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What is Checkr?

Uber and Lyft background checks by ChekrCheckr is a background check company located in San Francisco, CA. They are hired by many employers in the manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit, retail and hospitality, and education industries to handle employment screening and background check services.

Notable Companies that have used Checkr for employment background checks

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Postmates
  • Grubhub

What is included in a Checkr Background Check?

The screening services that Checkr offers include:

  • Social Security Number validation
  • criminal records check, including terrorist watchlists and sex offender registries
  • driving records check
  • employment and education verifications
  • drug screening
  • credit checks

Errors on Checkr Background Checks

The most common issue read online about checkr background checks is Incorrect criminal history.
If you check any of the rideshare forums or the Checkr complaints and Checkr reviews at you will see that the wrong criminal history information on Checkr background checks can keep drivers from being able to work for Uber and Lyft.
Due to continual monitoring done by Uber and Lyft for their drivers, some people in the rideshare community have had the issue where they pass the first background screening but are given a pre-adverse action alert the next time Checkr does the background check.
Non-convictions over seven years old should NOT be in your Checkr background check and in California, Kentucky, New York and New Mexico non-convictions CANNOT be on your Checkr background check at all.
Old information can show up on a background check when databases used for creating your report have not been updated. Incorrect criminal history on a background check can happen, simply, if you have the same name or similar address as someone that does have a criminal history. Or perhaps, you have had your record expunged and old information is still being reported on your background check.
It is the responsibility of any consumer reporting agency to make sure the information that they provide about you is up to date and correct.

Did you lose a job or was your job delayed due to mistakes on your Checkr background check? You have rights under the FCRA that protect you.
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Checkr Background Check Dispute

Unfortunately, mistakes on background checks are common. This can be devastating. Luckily, there are laws in place to protect you. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) not only protects consumers from mistakes on their credit reports, but also from errors on employment reports.

  1. When information on your background check is being used against you, you must be notified, given a copy of the report and the contact information of the background check company, and a summary of your rights.
  2. You have the right to dispute errors on your Checkr background check
  3. You have the right to sue Checkr for damages over your background check

Checkr Complaints

These are summaries a few of our recent FCRA cases against Checkr.

Jerome Miller v. Checkr – NDCA. Mr. Miller was denied employment with Uber because Checkr inaccurately reported his license as being expired when it was not, on his Checkr background report. The case settled.

Johnny Young v. Checkr – NDCA. Mr. Young was denied employment with Uber to criminal records that were inaccurately reported on his background report by Checkr. The inaccurate criminal records were a felony conviction that belonged to another individual with a different name than Mr. Young. Mr. Young disputed the inaccurate information and Checkr failed to correct it. The case settled.

Tyrone Gaskin Sr. v. Checkr – NDCA. Mr. Gaskin was denied employment with Uber to criminal records that were inaccurately reported on his background report by Checkr. The inaccurate criminal records included 2 felony convictions that belonged to another individual with the same name but different date or birth as Mr. Young. The case settled.

If you have lost your job, were unable to get a job or promotion, or are unable to drive for Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, or Postmates due to errors on your Checkr background check, you may be entitled to damages

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How to Contact Checkr – Address and Phone Number

Address: One Montgomery Street, Suite 2000
City: San Francisco
State: California
Zip Code: 94104
Phone: 844-224-3257

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