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CheckCare offers many verification services. Identity verification, check verification, and so much more. Companies need to verify consumers and their payment methods- this is understandable. But what if the information they receive from the companies that are supposed to know the consumer are wrong? What if there are errors inside of these reports?

This can result in your payments being denied at any business that uses CheckCare Group’s check verification services, not only can it be embarrassing to have your payment denied when you know you have money in your account, but their incorrect information could be costing you.

CheckCare Credit Report Errors Can Cost You

Unfortunately, credit report errors are common. These errors can lower your credit score and cause lots of problems for you, such as:

  • increase in credit card interest rates- this can be very costly, even causing as much as thousands of dollars in additional costs
  • increase in home insurance and car insurance premiums- these companies look into your credit when considering costs.
  • increase in home mortgage interest rates- costing you thousands over the years
  • affect on an government clearances
  • increase in private student loan interest rate- costing you thousands over the years
  • application rejection for a potential job- yes, employers can and do look into your credit history

Hire Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. to Take Control and Fix CheckCare Errors

You credit report needs to be accurate, this data has huge affects on your financial life. Be sure to look at your credit report, at least, annually. You are entitled to a free credit report every year- USE IT!

If you have been trying to dispute claims made by CheckCare and need help call us today for a free consultation at (877) 735-8600, or fill out our free case review form now.

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