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Who is ChexSystems Credit Agency?

Just like the top 3 agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), ChexSystems is a credit reporting agency.

It’s not just the top agencies that gather your credit data. Many other credit reporting agencies gather data on your credit history.

ChexSystems is owned by Fidelity National Information Services and specifically compiles information on how consumers handle deposit exchanges at their banking institutions.

The majority of banks and credit unions use ChexSystems for a step in the consumer’s application process- in fact about eighty percent.

What does ChexSystems report on?

The majority of the issues reported in the ChexSystems reports include; deposit fraud, overdrafting of funds, non-pay of balances, suspicious account and deposit activity

As a credit reporting agency, ChexSystems is required to follow the laws enacted by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Under this act, ChexSystems is required to provide credit reports to consumers. Upon viewing their credit report through ChexSystems, consumers are able to dispute any information that they deem inaccurate.

How do I dispute errors on ChexSystems reports?

Have you noticed errors on your ChexSystems reports? Are these errors causing problems in your everyday life? You are able to dispute negative information that appears on your reports and can demand proof of these negative elements of the reports.

While most credit reporting agencies supply information on their reports that is both positive and negative about the consumers, ChexSystems has been criticized about only including negative information.

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Address 7805 Hudson Road, #100
City Woodbury
State Minnesota
Zip Code 55125
Phone 1 800-428-9623
Fax 602-659-2197

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  1. lisa saycocie says:

    i make a mistake and i wanted to start over. Can you please help me clear my bank problem so i can open an bank account again.I am a single mom with two kids and i would to save up the money for my kids, but i can’t save up because no other bank would let me open an account, can you please help me. Thank


  2. salote bernard says:

    I didn’t know that the checks i deposit were not good and i am just asking for another chance i tried to call the bank of washington mutual which is not jpchase bank and it seems that they can’t fine any information about my file and i was trying to work with them to clear my name so i can open a account

  3. Shannon says:

    I made a mistake and I wanted to start over. Can you please help me clear my bank problem so i can open an bank account again? I am a single mom with two kids and I would like to save up the money for my kids, but i can’t save up because no other bank will let me open an account. Can you please help me? Thanks

  4. lose bernard says:

    please what can i do clear my name so i can get a bank account i didn’t know that the checks my wife was giving me are bad checks and i deposit it into my account and they were very bad checks so please what else can i do i think it’s been 5 maybe 7 years

  5. James Moore says:

    I called check systems this morning because I was told by my bank I had been reported to chex systems, and therefore they had to close my acct. since I could not be in chex systems and hold an account with them. I called the first time and got an operator I could barely understand, and asked for a supervisor, only to be hung up on, then I call back, and press 5 for the operator, when I asked about what had put me in chex systems, I was promptly told I could not get that over the phone, and had to order a copy of my report thru chex systems. my comment back was this is a nightmare, at which time I was very promptly told, “f*&( you buddy, you are a jerk, I didnt screw up the acct, you did, so dont call me up talking all this crap, I am an attorney doing this pro bono, so I dont want to hear your crap, the bank could have told you, but they probably didnt because your obnoxious.” so now I am wondering if this is the service you provide, someone calls you, because of a report that effects their life, and they get told off, swore at and made to feel like crap, and just for the record, I didnt mess up any acct. I didnt have any accts anywhere but my bank, and my bank didnt close my acct because I was negligent, they closed it based on the fact I was reported to chex systems. so because of what someone may have done in error, I now cannot recieve my paycheck, because it was direct deposit, cannot pay any of my bills, because the account is closed and my money was not withdrawn, so is in transit to me, via cashiers check, which I wont recieve because I will be on a plane bound for my new home in michigan as of tuesday. ty for all the wonderfull support and understanding in my time of crisis.

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