other of their customers (ie HEB) yet I never am declined there. When I asked what criteria I do not meet they say they can’t divulge that information! What??? I am the one being declined! Without a history of bad checks or credit!!! And I can’t be provided with that information? Something is very wrong here. I will file with the BBB, the Attorney General’s office and any other Gov Agency that handles bad business practices. In the meantime, I obviously will not be shopping at Dillard’s or Target, where my money is not welcomed. Until they change the company they use for check services I will be recommending every friend and family member stay away from these companies because of this shoddy practice and customer service.

  196. Test says:

    testing the comments section

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