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How does Certegy work?

Certegy is a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial and provides check authorization and check cashing services to businesses across the United States. Benefits of using Certegy check verifications is to protect businesses from fraud and financial loss, as well as protecting consumers’ checking account information. However, when they don’t have the correct information on your credit report it can cause you a ton of stress.

Why does Certegy deny checks?

If Certegy declined a check, you may get Certegy Reason 2 or Certegy Error Code 2 and may not be able to cash checks with any business that uses Certegy for their check processing services. This can happen to you even if you have plenty of money in the bank. The culprit most times is false, or outdated information on a credit report that Certegy is using to determine whether or not a business should accept payment from you. It is the responsibility of check processing companies to make sure their databases are up to date and accurate. When they are not, it is not only harmful to you and your credit, but also harmful to the businesses that rely on them.

File a Certegy Check Services Lawsuit

Credit report errors can end up costing you in many ways through increased interest rates, increased insurance premiums, application rejections in both the job market and for residential purposes. With Certegy the errors can keep you from being able to cash your checks, and purchase goods and services. If your payment is denied because of a Certegy error, make sure you get a copy of the report they are using.

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Contact Information for Certegy – Address and Telephone Number

Address P.O. Box 30046
City Tampa
State Florida
Zip Code 33630-3046
Telephone Number 800-237-3826

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