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Just wanted to let you know I did receive my check and thank you once again for all ur hard work n help!!!!

Thank you [Nicole] for all your help so far

You’re terrific. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the prompt and informative response

Thank you, [ Nicole]. I greatly appreciate it.

I am very appreciative to you and Mr. Baskerville for all that you have done for me in this matter.

I want to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for all you are doing to help me. You are truly a hope that has restored hope that I can get this behind me. I am Thankful.

I am very grateful for all the information you have sent. It will be helpful. The thieve tried 85 times.

5 stars! Just the best! Amazing law firm (from facebook)

A long overdue “Thank you” to all who worked on my case.  You made the impossible possible – I will recommend you in a heartbeat.

Just wanted to say thanks for all that you did for us!  I finally have a piece of mind knowing that it really is over and done with…

This all means more to me than you can ever imagine.  Your firm has done me a wonderful service, not only in getting some justice, but in helping me have a life that’s a little easier than it would have been otherwise

I know I’ve said it before, but we truly appreciate all you did for us.  Once you signed on to help, it was like an instant relief- you took so much of the pressure off our shoulders.

Wow! You guys are Awesome!  That’s all I could have asked for, for them to be exposed so things can change and be fair for the consumer!

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and for taking care of everything.  You guys are great!

You have been a Godsend.
– Jana M.

Dear Stephanie,
Thank you sincerely for your help in writing to Trans Union concerning the disputes I have with their current credit report on me. I followed the directions you sent and will be headed to the post office once I complete this letter. Your model letter was a huge help in correctly wording my letter and in knowing just what to send as well as how to send it. I am very appreciative of your help.
– Karen S.

Thank you all for taking the time out to listen to my story today it really means a lot to me and my family.

Thank you so much!!

Hi I just wanna say thank you for helping me in my time of need, it’s a very emotional moment for me right now because I have been battling this whole month by myself just hoping someone will understand how this been a big mixed up. To make this situation sadder is I have to move out of my apartment at the end of this month plus get denied at other apartments plus taking off work a lot just so people can tell me it nothing they can do to help me, and I’m the one who gonna be homeless at the end from this mixed up. People always tell me I’m a strong individual because of all the things I been through by getting treated wrongly all the time but always keeping my head up high and praying things get better before they get worst. To make a long story short, my mother always told me as a kid a woman will help you first before any man will in this world. My mother always stood for woman power & strength & respect so with that being said I totally respect you and appreciate you for everything you pushed to do for me. I prayed Thursday night for help and Friday I got just that thank you Erin Novak you the best!!

Thank you for giving me some kind of hope after my horrible experience with identify theft.

Just received the check. Just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for all your guys help. It was a pleasure working with you.

Thank you so much you have made my day!

I believe in giving credit where it is due. Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. Law Firm, Consumer Protection Litigation experts did an outstanding job. I will refer all my friends to visit them. I recommend everybody who has had trouble with their consumer protection to visit them.
Para todos mis amigos y amigas. Les recomiendo que si tienen problemas con su credito y los estan poniendo en mal, comunicase con los abogados de Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C., 100 South Broad Street, 19th Floor/Piso en Philadelphia, PA 19110 o por el internet a o

Mr. Jose G. Cano de Mercedes, Texas 78570

PS: Thank-you Ms. Alexis I. Lehmann for not giving up on me. Keep me in your future records if the need comes up again

Wow. I don’t know where to start. I’ve never written a review, but I was amazed by the results that Ms. Lehmann and Ms. Richardson achieved for my case. Before I contacted this law firm, I attempted several times to fix the issue on my own but couldn’t get anywhere. Once I contacted Ms. Lehmann and told her the problems I have had, she gathered all of my information and went straight to work. I couldn’t have asked for better results. I cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort they put into my case. I would recommend them to anyone who has discrepancies on their credit report. Thanks again. Have a great day!

Oh wow, that is great, thank you Ms Lehmann for all your hard work on my behalf, I really really appreciate you and everything y’all have done, and yes ma’am I think that is very fair settlement, again I say thank you

Once again all I can say is thank you to Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C., PC for all of their hard work on solving the discrepancies I’ve had with the credit reporting agencies, I made numerous attempts to correct this on my own with no cooperation at all from Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, once I contacted Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. they took all my information and immediately went to work on my case, I had no idea what the outcome of my case would be, but I will tell you this, it was far more than I ever expected and I’m so thankful that this Law Firm cares about the everyday people in this world, i want to say a special thank you to Ms Alexis Lehmann and to Ms Dania Richardson for their commitment to me and the problems I was having, these two ladies completely and 100% solved all of my issues and I’m so thankful for their concern to helping others, have a great day you two, God bless, Bobby Waddell

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