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Working with a Debt Collection Company

Have you been talking to a debt collection agency recently?  Are they using foul language? Lying about the amount of money that you owe? Calling you over and over and over again?  Making your phone ring at obscene hours of the day and night?

All of the above actions are illegal. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collection agencies have a number of actions that they are prohibited from using when contacting a debtor about money that is owed.


Why Hire an Attorney to Fight Against a Debt Collection Agency

So what can an attorney do to help you when dealing with an unlawful debt collection company?

Well, for starters, once you hire an attorney, the debt collection agency are no longer allowed to call or contact you. All communication must go through your lawyer.

Also, a lawyer knows and understands all the laws that have been put in place to protect you. They even know whether filing a lawsuit makes sense.

Call Francis and Mailman today to stat the conversation.  Call now for a free consultation.  We are ready for your call- no obligation and private.  We know the laws and will work for you.  We want o help you and win any case against the offending agencies.

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