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Getting Debt Collector Calls?

You could be a victim of debt collection agency abuse.  How do you know?  Let’s take a look at the laws in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Debt Collection Company Harassment

Debt collectors are strictly prohibited from harassing, or abusing you in any way. Here are some examples of harassment:

  • Using threats of violence
  • Displaying publicly a list of debtors
  • Using offensive or obscene language
  • Calling the consumer over and over in a single day
  • Calling debtors before 8 in the morning and after 9 at night

Debt Collectors Using False Statements

Debt collectors are prohibited from misleading the consumers that they are contacting about collecting debt. Here are some examples:

  • Saying that they are lawyers or government officials- when they are not
  • Saying that you have committed a crime
  • Lying about the amount of money that you owe
  • Threaten that they will have you arrested
  • Say that they will seize or garnish your property or wages
  • Use false names when contacting you.

Hiring an Attorney

If you have had experience with any of the above points, you need to call Francis and Mailman immediately. Our team will help to stop the calls and stop the harassment. We will then determine if a lawsuit is in order to earn damages and to also stop these companies from harassing other consumers just like you.

We are ready to take on your case Call us today- 877-735-8600.


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