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There have been many complaints against Coface Collections North America and their questionable tactics. Some consumers have stated that the reps at Coface Collections have harassed them and been extremely rude when contacting them about a debt. Even more are claiming that Coface Collections North America is contacting them about debt that is not even owed.

Are You Being Harassed By Coface Collections?

Is Coface Collections North America calling you over and over to annoy and bug you? The FDCPA was put in place to protect us all from debt collection agencies that engage in harassment and intimidation.

If your rights under the FDCPA have been violated by Coface Collections North America, you have the right to sue them for damages.

Debt collection harassment can cause you serious stress, and can ruin your reputation. Many times they will contact your friends and family in order to get you to pay a debt. None of this is legal and you need to hire a consumer protection lawyer to fight back for you.

Hire Francis & Mailman to Fight Debt Collection Harassment

Most consumers do not realize that they have rights when it comes to debt collection agencies. You do not have to put up will harassing phone calls, profanity, and intimidation from debt collectors. Francis & Mailman are here to fight for you and stop the debt collection harassment. Fill out our quick form, or call us today to get your free case evaluation 1-877-735-8600.

Coface Collections North America, Inc (CCNA) Contact Information

Address 3001 Division Street
City Metairie
State Louisiana
Zip Code 70002
Phone 1 800-509-6060
Fax (none)

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  1. Mike says:

    This company and its \”investigator\” Mike Ryan employ rude, bullying and ruthless tactics. He contacted our business, spoke with an employee who was completely unfamiliar with the situation, demanded payment and claimed to be performing an asset investigation, then called back and spoke with my 71 year old mother, making statements such as \”what are you some kind of comedian?\” and \”what makes you think I believe you\’ll pay me a cent, you haven\’t paid these people [the alleged creditors] in MONTHS?\”

    The beautiful thing is that we don\’t owe a CENT. Demand that they cease and desist all forms of contact with you, then work out payment arrangements with your creditors directly (if they even exist in the first place). These illegal tactics must be stopped, and this company\’s days are numbered. Thank you for being stupid and making this easy.

  2. Mike says:

    That’s funny because we had the same experience with the same goon. He tried his strong arm tactics with me too. Come to find out we owe the creditor $0.00. Now we are in the process of filing a lawsuit against the creditor and Coface Collections and their goon “Mike Ryan”.

  3. Hank Robbins says:

    Same instance here. Harrassed employees even going as far as to say he was going to sue them personally. They had no idea what he was referring too. Mike Ryan is an extremely unethical person and we owed $0 as well.

  4. ted phillips says:

    I received calls at home as early as 4:39AM from Mr. Ryan. He calls you rude names and threatens. Now someone else using that name is calling and saying he a licensed private investigator and will be calling my Bank and doing an asset search. My attorney is ready to sue him. It will be nice to get some money back. The Federal Government will file suit against this agency if enough people complain.

  5. Mike says:

    These pepole spoke with an employee who was completely unfamiliar with the situation, demanded payment and claimed to be performing an investigationare RUDE Jerk just hangs up on me,after trying to be polite and talk with them Kieth West your threats wont get you any where but turned in to the board,DONT THREAT US ANY LONGER.

  6. BARRY R. SCHWARTZ says:


  7. Ines Wright says:

    Today, February 10, 2012 some individual who identified himself as Paul Gilbert left a message in our company voice mail system threatening to conduct an investigation for asset & liability for the Non-Profit Corporation, we are a 501(c)(3)Non-Profit corporation working with abuse and neglected children. He stated in his message that he is a licensed private investigator and that his client Ed Falco from CCNA, Inc. has retained his firm to do the assett and liability investigation starting mid afternoon Monday forthcoming and will be contacting all bank officers, vendors, suppliers, or anyone who conduct business with our small company, the Court House, public UCC, Etc.,He left a case number for this CCNA, Inc company. His message was left on the corporation’s voice mail and was very long and very rude. The truth is that his unscruopulous tactic is totally illegal and he never mentioned who the creditor is. We have absolutely no idea as to who they are. To our knowledge our corporation owes nothing to this CCNA company or anyone named Ed Falco.It is obvious that he has no respect for and totally ignore the laws.
    Ines R. Wright, Employee of the Non-Profit Corporation, whom he is threatening. 02/10/2012

  8. Gb says:

    Today April 15, 2012 Paul Gilbert, who claims he’s a PI called my office when asked what it was about and who he was representing all he would say is that it was Keith West, who works for or with him, that he represented. He’s rude and goes in circles when you talk to him just threatens. Everyone needs to expose these jerks. CCNA, Coface collections North America. 800-509-6060.

  9. Owner says:

    Who in the world do these people think they are fooling? It is illegal and their asset and liability search threat is just that, a threat. The bully phone calls begin with a “PI” who claims there is debt with Mike Ryan? No mention of the creditors name, just pure threats. Contact all appropriate agencies and expose these idiots. (CCNA INC,)

  10. Billings says:

    They called wanting to talk to a controller. I always screen my calls and asked what it was in reference to. She said she needed to talk to someone in accounts receivable, I asked her the nature of the call again. She got very rude and told me she didn\’t know why I was being so difficult and that she needed to speak to someone in AR. I got tired of her giving me no information and hung up. She called right back and asked for someone by name, I told her there is no one here by that name, then she asked for the owner. He was out so she insisted that she leave a voice mail. He has no voice mail, so I offered to give her the number of the bookkeeping service we use. She wasn\’t interested in having the number and ended the call. Not professional at all.

  11. SUE says:

    A guy named Dave Dunham left a lengthy voicemail. Said he was a private investigator and had a case he was working on for his client. Gave me a case number, but nobody ever answered the phone. Said he was doing an asset/liability audit.

  12. Patricia says:

    These people are rude & think that they can talk to people however they want to. This company needs to be investigated for the way they bully you.

  13. PAUL GERBER says:

    This guy PAUL GERBER is a BOTTOM FEEDER collection agency, he try’s to scare you thinking there is a legal case and investigation, there is no such thing, he is trying to confuse and scare you into calling him back, once you do he begs you to pay your past due invoice. Just a BOTTOM FEEDING COLLECTOR using a new trick in the book.
    Dont respond, if a real claim they will send via FedEx.


  14. Greg Minadeo says:

    I’m also getting harassed by Altus gts

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