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Are you in debt?  Still owe tons of money on your house?  Have a pile of credit card bills that are growing by the day?

Debt is not uncommon. In fact, it is very normal. What is not normal is the harassment that many debt collection agencies partake in when attempting to collect debt that is owed.

The Story Behind Debt Collection Agencies

Did you know that many debt collection companies but your debt from Creditors and lenders?  And they often buy this debt for pennies on the dollar?  The money they collect from you is mostly profit.

This is why many debt collectors use questionable practices when contacting debtors just like you.

Do You Feel Harassed?

Do you feel uneasy about the way that a debt collectors has been contacting and communicating with you?  It may be time to get an attorney on your side to fight back.

Call Francis and Mailman today to get the representation you deserve.  Our attorneys are here to give you a no obligation, private consultation.  Call our toll free number today to start the process of getting back control of your financial health- 877-735-8600.

You do not have to take these harassing and abusive calls anymore from these debt collectors and their unethical employees.  Get the right team of lawyers behind you today and start fighting back.  You could be owed damages, find out from our experienced team today.

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